Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Five scouts from DNR cunningly Plunged 400 Ukrainian Soldiers Into a Panic

Five scouts from DNR cunningly Plunged 400 Ukrainian Soldiers Into a Panic
Today, 17:30 | Editorial

Commander of the Interior Troops DNR, Deputy Interior Minister Alexander Taranenko talked about conducting intelligence operations.

... It was April 25, Mariupol Yalta. We as a group of friends (there were only 5 people) on my Mazda "C grade" went to the side of Mariupol. From the locals we had information that were thrown near Yalta "Dill" BMP and T-64 tank, outposts of about 8 people. We decided to talk to this care, if possible, to disarm them and pick up the armor.

When we arrived there, there was not 8 people, and a battalion of 350-400 people. I sent two of his children to "zelenke" and the two men went to the farm.

I went up to the guard checkpoint, asked the head of the guard. Approached Lieutenant. Asked who they Sr., introduced himself, and asked the guard commander invite older, talk to me. I spent part by location, was brought into headquarters tent.

I was able to see about 10 pieces of equipment, not including KAMAZ, staff car and everything else, that is, the art was decent. There was a hodgepodge - and contractors, and conscripts, and "partisans" have something.

I was taken to headquarters tent, offered a cup of tea, and we had a "cute" conversation. In front of me was six senior officers, from captain to lieutenant colonel. I told them a condition: for two hours they lay down their arms and come quietly, and we customize buses, put them on buses and taken in the direction of Zaporozhye. The senior officer, a lieutenant colonel, very scared. He shook hands, eyes widened

They really thought that if comes to senior officer with the rank of lieutenant colonel, sits down and offers such conditions - they could not have thought that I was just bluffing. They thought that we really have a hundred people, maybe more. I said that I have four "Cuckoo" on the positions and proposed Lieutenant count how many shots sniper makes per minute. He was wrong, he said 56. I said, "Multiply by four." They quickly figured out that my four "Cuckoo" simply put all their fighters, and they began slight panic. Hands shook even more.

After that I went out of the territory. But I want to pay tribute to the company commander, he was also named Alexander, it felt real officer rod. He apologized to me and said: "Comrade Colonel, I perform the duty officer, my unit will not give up arms and will defend itself." I said, "Before taking any action, I always say to his men one thing you thought at first, and then make decisions." We parted on a good note.

But when we moved to their position (and the position was a machine that was in the field), with binoculars it was clearly evident that this unit began to occupy a defensive perimeter. Plus they have caused two turntables, Mi-24, we have started to turn over "carousel" to go in order of battle.We realized that our "focus" has failed, and decided to leave our "position".

We began to slowly go out of turntables, and when we went off the track, drove four APCs, I think, with riot police, my eyes stoned: the guys were sitting on the armor and twisted his head 180 degrees without holding the armor, apparently, was an army special forces. We quietly, calmly, without creating noise went from Yalta, returned to Donetsk.

Later went to the media information that a hundred separatists, led by Colonel "Berkut" Alexander attacked a military unit suffered heavy losses that "Dill" so selflessly fought against us, which was presented to the government for awards and cash awards. I personally saw it: on television played defense minister, then Turchinov was told what we have are valiant warriors Ukrainian. And in fact - we had only five people.

I loved as a child to read a book Dold-Mikhailik "And one soldier in the field" pro scouts. Here you can compare with our outing. Still, we were raised against a hundred times superior forces. We were just scared. And it really reflects the moral and morale of the Ukrainian army, "the warriors" which in case of danger immediately raise their hands up. They can be as much as necessary to shout that they are strong in spirit - but I would not say.

Because we know what we are fighting. We are fighting for their land. For their children, their wives, for the grandchildren. This is the land of our fathers and grandfathers.

That we "Dill" is not simple - it's Odessa, Slavyansk, Saur-grave, which almost destroyed. And though "Dill" shouted that they're defending, for twelve days - I would not say that they defended, they just hid. They said that they attacked the Russian special forces - and even if attacked by Russian special forces, they would be knocked out in an hour. Believe me, this is indeed the case.

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