Thursday, November 20, 2014

Buk-M2 Clearly NOT The MH17 Murder Weapon (video report)

Buk-M2 Clearly NOT The MH17 Murder Weapon

Published on Nov 20, 2014

This report clearly shows that the Buk missile system is not the weapon that downed MH17 for the simple reason that not a single piece of video / photographic evidence shows a Buk missile contrail. This analysis looks into the forensic evidence found at the crash scene which clearly shows whatever brought down MH17 targeted the cockpit area of the plane. While the actual weapon used still remains a mystery, probability would suggest that the attack did not originate from the ground.

LAST MINUTE CORRECTION: Two details happen to make themselves clear late in the production phase of this report. Firstly, the figures used from the Dutch report are figures 9 and 8 respectively versus what was actually cited. Secondly, there is a mystery piece of video evidence that was introduced in this video that we found objectionable. While it would have been preferable to exclude that fact it does not diminish the conclusion that no Buk Missile contrails were visible in any of the evidence produced thus far by any of the media outlets, main stream or alternative. More conclusive is the lack of any intelligence data supporting the claim that a surface to air missile was launched in the vicinity of the crime scene. Had such proof existed, it would have most certainly been leaked by now in the main stream press. Therefore all conclusions remain final, minus the quantity of missiles that may or may not have been fired at MH17.

A tremendous and highly recommended follow up to this video can be found here:

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