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Anniversary of the Maidan..So What's Next?

Yurasumy: Anniversary of the Maidan. Ukraine.What's next?


Source; Anniversary of the Maidan. Ukraine. What's next?

Recently, I expressed my opinion on this strategy and tactics .
expect that stand side fly (the anniversary of the same). And flew.While I spread two views.

1. This creative Kiev class that I understand and never will understand nothing, until he did not knock on the head with a hammer (Yandex translated from Ukrainian, because errors chur not nitpick) :

It seems like it was yesterday. I think it was five years ago.

Anniversary makes summarize.

A year ago, we lived in a peaceful country that once experienced a prolonged, but not deadly crisis, complaining of injustice and tyranny, but was willing to wait until then, until finally lucky with a good king, and vividly discussed the advantages and disadvantages of joining or in Europe, or to the "Russian world."

A year ago today we live in a country at war, which almost reached the bottom of the economic, but made its civilizational choice and willing to pay for it in the long run. And plateaus. In a country that is no longer able to wait, despite even the mood of the people, at least for the objective state of the economy.

So, try to keep the balance of the dry language of the socio-political accounting, look at our assets and liabilities.

In the asset:

1. The formation of civil society and civil emergency activity much of the population: Maidan begat volunteer, volunteer, reform movements, which play a key role in the defense and the restructuring of the country.

2. Appearance and cohesion of the Ukrainian political nation, which is above all puts Ukrainian statehood and the success of the national project, but understands national identity more widely and modern than the Ukrainian language and embroidery.

3. Complete restart of power: the new president, the new parliament, the new government. One of the key requirements of the Maidan is made - though not an end in itself.

4. A significant decrease in the political role of the Regions, the output of the Communists. The appearance on the political scene of significant numbers of new people emerging from the civil society.

5. The emergence of a new army that enjoys popular support and help, and the ability to defeat a powerful enemy. Not yet final military victory, but stop aggression - hopefully in the extreme point of its occurrence.

6. The definite number of diplomatic victories, support all over the world in the fight against the aggressor, broke the post-war world order and tries to make peace in the trap of a new Cold War, if not hot.

7. Growth of respect for the Church and its role in social processes as a necessary prerequisite for creating a modern nation.

In the liabilities:

1. The loss of the Crimea and the Donbass, the war with unclear prospects with a stronger opponent in a weak command, sprawling army and the military-industrial complex. The actual loss of information warfare.

2. Effect of geopolitical adversary politics and the economy through its agents in the parliament and local authorities, government and law enforcement agencies. Complete economic dependence on the enemy in the energy sector, a significant impact in the media and banking.

3. The lack of economic reforms and a severe economic crisis caused by this, and war. Impoverishment of much of the population, the devaluation of the national currency. Actual stop economic processes.

4. The majority of the population is stuck in old thinking: the expectation of good and happiness of the state, voting in elections for the old regional barons and Russian agents, civic passivity.

5. Invincible corruption, the continued existence of the old corrupt schemes, often with new "looking". Old bureaucrats in key positions of the old, unreformed state machine.

6. Failure chance of interest to Ukraine and Ukrainian in the world, that he gave victory Maidan and Russian aggression.

7. Election under the old law, as a result - the lag of the political system of society's demands.

Balance Sheet is unlikely to reach a clear conclusion. We need to look deeper into the causes and nature of the Maidan, then we can objectively evaluate and consequences.

To do this, refer to the article "The essence of the revolution and the tasks of the new country," published six months ago that gave the answer to the key question "what is the Maidan?". We then analyzed in detail the underlying causes of the Maidan, his relationship with the Ukrainian and world history.

For those who are too lazy to re-read, remember the basics: According to our analysis, the Maidan is troїstoyu revolution:

- Socio-economic: free markets and open social system against a closed feudal oligarchic system;

- Geopolitical: Ukrainian national liberation, anti-colonial, antiіmperіalіstichnoyu;

- Tal: new values ​​against the old - "Revolution dignity."

All three revolutions occurred not just once, but interdependent, and had the same goal - to take our country out of the "medieval" to "modern". Triple revolution has therefore three main strike force: small and medium businesses; nationally conscious community;youth and students.

Which of these revolutions is now complete?

Revolution is only one of two ways: either the victory of the revolution, or the victory of the counterrevolution. The victory of the revolution - is achieving the goals it sets itself. The victory of the counter-revolution - a removal from the game strike forces of the revolution by their opponents.

Neither one nor the other has not yet happened. We still do not have any open economy, no new Ukrainian geopolitical subjectivity, nor victory of new values. But the counter-revolution triumphed, contrary oligarchs antimaydannі and pro-Russian forces are much weaker.

