Monday, November 3, 2014

National Guards and Novorossiya’s Militia to Raid Kyiv Together?

National Guards and Novorossiya’s militia to raid Kyiv together?

This implication appeared on MP Oleh Lyashko’s Facebook page as he warned about the possibility of a Novorossiya army offensive after November 2 The social media report talks between the Novorossiya forces and the commanders of “certain territorial battalions” with prospects for a joint “armed attack on Kyiv.” 
 "An update has come about certain territorial battalions planning to unite as they have come to the negotiating table with the forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics to discuss a tentative ‘armed raid on Kyiv.’ ‘To not harass’ Novorossiya in its advance is the least they promise to do, and to stage a riot in Kyiv the most," 112 TV channel producer Viktor Zubritskyi says with reference to his informants in an investigation agency.
photo © РИА Новости. Евгений Котенко 
As Zubritskyi tells it, the military think that power has been seized by the oligarchs, who are robbing the nation in the chaos of the anti-terrorist action. Some warlords accuse the new leadership of deliberately staging an armed confrontation in Ukraine. "The minister is in a rage, as he should be, and his subordinates are panicking. The intelligence people are on alert as emergency teams have rushed to track down the alleged ‘protest movement’ and take its leaders.
 They are determined to go to any end, including mass executions. The only question is, who will do the shootings," Zubritskyi says. Oleh Lyashko also whips up panic with allegations of “a swarm of enemy troops with a huge amount of military hardware” approaching Novorossiya from Russia. The Radical Party leader refers to some obscure intelligence data to prove his point.
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 "Our frontline fighters, with whom I am in permanent touch, haven’t the slightest doubt that the Russian aggressors will launch an offensive quite soon – possibly, following November 2. They are expected to advance along the Mariupol-Shchastye-Lysychansk line, and attack other towns," Lyashko says.

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