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Interview with Alexander Bednova (call sign "Batman").

Batman - The commander of the "Batman": "I've been doing ... war" (photo)

Batman - The commander of the "Batman": "I've been doing ... war" (photo) | Russian Spring
Interview with Alexander Bednova (call sign "Batman").
In conversation, Batman, not hiding his real name, he tried not to talk about the performance of specific combat missions rapid response team, which he commanded, referring to the military secret. Said only (apparently, it's not a secret) that his soldiers took part in the battles around Lugansk airport where seized considerable booty. In addition, the poor-Batman admitted that today his fighters appear regularly on the position of the front line, which runs today Bahmutke (track from Lugansk at the May-Gorski Lisicansk) and Stanichno Luhansk region.
- What did you do before the start of all these events?
- I was just a retired Interior Ministry, a reserve officer, retired at the rank of captain in 2006, he worked in the security services of different enterprises in the city. I have a family, a wife, two children, I was forced, after all spun, take in another state.
- How did you get into the ranks of "Army of South-East", why did you decide to fight for the independence of the Donbass?
- I am very pained by what happened in Kiev in October-December. All of these events - the Maidan, a coup d'etat - of course could not pass by me, because I itself a law-abiding people and saw that the iniquity going on in the capital. I watched that get up so-called peaceful demonstrators, "they are children," with the police: there they were beaten, burned alive. Such anywhere in the world called the most serious crime.
Everything that was going on then, in any frame does not fit. And all of this was served with sauce severe Russophobia, racial hatred, fascism, Nazism, the superiority of the Ukrainian nation over all others. And when this wave of unrest swept still before us in March, when the radicals of our local bottling brothers Serpokrylovy (chief of staff of the political party "hits" in the Luhansk region) staged here shooting at the guys from the "Young Guard" (one of the first organizations established in early supporters of the referendum movement), when our young wounded comrades, that's when I realized that the joke was over.
I realized that the issue is simply the survival of Russian-speaking people. This is no exaggeration, because when the bestial thugs "bled", it became clear that by itself is not going to end and we need to defend ourselves. And when, after the capture of the building of the SBU held peaceful protests and weapons on the streets was not there, police officers of the city in Kiev called traitors, and here moved troops with heavy machinery. Therefore, it was clear that we are going to destroy, and we had to pick up the machines.
At first wife is very seriously worried and was unhappy that I have been involved in protests, worried about me, but the moral was always on my side. And when they started shelling the city, it has already formed a clear belief that you have to fight, not sit on the ground, or destroy us.
- As it turned out, that you led the division "Army South-East" is now called "elite"?
- Initially, I joined the movement Alexei Brain and was formed in them "Militia Lugansk region." And when they started to be organized according to the type of military units, those friends with whom I came into the militia, told me: "Sanych you be the commander, because you - the officer, and you have the organizational and military experience." They really were right, because the police I was a company commander of a special purpose, and, of course, there was the experience. I am keenly aware that people trust you can not turn them away, you need to justify their confidence, that's how I became the commander.
- Tell me, what is your current service and what your RRG "Batman"?
- I've been doing ... war. Keep the combat readiness of major military units, providing troops with food, clothing, gear, weapons and ammunition. This is a complex concerns and challenges faced by any commander, and that it must perform. After all, to be called simply the commander, and they have a very troublesome and responsible job.
I am not in any way do not complain. I am the commander take responsibility for each of his fighter, and I think that people who are up in arms to defend their land, must be protected from all domestic problems, and commanders must ensure that people are normal conditions. For me, every soldier - is an individual with his inner world, with their concerns and outlook. It's not cannon fodder, not a cog in a huge body, it is, above all, a man, and this I always repelled.
My unit is very versatile. We perform different tasks. About all I can not tell, but I note that in fact we are doing now including law enforcement, because we are only now beginning to work the system. It is still taking its first steps. Now we had to take on the role of the police, because when was the most active, the hot phase of hostilities, while the law enforcement system did not work at all, and the order in the rear of the city had to be respected. And since it's close to me, we have charged these responsibilities, and people began to turn to us for help.
- About what?
- Most often it was habitual drunkenness, disorderly conduct, fights. There were, of course, and the facts of looting, theft. We have detained several people for murder, they arrested and are awaiting trial. Preliminary materials on them are collected and documented as it should be.
And the drunkard and family-rowdy hooligans caught and come to us for re-education. By the way, we have prohibition in the subdivision. Penalties we never no one is taken, people atone for their sins, such as digging trenches. Here these drunkards work and amazing things happen - some people are cured! And one of the detainees, after serving 10 days here, even asked to leave it with us, so he took to drink again. As it turned out, a person golden hands, we have defined in our repair shop, he was an excellent gunsmith.
- Did RRT affect the growth of crime in Lugansk?
- After we got here in the surrounding neighborhoods became quieter and quieter. People know that they can apply to us and always get help and rascals and scoundrels will be pacified and will be punished.