Antikolonіalna, antiіmperska revolution is now embodied in the War of Independence, for the empire anyone ever just let go. Socio-economic revolution embodied in the struggle for reforms in the confrontation with the Hydra (the code name for all those forces that wish to reform failure and restore the balance of the oligarchical opportunities to exploit the people and resources of the country).Valuable revolution soon manifest itself in the development of the new Ukrainian culture.

This means that all three revolutions until finished, and actually only just begun.

How long will it all last? Key reforms should be done in six months, and already for a couple of years we will see their positive effects.For the full manifestation of the international subjectivity will need at least 3-5 years. Value changes in society manifest for 5-7 years.

It's a long game, and we need to tune into debt. Quick wins will be.
Why are we disappointed?

Because there is a strategic victory, which takes years, and there is a tactical victory that we want right now.

We make a "copy-paste" text from the December 2013, where were consolidated requirements of the Maidan, and look at the result. Here they are, without editing:

1. Complete cessation of repression, rehabilitation of political prisoners, the closure of cases, security forces withdrawal to barracks, the punishment of those responsible

2. Complete restart of power: transparent fair elections with the new CEC

3. Change the system, not just people in power: a new social contract, mechanisms to limit the power and influence of the people

In fairness, we emphasize that the first two points is largely fulfilled.But ...

There are painful things that we are lacking today to feel at least a medium-term victory.

Definition and punishment of perpetrators of violence and killings in the Maidan.

A clear declaration of our position in the War of Independence.

Honoring the heroes of modern times: the military, volunteers, volunteers. Harsh punishment of war traitors.

Cleaning deputies from explicit Russian agents.

The first trials against corrupt officials.

More truth about the situation at the front.

Establishment of state security men finally everything necessary to be able to divert the best human capital of Ukraine and its development funds, not substitute the state.

The formation of a functioning unified leadership defense.

Declaring a clear strategy for balanced Donbass.

Clear government position in the banking sector.

Changing the system of appointment to public office - lustration criteria, competitive selection, public discussions, a design competition.

All this is more tactical issues, but they have a strategic weight. Their unresolved generates popular discontent, which could lead to new forms of resistance, and it is a great pity because it would mean the disruption of stable positive processes through elementary failure to "safety rules" revolutions.

But actually more positive. Remember that disrupt the deal for February 21 Yanukovych should be president until the end of December this year. Recall that in the parliament the Regionals were the overwhelming majority. What social activists "light" at best a prison. What we now make demands to the authorities that it was impossible to even imagine a year ago, and consider non-compliance abnormal. A year ago, the world silently gave us a "sphere of special interests" of Russia, and in fact - in the neo-colonial "Russian world".

But in times of rapid change, social inquiry is formed much faster than the political system is able to respond. And it seems to us that the political system slows. And we are not prepared to put up with its shortcomings. And rightly so: the more demands we make them, the more we are willing to do yourself. This is the growth of civil liability.The government simply is no other choice but to withdraw from the brakes and rush to the requirements of civil society.

But do not forget one important thing. In all the squares together, all volunteer, volunteer and the reform movement in the rear and at the front has been engaged up to 15% of the population. Others stayed where they were, - for them has not changed.

That they voted for former regionals - look not on the lists, and mazhoritarke, we'll see.

That they read the newspaper "Vesti" and shakes his head Maidan was to blame, nothing would have happened if he had not. Their most, and our future is largely determined by them.

But others are fighting at the front, collect money and warm clothes, write laws for a new parliament and give blood. Their lives are changed forever.

One could say that we have two people in one country, but it is not, because there is movement. There migration, and then only in one direction. Very slow, but irreversible.

15% - this is a lot and very little. Far more than necessary to start the change of the country. Much less than you need to make them irreversible.

In a strange way, and in the parliament of new people around 15%, despite a two-layer electoral system and mix honey with dirt without exception in every party list.

Active minority sets the direction of the movement, but the passive majority determines its pace. We need to change the balance in our favor. Make more nationals of the state - citizens.

On the Independence repeatedly sounded, we did not satisfy the change of persons in power, we want to change the country. New Country - the dream of the citizens and the requirement of the Maidan, and in this new country Maidan will not be needed, because the influence of society on power will be constant, and the rules of life - transparent.

We live in strange times when a new country grows through the old, as the grass grows through the cracked asphalt: young, lively, green, flexible breaks black, old, dead and mangled.

Without a revolutionary romance burning tires and Molotov cocktails, without the orange helmets and wooden shields, without yellow scarves self and hourly prayers - a revolution on behalf of the Independence continues.

Not only store popcorn and gloves, because without you, nothing will happen .

