Wednesday, November 12, 2014

An Interview With a Czech Republic Volunteer, Who Arrived in New Russia

An Interview With a Czech Republic Volunteer, Who Arrived in New Russia

In the ranks of the army fighting Novorossia many representatives of the anti-fascist forces from around the world, for which the Armed Forces of Donbass has long been compared to another historic International.

Interview with one of these volunteers, who arrived in New Russia from the Czech Republic, appeared on the web. A citizen of the Czech Republic, the home to do business, ask to call him "Ben" and said he made the decision to come to the Donbass as soon realized that actually happens in its territory - namely, the actual genocide of the inhabitants of the region produced Pindos-Bandera junta.

He closely followed the events on Ukraine "Euromaidan" events that preceded the war in the East. A detonator of his decision to help the defenders of Donbass was brutal burning people in Odessa perpetrated by pro-government ukrofashistami.

"Ben," said that in the Czech Republic, despite the official policy of the authorities, 50% of the population adhere to the anti-Western ideology and soul support Novorossia and its defenders. And although the official propaganda in this country precludes objective coverage of events in the East of Ukraine, the interested public receives accurate and comprehensive information about the conflict from the Internet.

Note that in social networks there are many Czech bands where gather and exchange views Czechs criticizing lackey policies of their own state, pro-Russian views and stands for a way out of the EU.

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