Monday, November 17, 2014

Media: DNI and LC leaders promised to hang Poroshenko and Kolomoiskiy

Media: DNI and LC leaders promised to hang Poroshenko and Kolomoiskiy

9:06 / 01.11.2014 Some of the self-proclaimed leaders of the DNI and LC have stated that they intend to liberate the entire territory of Ukraine from the Nazis, who illegally seized power, and to punish those who now manage the state illegally.

With such statements made by the representatives of the People's Republic during a TV interview, that according to the portal TV, will be on aired on the evening of Saturday, November 1st. The representative of the faction "People's Front of New Russia" Konstantin Dolgov, expressed confidence that the victory in the Donbass conflict is for the hosts.

After that, there is a debt to settle. The need to continue clearing the Ukrainian territories from the "Nazis", who illegally took the reins in their hands. The MP, in particular, said that the militia would come to Kiev and hang President Poroshenko, oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, radical leader Oleg Lyashko and all other war criminals.

The head of state construction committee Novorossia Vladimir Rogov believes that it is necessary to give each region of Ukraine the right to self-determination. For example, if the Lviv region wants to become a part of Poland, it is not worth it to repair the obstacles sure horns. Militia leaders believe that Kiev is just waiting for the elections to begin their attack, because certainly will try to disrupt the our electoral process. First deputy head of the parliament of New Russia Alexander Coffman said, "The attack security forces would be committing their own suicide."

Recall that tomorrow, on November 2, the DNI and LC will hold the elections for the heads of the republics and members of a new parliament. All involved in this election, officials in  Kiev have declared, supporters of terrorism.

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