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Moments before the crash "Boeing" near Donetsk - a unique frame in the analytical program "However"

It has turned out to be a sensational Channel One shot, presumably made by a foreign spy satellite in the last seconds of flight Malaysian "Boeing" over Ukraine.It has turned out to be a sensational Channel One shot, presumably made by a foreign spy satellite in the last seconds of flight Malaysian "Boeing" over Ukraine.

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Moments before the crash "Boeing" near Donetsk - a unique frame in the analytical program "However"

It has turned out to be a sensational Channel One shot, presumably made by a foreign spy satellite in the last seconds of flight ... More »

On the eve of a crucial meeting of world leaders - at the summit of "Big Twenty" in Australia - the theme of the investigation into the death of passengers of flight for more than relevant. Frame speaks in favor of the version that the West is almost sounded.
However, hello!
It is known that at the summit in Brisbane Australian Prime Abbott has threatened to ask our president sternly question of Malaysian "Boeing". Let's try to facilitate his task.
Back in August, Russian Union of Engineers published its report on possible causes of the disaster, then received fairly widespread in the media and on the Internet. Experts conducted a detailed analysis of all the available information from all sources, made technical calculations and elaborated version of the causes of death "Boeing".
Expert conclusion: the only technically possible version - the defeat of the Malaysian ship with rocket-cannon armament of another aircraft. We draw attention to one point in the report - the lack of any credible evidence launch missiles "ground-to-air." Start "Buck" is accompanied by a cloud of fire, a deafening roar, heard within a radius of 10 kilometers, and contrails, which is clearly seen in the sky up to 10 minutes.
In short, there was no likely no "Buck", no starting from the ground. In the presence of near disaster dozen professional observers from all sides and thousands of lay, no one has seen or recorded. And the planes have seen and recorded. And it was not exactly the Russian planes. Experts arguments were heard on the Internet report was translated into English and German.
"At the same time we began to receive large amounts of information, among which was a different material, engineering calculations, and ultimately the 12th, we got it here," - said the first vice-president of the Russian Union of Engineers Ivan Andrievsky.
"I fully agree with the results of your analysis of the causes of death" Boeing "- written by a man who introduced himself as a graduate of MIT, with twenty years experience aviaekspertom George Bilt. -" Boeing "was shot down by fighter jet to haunt him. At first, the crew fired the gun, then was struck by the cab missile "air-to-air", then the right engine and the right wing were amazed missile with thermal homing system. "
The picture, which clearly shows the launch from the left wing fighter exactly the cockpit, was attached to an email. On terrain, weather, aircraft shot dimension is fully consistent with the circumstances of the accident.
"We have seen in front of the cosmic picture taken with not very high orbit. And usually made such pictures General Intelligence air and ground space. According to the coordinates specified in the picture, we can assume that the picture was taken from the American or English satellite. We conducted a detailed analysis of this picture, and no signs of forgery is not revealed, "- said the first vice-president of the Russian Union of Engineers Ivan Andrievsky.
All versions should be considered, including the notorious "Beech". The man who sent a picture in which can be seen as the MiG-29 kills passenger "Boeing", whoever he was, of course, a professional. To forge such, requires even more professionalism than for access to such information. Gentlemen, you have these pictures!Or other! Present them at last! Hands on the table! Because at the moment there is every reason to believe that the government committed a crime by those who destroyed the aircraft deliberately and cynically. And those who deliberately and cynically hides it, having comprehensive information.
However, good-bye!

Aviapazl lay the ground for

Investigators have begun to collect the debris of the crashed Boeing Malaysian

Text: Natalia Yachmennikova
11.11.2014, 00:39

The collapse of the Malaysian Boeing 777 in Ukraine

Dutch experts have begun to collect debris Malaysian Boeing 777 that crashed near Donetsk. Experts intend to reconstruct a section of the aircraft to determine the cause of the disaster. To work started four days ago, but it had to be interrupted due to the discovery of new human remains. Investigators took them to Kharkov, and then sent to the Netherlands.
DEVELOPMENT OF THE THEMEAbout how there is, perhaps, the most difficult in the history of the world investigating air crashes, the correspondent "RG" talks with the Director General of the Advisory and analytical agency "Safety" Tony MelnichenkoSergey, aviation specialists are closely monitoring the investigation.What is the latest information?Tony Melnichenko: At the crash site until the collect small pieces of the aircraft. The issue of transport of large parts of the fuselage, wings, engines for some time postponed. Obviously, due to organizational reasons. Most likely, the fragments will be transported by rail to Kharkov and from there by plane to Amsterdam, where he will line layout Boeing debris.
Collect debris Malaysian aircraft started and immediately aborted due to discovery of new human remains. Photo:Michael Pochuev / TASS

This is what investigators usually do first, and not a few months after the crash?

