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In a Moscow hospital now, is a remarkable 11-year-old girl who saved her sister during the Donetsk shelling...

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In a Moscow hospital now, is an 11-year-old girl who saved her sister during the Ukraine shelling  

In each era are remarkable stories of its heroes. We love watching war movies and read impregnated examples of exceptional heroism and sacrifice historical novels. Terse and courageous warriors perform heroic deeds, often paying for their heroism with their life. But what really remains in history of what ordinary people do, are the civilians who sacrifice themselves to save others.

Eleven-year oldVictoria Maher of Elenovka
 Eleven-year oldVictoria Maher of Elenovka village (near Donetsk) has made a real heroic act. She covered her sister with her own body who was on fire . On two baby scratches and Vicki - multiple shrapnel wounds of the spine and denied her feet.

The fact that she made the feat, which is capable of not every adult, Vick has not even a guess. Girl 11 years old, and the child's mind perceives all the burdens with ease. She has not yet realized that her life hung in the balance. And now in the balance of her health - feet after injuries refuse to obey.

A few days ago a girl from Donetsk on fire brought to Moscow, at the Research Institute of Emergency Children's surgical care and trauma. All optimistic - big chance that Vick will walk.
On that summer day, Vick was walking in her native village Elenovka, near Donetsk. Shootings occurred there regularly, and the children knew how to behave. However, on the eve of a few days was calm. And parents slowly began to let the girls walk. Vika and her younger sister went to see a three-year to a neighboring house girlfriend. When the girls walked back bombardment began. Vick grabbed hands on his sister and three-year, covering his body, ran away from the zone of fire. Shards of exploding mines overtook her near the house. Instinctively closing her younger sister, she held back a deadly iron in her back. Legs went numb immediately. She's trying not to show hurt to her little sister, as she fell to the ground, continuing to cover her with her body.

"ER" came not at once - all the same war. Moreover, unfortunately, on the way to the district hospital in the carriage Dokuchaevsk medical emergency crashed old Moskvich. Time went on a minute. Any delay could be fatal.

In time.

At the hospital, the girl was operated on, and as soon as the condition became stable, - delivered in Donetsk Oblast Children's Hospital. Diagnosis leaves no chance - multiple shrapnel wounds of the spine with spinal cord injury. Within a month, local doctors fought for the health of the girl. Verdict - will live, but the disability provision, Donetsk realities put Vick to her feet no one can say.
Then she was transferred to the regional hospital in Donetsk, condition stabilized. But local doctors with regret that bring up the girl will not. Verdict - will live, but disability is provided.

- We saw Vic in Donetsk, Children's Hospital, - says Alexei Zot'ev, coordinator of the public organization "Russian community". - A girl so bright and cheerful, we were told about it literally all the employees of the clinic. Relatives did not lose and do not lose hope that Vick will walk. Of course, we immediately decided to help. The more that doctors confirmed that the chances of recovery there, only to send Vick in a good hospital. Familiar contacted the Institute of Emergency Children surgical care and trauma led Leonid Roshal. Relatives without hesitation agreed to the difficult trip to Moscow - in fact there was hope.

The trip was very difficult. Carried the girl on his SUV Alex with colleagues from the Charitable Fund "Global Initiatives". For this it was necessary to remove the rear seats and a specially equipped cabin for the transport of a seriously ill.

- We drove very slowly, literally circling each mound. The girl was constantly seasick, and right on the road ceased to act analgesic. But all ended well in the end, and we brought her mother and sister in Moscow. From September 25 Vick is in SRI, and it will have several complex operations.

Family settled near the hospital. In a few days helped Aunt Vicki from refugee camps to move to Moscow. So women are easier to manage alone with children.

- There were no serious problems with family Maher now, no. We provided them with all necessary. The hospital took the girl to the treatment free of charge, all that we needed - buy a special prosthesis spine. He had already ordered and will be the doctors next week - said Alexey. - But in the Donbas are still many people who need help. Here now're lucky things, medicines and food seven children whose mother was missing.

Institute of Emergency Physicians pediatric surgical care report that Vicki Maher condition is stable, the next week she will move the first operation.

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