Monday, November 24, 2014

Kiev, Put Out by the Loss of Territory in Donbas, Now Seek Revenge


Kiev, Put Out by the Loss of Territory in Donbas, Now Seek Revenge


"Weekend, November 22-23, in the area of responsibility of the brigade" East "have been hit hard. Ukrainian troops were intensively  shelling militia positions near the villages, Sands, Donetsk airport and peaceful neighborhoods of Donetsk "- this learned today, November 24, in an interview to a REGNUM reporter, said the official press center of the separatist brigade of special purpose "Vostok" with the call sign "Pamir".

"From the village. Sands and Avdeyevka "ukry" were shelling the area Red Plowman, pos. The October, Putilovki, Kiev region of Donetsk. For example, the area of ​​the Red Plowman over the weekend several times fired from "Grad", the day before yesterday in the village had severe fires. The enemy directly targets electrical substation and boiler Kiev and the Kirov region of Donetsk. Without light and heating remains several areas of the mining capital.
There are problems with the gas. Also, the water is de-energized North node KP Donetskgorvodokanal. In connection with a stop water supply water to residents in the unit not fully served. Mine im.Zasyadko remains without electricity, the process of flooding, the miners brought to the surface. In my opinion, punishers purposefully hit the infrastructure. "- Said the" Pamir ".

According to him, Kiev is trying to arrange a humanitarian catastrophe in the Donbass. "In my opinion, these attacks are related to the desire to Kiev to cause a humanitarian disaster in the Donetsk region. With the onset of cold weather the effects of shelling become more tangible and catastrophic. This tactic of the enemy says that Kiev actually come to terms with the loss of territories, so they are taking revenge and trying to create a "scorched territory" - make life unbearable in the country, "- said the" Pamir ".

An employee of the press center OBrSN "East" stated strengthening shelling militia positions at the airport in Donetsk. "At the airport Donetsk militia subjected to artillery shelling 3-4 times a day, as according to the schedule. Soldiers Brigade "East" keep the defense under the airport, despite constant attacks and provocations. In Yasinovataya Panteleymonovke and respect the ceasefire, the fighting was not. Despite intensive shelling, over the weekend losses among the personnel of the brigade "East" is not. Fighters "East" heroically keep the defense ", - assured source.

"Pamir" also reported bloody provocation APU in Debaltseve. "According to unconfirmed reports, yesterday APU from their positions at the Hare beams made shelling civilians quarters Debaltsevo. This was reported as civilians and militia. In this case, "ukry" has long occupied the town. Perhaps this diversion and provocation organized to denigrate militias and fabricate "evidence" that the militia fired on peaceful areas of the city "- summed up the source


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