Tony Melnichenko: Absolutely. Listens to and analyzes the audio recording of negotiations in the cockpit, as well as between pilots and controllers. Then he laid out a layout from the wreckage to determine which side was hit by an aircraft. Character set penetrating holes submunitions. It is said that in the bodies and the luggage was found about a half-dozen of the two fragments. If so, it's probably not difficult to determine which kind of weapons they belong.
EARLIER ONThere was hope that the investigation will move forward. After all, even a preliminary report on the investigation appeared not recommended by ICAO terms, and a little later.By the way, the report did not say anything about the metal fragments found in the bodies. How Come?Tony Melnichenko: It turned out absolutely toothless. Nevertheless, there is named the root cause of the event: Ukraine has not closed the airspace in an area where hostilities are. Responsibility in Ukraine will be in any case.Black boxes were intact. But their Allah are not made clear?Tony Melnichenko: I do not think. Experts are convinced that the destruction of the aircraft is very fast.Imagine, engines, navigation equipment, electrical system, everything works fine. Then - boom, and all entries expire. It is said that was destroyed wiring, cables that connect the flight data recorders to different systems - computer and power supply. All instantaneously. This means that the plane was not planned, but for the most part destroyed in the air.Has not previously been found dead 14-16. Now found all?

Tony Melnichenko: Hopefully. Although I do not know what could have remained four months in the sun, rain, wind. And most importantly - the bombing.

Dutch investigators have assumed that Boeing could be fired from another aircraft. And stated that the materials to determine the cause is lacking. What, for example?

Tony Melnichenko: Of the four versions of consequence prevent accidents and terrorist attacks.Identified two priority scenario: the plane could be shot down by missiles "ground-to-air" and it could shoot down other aircraft. Concluded that Boeing was shot down over Ukraine in the air by gunfire from a fighter, do many military analysts, including the US.

The preliminary report is a list of the materials used by investigators. This, for example, data on maintenance of the aircraft and on the implementation of the flight: notes (messages for pilots), flight plan, weather, the crew. This image in the public domain and satellite imagery. This data radar air traffic control services provided by UkSATSE, radar data provided by Russia. This data is a black box.

Damage from cannons or missiles on the wing fragments Boeing? Photo: RIA Novosti www.ria.ru

And why not military radio audio controllers with the pilots of combat aircraft? It is necessary to examine all the flight plans (planning table) Combat Aviation Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the day of the tragedy, the records of all negotiations between dispatchers and flight director command post Uksatse and Mission Control Ministry of Defence ...

What is involved in the investigation takes ICAO?

Tony Melnichenko: So far, unfortunately, is insignificant. The preliminary report is written, ICAO advised by telephone investigators regarding procedural matters. Absurd! There are clear standards of ICAO investigation of accidents. There Annex 13 to the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation - a document of 4 volumes, which detail all. What advice? Let us recall the situation in 1983 when the Soviet Union shot down a Korean Boeing 747.

Then in Moscow arrived at the Kubinka airfield Secretary General of ICAO, personally conducted an experiment on knowledge of combat pilot signals interception of civil courts in English ...

Tony Melnichenko: Yes. And who led the investigation? ICAO, as an independent organization. And the investigation was conducted at the highest professional level. And no country had no desire for something to disagree with the results.

Russia insisted on an investigation of the tragedy of flight MN17 is ICAO?

Tony Melnichenko: Infuse. The Netherlands is neither the State of Occurrence (this Ukraine) or the State of Registry of the aircraft or State of the operator (in both cases is Malaysia). Nowhere in the ICAO documentation does not say that the investigation may carry out a country whose passengers were on board the most. I think the appointment of the Netherlands as the State responsible for the investigation - a compromise concluded rather politicians, not experts. But now the most important thing, as will carry out the investigation and what will be the role of ICAO in it.

You participated in various investigations. Tell us how the experts?

Tony Melnichenko: It is very hard work. We have to explore every detail, because it may be the main reason then. With advanced, and then the final report acquainted plenipotentiaries States. According to the rules of ICAO, States parties receive the draft final report within 60 days prior to its publication, so that in case of disagreement, to express their views. And this point of view should be reflected in the final report without edits!

How can last investigation?

Tony Melnichenko: On the recommendations of ICAO, from time to time events up to the final report should take a year. But history knows the crash, which occurred many years ago, but the investigation has not been completed so far. For a variety of reasons. We remember how the airline Air France has lost over the Atlantic plane A-330. He lay on the bottom. And the black boxes were able to get only two years later.

November 6th. Investigators began to collect debris at the crash site. Photo: Michael Pochuev / TASS

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