Thursday, November 20, 2014

"OSCE Monitors" Twice Fired Upon by Ukrainian Forces.

"OSCE Monitors" Twice Fired Upon by Ukrainian Forces.



Observers from the OSCE have twice in two days come under fire from Ukrainian military groups, as was reported in their daily reports of the mission. Lives of observers were threatened on November 19 near the village Marinovka and 18 November in Debaltseve.

"November 19 at 12:38 local time, a convoy of two OSCE marked vehicles moved eastward from Kurakhovo in Donetsk. Near the village Mariinka, about 80 meters from their vehicles, was a truck carrying a large green wooden box with two soldiers in helmets. On the tail of the armed vehicle, the passenger door was visible with tactical coloring - two vertical white lines. One of the men stood up and fired twice in the direction of the convoy of the OSCE. The bullets passed two meters away from their car followed by a second round,"it was said in a statement.

OSCE observers moved to the region of Donbas in armored SUVs painted in white and with the appropriate symbols. To say that they were not recognized is simply impossible. That is, it is obvious that Ukrainian military group shot at observers consciously and deliberately.

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