Monday, November 17, 2014

Now Ukraine has threatened to Blow-Up the Warehouses in Donbas with Humanitarian Aid from Russia

Now Ukraine has threatened to Blow-Up the Warehouses in Donbas with Humanitarian Aid from Russia

Everyday it becomes more and more obvious that the regime entrenched in Kiev, is a moral monster of the absolute. Since they do not have time to calm down and debate over the implementation of Poroshenko's decree, to activate an economic blockade of Donbass. His adherents announced that a simple closure of economic ties with the region could not be implemented easily.

Instead he was showered with offers from Kiev's Nazis to send saboteurs to Donbass to blow up and burn the humanitarian aid from Russia, delivered to the Republic. This, in particular, was said, according to TV channel "112 Ukraine," by a retired Colonel of the General Staff of Ukraine Vladimir Shevchenko.

According to him, now in full swing is a "hybrid" cold warfare move, and that it was a warfare in the form of sending this charity, it's a sort of "moral aggression" on the part of the Russian Federation, against the Kiev junta and their Western supporters.

"Those storages, which they unloaded from the humanitarian convoys, must all be destroyed. What's needed are saboteurs, so they can burn it all with explosives,"said Shevchenko. "And let that be our answer to this moral aggression of  the Russian Federation, he added."

It is unlikely that this speaker has no idea, that humanitarian aid from Russia, may be the only source of survival of so many people, including woman and children and also elderly Donbas civilians. So, if the return of the territories of Donbass is without any regard for its population, - then that reveals the real purpose of the fascist junta in Kiev.

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