- Who is in your group?
- Basically it is all of our countrymen, Luhansk, the inhabitants of the region. There are, of course, and a few volunteers from Russia, but it does not "mercenaries" being talked about in Kiev. These people, the Russians - those who came to defend Russian-speaking people of Donbass.
I had a case, when the summer came to us two students from Russia with a request to take them to us. I turned them down, because they were not prepared for war, even a weapon in the hands never kept. Maybe they are excellent scientists in the future will be, but it can not be a war. The guys then moved away from me, something came up again and talked. They were asked to leave them in the division, so that they could give us something to help us. I then consulted with the commanders, and we identified students in hozchast. There are 1.5 months that were here counted humanitarian aid, ammunition, helping in the kitchen, in general, engaged in "our house", but in any case, were not attendants. When they left, I told them quite frankly said that they also took part in the fighting, because the rear - this is also the front.
- Have you had cases where soldiers were leaving the RRG?
- I'm telling you all at once about the war without embellishment, explaining that the combat is only in romantic movies. I always give people time to think before you join us, because participation in hostilities - this in itself is a very responsible and important step in everyone's life, and he must decide whether and ready to go for such a sacrifice. I always tell people, you better tell your firm "no" than zhidenkoe "Yes", and then lay down their arms and dezertiruete from the battlefield, and your companions will be left without cover. There were some people who, after our conversation to say "no", and we do not blame them, it's their choice.
- But expel surely had?
- I have my own principle of recruitment. Come to me, on the recommendation of the people I know personally, or those fighters that are in the group. We in the RRG for any offense shall be liable not only the person who committed it, but also the one who brought him.
Also arriving every fighter I spend a preliminary conversation, which focuses on our orders. I zaletov in the division does not happen, because each is the first time may be the last. If there is somewhere even one small step away from the established rules, the people ruthlessly expelled. After all, she belongs to the RRT - it is a kind of belonging to an elite unit and wear a badge with fly mouse - it's a great honor, but it needs to be achieved.
All my soldiers are interested in getting rid of man unworthy. I always tell people that their shameful actions of unscrupulous soldier stain all of us, and we then have to be washed from this spot. Thus, the "rats" were run, of course, immediately.
- Is there a woman in your unit?
- Of course there is. For example, my deputy - woman, have staff workers, cooks, girls working in the personnel department. But we have a woman and positions. For example, "Astra", which is now undergoing training to become minometchitsey. There are women snipers, medical corps. We are not many, and, of course, we treat them with some "trepidation", trying to protect from the horrors. But some are just spoiling for a fight, they want to be sure to be at the forefront.
- How did you manage to achieve the ideal of discipline?
- Mutual respect - that's the basis of my discipline. It is in our division is manifested by the ordinary soldier to the commander and vice versa. On fear and intimidation on the idiotic orders, such as "build a fence here until Monday," this can not build anything. If the relationship is based on the submission and negative motivation, nothing good will come of it: people simply cease to protect you, they turn around and leave, because what they are commanders and such a war. All of our discipline is maintained on respect and human relations, and so all should be.
- And yet here you are not a regular army. The term "warlord" as if he pushes to "Makhnovshchina" or something. Did not arise if you desire to quit over the center and keep "their" war on Alexei Brain example, most probably known today in the Russian militia commander? After all, if you "Comandante", it means that already, and policies.
- I am an adherent of the idea of ​​a single country - New Russia, I never even shared our Donetsk and Lugansk. For me, LC and DNR are united, and the boundaries between them just a formality. I do statesman, I was born and grew up in a large, powerful state of social justice in the Soviet Union, so I never even had no idea about any kind of "own" territory and its management. I never thought about that somewhere chop off a "hutorochek" and be there "commander in chief." I am against fiefdoms.We must have a single state, people, united by one story, one faith
By the way, I do not think it made me a Brain some separate "principality", as they say some. LC exists within the borders of the Lugansk region of Ukraine, and all the territories, which are now under the control of different units - a single state. All the land belongs to the people of Lugansk region and no one else.
- But you're not a man without ambition - even run for president LC, and how it was that the voters in the end did not see your name on the ballot?
- For technical reasons, it ultimately did not have. Most upset my friends and acquaintances, and I generally do not. After all, for me it was a kind of "pen test". I believe that it has successfully passed because the conversations on the Internet and around the city were positive. People are well treated my initiative to the fact that militia running. And for me it is a kind of achieved results. I'm sure I still ahead, because this is not the last elections.
You see, today it is not in any specific personalities, not for personal ambitions of any of the applicants. The event itself was important for our young republic. This is one of the signs of emerging statehood. In this election, people have confirmed their May elections and that in itself is good.
Valery Razin, Lugansk
Batman - The commander of the "Batman": "I've been doing ... war" (photo) | Russian Spring
Batman - The commander of the "Batman": "I've been doing ... war" (photo) | Russian Spring

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