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Interview with Deputy Minister of DNR, commander of the troops of Alexander Taranenko

Summaries of militia Novorossia

Interview with Deputy Minister of DNR, commander of the troops of Alexander Taranenko BB

 I met a man who was not like the cabinet ministers I usually meet. Astute, yet simple in his communication, and only in his eyes, his tired eyes, were the eyes of a confident person, who has seen much in his life, if not it all, very very much.

- Alexander, on what basis do you type the fighters in your division?

- Skeleton Crew - The Veterans of Union of Donbass. Basically, these are guys who served in hot spots, and there is a set of other units that have already visited these guys in the combat zone. We protect our land. Salaries are small, I will not say how much. All men are of the family, and no matter how hard we fight They have to pay at least the minimum amount. We often ask the question of the prisoners, for which we are fighting? We are here to protect our land, and
what are you here for?

- And what do they answer?

- Usually, they are silent, his eyes downcast. Sometimes the answer is that they are called in the army for 45 days, and they are stuck fighting for several months and at the forefront. When we send them to work, rebuild what they destroyed ... they receive their lost sight. We do not forgive them for Slovyansk, Kramators'k, or Odessa, where people burned .... They destroyed the female Iberian monastery. Bombed it completely. What is this done for? They do not have to meet you? Not to mention everything else they destroyed. In the Ukrainian army, they have American instructors who train fighters this way. We only own locals. We know that we are fighting for. This war is called the Donbas war by our colonels and majors. All management positions are occupied by only those men who fought and did not stay in the generals room.

- Does the military leadership structure built on what basis, if any?

- Of course it is. We are building it in the same way as it was in the USSR. Good system it was. Very reliable. First enter the position of political officers, as it was before. Before the referendum came to us centurions with Maidana. Asking for help. They already knew that the junta had came to power. We told them: you came to us so we did not side with the junta Ukrainian army, we will help you. After
talk about the referendum began until now? I asked representatives of the OSCE - in which country of the world can pass the election when it comes to the part of the war. They were silent, say nothing. And what can they say?

- What is the responsibility of your unit?

- First of all, the maintenance of order in our territory. Elimination of subversive groups, intelligence, and at the forefront of fighting, of course.

- Tell us about yourself a little.

- What should I say? I grew up in Donetsk. I immediately took to the pioneers, he has Devyatayev ties. My Pride was the Azov sea. I never thought I'd be fighting on our own land. Our native land ...

- Alexander, all I ask is very important. Ukrainian media have said that the militias
bombed have themselves , sorry ... that's a silly question.

- It's just propaganda nonsense. I'm at my morning meal on the front every day, in the Bomblyu area where my family lives, and in the evening I come back ... to rest and drink tea, if he did not get asked to stay over?

Into the study came some people looking for Alexander all were rushing to a meeting.

- Alexander, What would you like to say to the soldiers of the Ukrainian army, not volunteers, namely the soldiers? I will record it in the video. 

- I have something to say to them, write this down. Wait, I must get dressed. He pulled his jacket out of the closet, put on, and sat down in the chair. Awards he had a lot of. Two of the Order of the Red Star, An Order of the Red Banner for Military Merit, A Cross of the war in the Caucasus. There is also a cross, which he had already received in this war, defending the Donbass.


Honestly, this man really impressed me. This so real a... military officer, a real fighter, not a cabinet uncle. I'd like to see one in the Ukrainian army at least one such Minister, Commander. I was allowed to see how his soldiers are trained in the household of Alexander Anatolyevich. 

Good sportsmanship is powerful. They learned to shoot, throw knives, pressing and throwing grenades ... This for beginners. You know what struck me the most? The age fighters. From 20 to 60. And it struck me that while I was waiting for his companion at the checkpoint passed by people who ask to get in the the militia. Volunteers walked right up. A Lot. Defeating Donbass, filling it with blood ... it's not a solution, but without the input of the output.
Anatoly came to say goodbye. Beside the two fighters, this protection.

- I'm against the guard, but it shouldn't be, the war I mean - as if he said apologetically.

Looked again into his eyes. They had such a universal belief that it was clear that Donbass militias will not give up, do not even hesitate. It is written in the eyes of their commander. I was able to read in them just that.

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