Sunday, November 2, 2014

Maidan, brainchild of not only the United States, but also Poland.

Kharkiv - Novorossia
Bandera goes to Warsaw

Ukrainian fascists are going to join the Polish lands to the "independence"


In the south-eastern outskirts of Poland recently, a significantly increased activity of Ukrainian fascists, reports Polish influential newspaper «Rzeczpospolita», have already several times had clashes with the local population.

According «Rzeczpospolita», the radical Ukrainian nationalists "laid eyes" on several border areas of Poland that they were going to join as 'Banderostana' territory.

We are talking about rights supporters Ukrainian associations:" Freedom and right quadrant radical, fascist organizations, reports the Polish site Both political groups refer to the ideals of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, whose members during WWII committed mass murder of Poles in Volhynia. "

Meanwhile, Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski along with junta Poroshenko with elections to the Verkhovna Rada, where ideological descendants of these murderers will now take ukrofashistskie laws. And inviting him - a man who recently heroized and actually legalized ideology Bandera, slaughtered in 1943 about a hundred thousand peaceful Polish population, visit Poland on a state visit.

Generally, we can say that Banderostan (Pindos-occupied territory of the former junta Bandera Ukraine) in its present form - the brainchild of not only the United States, but also in Poland. Who first actively advocated Maidan, and then supported the anti-Russian course those who came to power after the coup.

Really, now is the brainchild of scares? ..

Is the current Banderostan, with its neo-Nazi ambitions threaten Poland? And why the Poles with their tragic historical experience is not learned nothing from the past?

- Because almost all the ruling class and the entire political class in Poland de facto did russophobia basis of their policies, they turn a blind eye to anti-Polish Ukrainian fascists performances, including West Banderostane - said the director of the "Russian-Polish Centre of dialogue and consent" Yuri Bondarenko. - I try to ignore or minimize their claims on Polish lands.

At the same time, it is no secret that various well-known nationalist speech in Poland staged maydaniziruyuschie students out there who do not learn at their own expense, not at the expense of Poland, and through Poland with American money and American funds.

It was prepared in Poland ukrofashistskie students largely comprised not only of what is called "infantry" Maidana, but the average composition of the team. Many of them, then took additional training in special camps at various seminars ... And all of this happened, of course, with the active participation of the Polish ruling class. It is not surprising that they turn a blind eye to it.

"SP": - And this position is the appropriate mood in Polish society?

- In Polish society is just very worried while, alarmed claims Ukrainian Nazis on Polish soil. Such sentiments are particularly common among young people, as well as members of all sorts of nationalist organizations in Poland. But their opinion is ignored, since they do not have their major media and do not have access to the state level.

So while they are "rage" in the segment of the Internet - social networking, mainly.

But, anyway, it's a contradiction between the official policy of the state and the mood of the population, which is increasingly becoming a more-opposition official line leadership, sooner or later in some conflict state. And how it will look, difficult to predict. As Ukrainian fascists absolutely crazy, act boldly, not looking at anyone.

In fact, the Poles raised such a homunculus fascism. How are they with it now will live? I do not know ... But the situation is developing quite rapidly. And especially before elections in Poland. If manifest some third force, uncontrolled official Warsaw, then it will be a big problem.

Another point: the Polish political class - regardless, who is in power or in opposition - which prioritized the interests of the European Union.

"SP": - Explain?

- That is, first of all, Poland, as a member of the European Union and NATO. And actually the Polish national interests then.

If you look objectively at the situation, the emergence and consolidation of the fascist regime in Banderostane does not lie in the interests of Poland. Just as the economic disaster and emergency neighbors. Because regardless of the closed or open borders, of visas, but if it comes to serious economic disturbances, the wave of refugees and migration, Poland will be covered primarily. This is absolutely not in the Polish national interest.

Director of the European communications center, a political analyst Alexei Pilko also drew attention to the fact that the economic collapse in Banderostane could undermine the current prosperity of Poland:

- If ukrofashistskomu government fails to keep the economic situation is under control, then waits Banderostan economic collapse. And where the mass rush of hungry Ukrainians?

And they will go to neighboring Poland, which is, like, as a European country, civilized - do not read Russian. Only hardly Poland will this stream of emigration pleased.

This - the first problem for her.

Second, all somehow believe that ukrainskihfashistov number one enemy - Russia.
All is not quite so. Poland is just such an enemy to them, as well as Russia and Poland have certain claims. But we must not forget the Polish nationalists, who also believe Lviv Polish city. So, of course, ethnic tensions will rise on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

"SP": - How long?

- I do not think it will be a question of the next year or two years. But in the medium term, we can not exclude the fact that between Poland and Banderostanom will conflict.

Moreover, this conflict will go from the bottom, because the field will have to organize themselves to repel attacks Ukrainian fascists who surely will arrange provocations on Polish territory in the border areas.

I would like to stress once again that, for Bandera Poland exactly the same enemy as Russia. So very very strange looks information (they periodically appear in the media) that are fighting in the Donbass Polish employees of private military companies.

The same kind of stupidity - to fight on the side of those who made ​​territorial claims tomorrow! .. But somebody in Poland took a political decision ...

"SP": - There is one more interesting to take a decision - to redeploy troops from the western border of Poland to the east. Warsaw somehow believes that its borders threatens Russia ...

- Banderostan yet officially listed ally. But today's Ukraine, where Bandera - a national hero, it does not ally Poland. It is a big problem for Poland, which Poland in the next few years will face.

In fact, the Polish government all the time makes the mistake of stepping on the same rake. At one time, it could not possibly come to an agreement with the USSR on joint action against Germany. Now the same thing - Poland actually nurture yourself a big problem to be addressed is not the Americans, not the Germans, and the Poles themselves. No one knows how this problem under the name "Ukraine" will be able to solve the Poles.

Svetlana Gomzikova

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