Monday, November 3, 2014

ASCE Press Conference in Donetsk - Nov 1st

ASCE Press Conference in Donetsk - Nov 1st 

Freedom and the democratic process must never be something reserved for exploitation. By following the U.S. lead, shunning this process to the people of Donbas, OSCE has made clear they are now and always have been a biased organization, acting to promote political favoritism.

Thankfully we are fortunate to have people who are not willing to let this travesty go unreported. Alessandro Mussolino and Ewald Stadler, of Italy and Austria respectively, strongly criticize OSCE, and show their support for the rights of Donetsk people on self-determination, also speaking out against 'western propaganda'."

First video from 1st ASCE press conference in Donetsk today - "A busy day in and around Donetsk today, and it ends with going to press conference of newly-formed ASCE, who will be monitoring elections here tomorrow.

Part #1 of 7 Video Conference

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