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Moscow has recognized the elections in New Russia, and the denunciation of Minsk Agreement.

 Moscow has recognized the elections in New Russia, and the denunciation of Minsk Agreement.

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End of the Ming format

Moscow has not only recognized the elections in New Russia, but is ready to go down the path of denunciation Minsk Agreement. The question is how it will respond junta.

Prime Minister Alexander Zaharchenko DNR (foreground) with his wife after the vote in the elections of deputies of the DNI and the People's Council of the Republic at the polling station №125

Elections to the LC and the DNR declared valid, and local electoral commissions have already announced their results. As expected, there was no surprise - the current leaders of the republics Igor Plotnikov and Alexander Zaharchenko retained their posts.

Of course, the leaders NovoHossii trying to pretend that the elections met the Minsk Agreement, but do it somehow awkward. "In Minsk, we have signed a document that we can hold in our land free elections. No date there has not been specified, no formats - explains Alexander Zaharchenko. - The Minsk memorandum - I signed it and I read it - not stated clearly that it should be just under Ukrainian law. "In fact, there are all specified - paragraph 9 states that elections should be held "in accordance with the Law of Ukraine" On the temporal order of local government in certain regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. '"

On this and rests the US and the EU, calling elections illegal and does not meet the Minsk Agreement. "The only legitimate local elections in the east of Ukraine will be held on December 7 as prescribed by the law on the special status, signed by President Poroshenko for parts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and in accordance with the protocol, which separatists signed with Ukraine and Russia in Minsk, Belarus, On 5 September, "- said in a statement the White House spokesman Mark Stroh. A similar position in relation to the election and the EU adheres. "I believe that today's" presidential and parliamentary elections "in Donetsk and Luhansk" People's Republic "is a new obstacle to peace in the Ukraine. Voting is illegal and illegitimate, and the European Union will not recognize them, "- said the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini.

However, in the position of the West was not surprising, and the world's media waited for the reaction of Russia. All wondered whether Moscow will fulfill its promise to recognize the election. And the morning of November 3 revealed that the Russian leadership keeps the word. "Elections in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions took place in a generally orderly, with a high turnout. We respect the will of the inhabitants of the South-East. Elected representatives have received a mandate to solve practical problems to restore normal life in the regions, "- said in a statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry. Some Russian radicals who consider themselves patriots, this formulation was not enough, they demanded the use of the name "LC and DNR" and the word "recognition". Meanwhile, in a translation from the Russian language diplomatic very use of the term "election" in a statement without the quotation marks and the prefix "pseudo" already means that the Kremlin believes it happened vote elections, with all the consequences.

In Moscow, aware that the issue of recognition of Russia will remain one. It is clear that no country (unless it is an international pariah, or a weak state, is planning to sell his vote at a higher price) Election in New Russia does not recognize. But then Russia pleasant surprise, which was presented to Beijing. Chinese elections, of course, is not recognized (otherwise might have problems with Taiwan), but their wording was very interesting. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hua Chunying said only about respect "the sovereignty and territorial independence of Ukraine" and expressed the hope that "the circumstances, all parties will be able to maintain the ceasefire ... to exercise restraint and follow the dialogue has begun ... to work together to promote a political solution to the conflict" .

It is understood that the Chinese people for the option "non-recognition" will be nothing - West satisfy such wording and turned their anger on Moscow, accusing it of deliberately disrupting the Minsk Agreement. "The so-called" vote ", organized by the separatist leaders in the" Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic, "deepens the conflict in eastern Ukraine and will have serious consequences for future relations with the international community, Russia.

Particularly worrying is that these "elections" are accompanied by the continuing invasion of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine "- warns the Foreign Ministry of Lithuania (the Baltic states are known to fulfill the role of the EU in the cheapest mongrels Pindostana, zhetsko criticizing Russia, who are allowed to do quite radical statements and does not mince words). The Germans were more constructive, urged Moscow to limit ourselves to a statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry and not go down the path of renunciation of the Minsk format. "I hope that Russia, in addition to official statements, will do nothing to make use of the result of the election as an excuse to promote the" separatists "in fact, continue your way to independence," - said German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

However, these expectations are not met already. "Confirm capacity of power, elections gave it legitimacy, and of course we will interact with it as with any legitimate government," - said the first deputy head of the United Russia faction in the State Duma Franz Klintsevich. Thus, the Russian government is actively preparing for winter region and further autonomous existence of Banderostana. As soon as they promised to join the grid LC to Russian. Moreover, Moscow intends to permanently close the unrecognized republics of the economy (and already closely associated with Russia) on itself. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, has said that "the products manufactured at the enterprises of the LC and the DNR involved in industrial cooperation with enterprises of the Russian Federation, will not be subject to substitution."

In turn, the authorities of the unrecognized republics and Russia call Banderostan sober look at the situation and begin the negotiation process. "By the dialogue with them we are ready, but expect them (ukrfashistskih authorities - Expert Online) adequate, normal operations", - says Alexander Zaharchenko. "Taking into account of the elections is extremely important to take active steps to promote sustained dialogue between the Pindos-Bandera junta and representatives of Donbass in line with the agreements reached in Minsk," - said in a statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry. Some Russian politicians are more specific and clearer.

"Carry on dialogue in the Donbass junta no longer with someone, and it will have to carry on," - said Franz Klintsevich. However, the leader of the junta Poroshenko on this dialogue will not go, because thereby he only legitimizes the new authorities of the Donbass. The maximum that he is ready - this is the format of the Minsk talks, where Alexander and Igor Zakharchenko Carpenter actually attended as individuals (not by chance their signatures under the Minsk Agreement had not been identified by the title). However, this format dies. And now the junta should decide what to do next - silently look at further strengthening the independence of the Donbass, try to arrange a blitzkrieg or yet to steel himself and begin negotiations with the elected leaders of the people Pindos-Bandera junta why it considers its own citizens.

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