Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Malaysian Airlines #MH17 Investigators Delayed Weeks By Kiev falsely...

Purgin: Dutch experts arrived for removal of debris Boeing today

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Vice Prime Minister Andriy Purgin DNR reported that in Donetsk arrived three experts from the Netherlands for the removal of debris Boeing, which crashed in Ukraine on July 17. According to the vice-premier, experts have already visited the site of the crash, and also held a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic.
Международные следователи на месте крушения Boeing 777 компании Malaysia Airlines. Архивное фото
Donetsk, November 4 - RIA Novosti. In Donetsk arrived group of Dutch experts to prepare the export of Malaysian debris Boeing, shot down on July 17, RIA Novosti Deputy Prime Minister Andriy Purgin DNI.
"Profits three Dutch experts for removal of debris Boeing, which still lie beneath the city Thorez. Today is the first meeting with the representatives of our MOE, the Ministry of Transport and the police. The experts also visited the site of the crash," - said Purgin who takes part in the negotiations .
According to him, the experts make an inventory of debris, engaged in their measurements and understand what is needed for the transportation of their export. "Assess the situation, consider the wreckage, look. Some fragments oversized, they need to extend the railway platform. Other fragments will be removed trawls car" - said Purgin.
In addition, the site of the crash near the villages of loose and Hrabovo experts evaluated the possible approaches to the aircraft cranes. "There's a ravine, the crane can not go anywhere," - said Deputy Prime Minister DNI.
Also, experts are going to calculate the route, which will remove the wreckage. "Apparently, through Kharkov in Holland" - suggested Purgin.
According to him, Malaysia gave power of attorney to the operation with the fragments of the Netherlands, even though the plane was owned by Malaysian Airlines. "They were offended at Kiev, Ukraine because three weeks kept Malay experts at the hotel in Kiev and told them how terrible here and how dangerous to go here" - said Purgin. He argued that the causes of the accident are not discussed with experts. Term export wreckage he praised as "two or three weeks."
MH17 flight Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur crashed July 17 in the Donetsk region. On board the ship were 298 people, including 27 Australians, and 4 German citizen, were all killed. Kiev authorities blamed the crash militias, those said they did not have the means that would allow to bring down the aircraft at that height. The preliminary report of inquiry appears, that the plane broke up in flight due to "structural damage caused by external influences of numerous high-energy objects", but the source of these objects could not be established.

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