Well, there is nothing to comment clinic. Just as the Panorama of Kiev creative thoughts

But the view of Lviv journalist Ostap Drozdov always different ... not antimaydanstvom, but the logic of what maydanovskoy among the brethren meet infrequently :

This went on. And it did not happen suddenly or unexpectedly.Collapsing all that was wrong was built (or built as you like). When enemies bitterly nedogosudarstvom name-calling Ukraine - shakes us with indignation. But they're right. And we know it.

We have long been adapted to nedogosudarstvu where no whole institutes. Selective justice and "filkogramotnost" laws - that is what suits us, because I have not seen a single patriot who would like to live by the law. At every election, we recognize that laws can write to us or millionaires, or rogues. We agreed that the parties can only exist on the money of the oligarchs, not the membership fees. We know that free medical care is life-threatening. Law enforcers most beaten, most prosecutors' otmazyvatsya "special services are the source of the greatest danger. Under state Ukrainian language, each of us has a home passport, where on the second page - write in Russian. Well, so many wealthy officials can only be nedogosudarstve.

How not cool, we - the authors of the national disaster, the responsibility for which we want to put the blame on external enemies.

While we draw rusty fences and poles in the blue-yellow color, the Ukrainian state is rapidly losing all of their attributes. National flag trampled and burned by his own citizens. Official hymn "Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished" remained on paper, because the whole country in the usual singing other decadent word "Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished" and that's another story. The territory of the state has undergone significant losses, and now Ukraine has no jurisdiction from Xiang to the Don. Official language is dominated by only half of the land. No historical memory, the same for all regions. All of what constitutes the state of Ukraine now - it's centralized budget and the city of Kiev as the administrative center of decision-making.Everything else - the blurred, broken, looting, sabotiruemoe.

I would not take offense at the malevolent replica of "nedogosudarstve." It is. We will not have a full-fledged state never, unless we agree that the state - is the space, not the territory. The basic concept of modern geopolitics is space. Crimea painlessly went to Russia, precisely because he belonged to her space. The world thinks in terms of space.

Question: Where ends Ukrainian space? No boundary, no barrier, no border Shepherd - a space Ukrainian space. We avoid the terrible answer. And it climbs to us sideways. For the reluctance to answer this question kills thousands of people from different spaces.

'23 - A very long time. In today temporitme change it - a whole life.For a quarter century the neighboring states have managed to get out of the red Soviet bloc, pereobut its population in the Western manner, again to recreate their state to join the EU and NATO to get visa-free regime and unimaginable for us to realize the reform. And at this time we imitated their statehood and satisfied by the presence of the Ukraine on the world map. They all these years to work on themselves, and we did that with the state budget.

We have not thought in terms of space. We did not create it. And do not apply within its borders. If we were here all these years - and as if we were not here. Now we have quite logical, predictable disharmony boundaries and space. This disharmony can not solve neither the army nor weapons, nor the heroic patriotism nor ukrainotsentrichnye trends. We lost the Ukrainian space inside Ukraine - and this must stop. Because it is impossible to expand the space forces ATO. This is no different from the expansion of the Kremlin. Too late.

You'd be surprised, but there is a positive. Not what the people have the luxury to found a modern country. We have such a luxury. For a significant part of Ukrainian state ceases to be the holy of holies, untouched cult in itself. Had a chance to recreate anew state of Ukraine. Because nedogosudarstvo be neither repair nor reform.Nobody says that we do not need the state as such. We do not need such a state. See the difference?

When they built the pyramids of Egypt or other ancient megastroyki - the body of the dead workers bricked directly into the lens. Relatives of Heaven and killed hundreds of soldiers in the East - in frustration.They feel that their loved ones have died in vain. I also think so.Each of their death is absolutely useless - if it has not led to a redistribution of the state. And it has not led (so far). The merit of the slain that thanks Maidan Ukrainian space somewhat expand eastward. But it stopped where and had to stop. We must find the courage to fix the extreme border of Ukrainian space.

This is not a surrender. This is a chance to recreate the state of Ukraine, which will not be renamed or conventional risunochki USSR on the world map. And this time, it must coincide with the Ukrainian space. Otherwise - National gopak rake.


Ostap surprisingly maydanovtsa for rational and logical (although it always is). He understands that the pendulum starts to fly in the opposite direction and offers moderate appetites nationalists miss what else can and escape from a sinking ship (at what he calls a loss on it. The point is clearly not in the same Donbass). Because if this is not done now, the Ukrainian nationalism will remain only in the nature reserve called Galicia. And then after that fought Galicians last 100 years? For something to again find himself near its trough. I really hope that in the medium ukrohunty few smart people and central Ukraine did not suffer the fate of the epididymis of Galicia .

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