Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Democracy Returned Home to It's Own Cities Alas

Kharkiv - New Russia
Democracy returned home to democratizers. 
Fascism and "color" revolutions, created by the United States and then left abandoned in the world, - Returned to the rightful owners. Every hour now, more disorders encompass more and more of the cities of the self-proclaimed Police States of America. The reason for this is a wild Racism and Nazism. A White police officer was found guilty of premeditated murder of a black teenager, but - was then acquitted. The riots are already in full swing in Ferguson, WashingtonDC, Seattle, Sacramento, New York, & Chicago. Burning, looting, and rioting in a purely unique US Democratic fashion . Retribution for the unjust American anglo-saxon corrupt system who imprison and abuse minorities.

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