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How Ukrainians were Zombified

How Ukrainians were Zombified

Posted on November 22, 2014

Many people wonder, how were Ukrainians  zombified ? Do not tell us there is no such thing as Zombies, we'll not buy that. It was, and still is, found scientifically possible. A carefully planned and superbly conducted transformation has been studied.

Firstly conducted, was an analysis of a part of society - a sort of in depth market research. The aim was to determine the sizes and proper conditioning of some small groups in society, in which this will work.

Then, in selected groups for several years, through systematic support relevant notions were introduced to seem necessary ideals. And these being far from the simple ones that are now heard in Ukie_Nazism. In some groups it was introduced a seemingly innocuous neutral idea that formed only in a certain part of these Ukrainians apathy and a strong desire to distance themselves from what is really happening.

In yet other groups, they mostly subjected an influence on how groups of young people could be easier to congregate a central idealism, then give them the opportunity to influence society as journalists, while the organization was formed by the centers of this influence, which provided the necessary dissemination of ideas in this social composition. The aim was to form a so-called "tithes of influence" - where any idea that possessed 10% of the group, would further to spread the ideas like an avalanche occurs. Interestingly, these processes were clearly synchronized in time - when some jumped right on board, while the others concluded to a particularly strong apathy. I believe it's an aerobatics experiment into the management of the a society!

In parallel to this, the technology implemented where an emergency formation, could be implemented into a crowd control of a sort. These so-called flash mobs - all check in to help the cause and for the influencing and crowd checking for a penetration of their ideas and also to a degree, measuring of their subordinates in the group.

Who not jumping at the Moskal ?

When the desired penetration has been achieved, the group began the active phase of the process. At this stage, a crowd gathered of citizens, by using standard technologies Subliminally are activated for the desired behavior to occur. For example, the famous chant "Who does not jump the Muscovite?" - is not only a "moral builder" like some ordinary chants of the US military - it is also a self-sustaining program influencer. The body of an objective group forms. This along with the physiological reinforcement of their collective actions.

First off, Along with these Reinforcements, -are like endorphin's from a smaller exercise. Try jumping rope a couple of minutes and you will feel them. Secondly. more reinforcements - chants. The number of syllables which is needed to shout without losing your breath is such that it forms a weak hyperventilation. The brain is saturated with oxygen and endorphin's from the actions. And then the Third reinforcement - is an activation of mirrored neurons experienced in group behavior - all kick in at once and like and the monkeys all jump in and I jump in - Because I'm a good monkey.

As a result, stoned brain that gets triple gesheft from himself, makes consciousness justify such pleasant activities already taking pre-prepared and embedded in the group explain what is happening.

The active phase was initiated when all this has been achieved, and the required penetration of ideas in the different population groups, is one in which a cascade of proliferation, was actually a quite small push of the programmer's buttons. Whose role was performed at the Maidan ? - from the very beginning to the very end, from the results we saw. I want to mention these four points:

First. A self-sustaining system as was described above, is completely identical to this addiction. Its development is completely identical. You can only win groups with rigid methods, like furthering restrictions, and an intense constant supervision.

Second. The so-called Ukrainian elite was part of this plan By presenting itself as just another group of the unfortunate population, and they conducted themselves in the same way, completely similar workers, including a periodic monitoring of the crowds reaction. In fact, these so-called oligarchs did exactly as they were instructed, that is a completely controlled group that, given the composition of the group, can not fail to respect for executing the operation.

Neo-Fascist Victoria Nuland distributes cookies

Third. The famous cookies for Independence - is, if anything, the joke of the master operator. Cookies - the most common reinforcement used in the taming, which in turn is based on the principles of behaviorism. Bear cookies here so publicly - it is like writing "Osama was here" on the infamous World Trade Center, attacked on  September 11, 2001 so that the inscription used as a frame-up memorial. I'm not be surprised that one State Department cookie operator gave the comical operation up with one phone call.

Fourth. Doubts in the present Putin plan - I can remember how exactly one year (!) before the introduction of sanctions, some preventive measures were taken to return a significant part of the 
elites Russian states back home. As preparations for war, with the naked eye was visible throughout the Russian Federation from September 2013, and added to that, for an example, the Germans won a something similarly after the defeat of the Second World inventing Gestalt. And porn.

PS Hell always losses, especially among the National Guard volunteers who are a side effect of the above process. Stoned on hormones in their brain. Ukrainian activists, patriots simply physiologically unable to perceive reality in a desired manner other then hate and war. This, incidentally, has been known for a long time - the described technology is already born fifty years before - with soldiers of any zombie group in Nazi Germany Army.

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