Monday, November 17, 2014

DNR and LC will accelerate the issuance of the Russian ruble

DNR and LC will accelerate the issuance of the Russian ruble

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Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) may enter into circulation along with the Ukrainian hryvnia Russian ruble. This is one possible way to address the issue of lack of cash in the DNR, said the vice-speaker of the national board of the DNI Dennis Pushilin. "We have long understood that this will happen. But do not expect that Ukraine will make it so recklessly. Now we have several ways, one of them - a transition to a two-currency zone when will simultaneously go ruble and hryvnia. Rubles will be from Russia ", - said Pushilin.

President Poroshenko's decree of November 14, enacted the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of November 4, according to which the National Bank of Ukraine suggested in the next month to stop servicing the bank accounts of enterprises and population in the area of power operations in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

President Vladimir Putin called the decree Poroshenko big mistake.After the decree Poroshenko DNR significantly speed up the introduction of the ruble in turnover, however Pushilin not name the exact timing of the adoption of such a measure, as this decision must be interstate.
As for Novorossia entry into Russia, the head of the People's Lugansk Republic (LC) Igor Carpenter does not exclude the possibility of holding a referendum on accession to the Russian LC. Explaining the actions of the Ukrainian authorities to abandon all social obligations to the people of Donbass, Carpenter said on his page on Facebook: «I plan to submit to the National Council resolution on the LC preparations for the referendum in which the people of Lugansk republic will decide whether we remain an independent state or join the Russian Federation.
If people vote for accession to the Russian Federation, Russia will receive the full right to send already on its territory throughout the former Lugansk region (today LC), the regular army and expel the invaders from our land, "- said Carpenter.

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