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Polish Farmers Have Decided, "Poroshenko - The Enemy of Poland"

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What lives in Poland "Poroshenko - the enemy" and apples instead of coal

Polish Farmers Have Decided, "Poroshenko - The Enemy of Poland"

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While the official Warsaw admired last week the results of elections in Ukraine, the Poles protest against the glorification of the Kiev authorities "heroes" Volyn massacre. Intelligence agencies and the media continued to hunt for Russian spies, and Polish farmers have decided to do away with the arrogance and the Minister of Agriculture announced the nationwide protests, including a blockade of roads.

Ukraine closer to EuropeThe focus of the official Warsaw last week were the results of the parliamentary elections in Ukraine. Representatives of the Polish government with the duty "pro-European" optimistic commenting on the situation at the eastern neighbor. - If we can quickly form a government, there is a chance accelerating reforms - said Prime Eva Kopacz . In a similar spirit spoke the head of Polish diplomacy Grzegorz Schetyna . According to him, "the election results confirm Ukraine's European aspirations, but now is the time to reform."

Reforms are necessary, but even well-known Polish politicians have expressed doubts as to whether there will be enough new authorities of Ukraine and especially the citizens of determination in their conduct. Former Prime Minister Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz , for example, spoke openly about the fact that Ukraine - "a weak and corruptly state where nothing is functioning properly." "Often, instead of rational economic decisions are those that serve the oligarchs," - said the politician. "The results are better than could be expected from the point of view of the future and the changes in Ukraine. Nationalist and pro-Russian forces look very weak. Scene filled centrist, pro-reform parties - it should please "- did not hide his feelings Professor Roman Kuznyar , Advisor to the President Bronislaw Komorowski on international issues.

At the same time he spoke negatively about that Poland ceased to participate in the negotiations to resolve the situation in Ukraine: "If Kiev allowed himself to instill that without Poland would be easier - it's a mistake. If prompted, Berlin and Moscow to Kiev, which can come to an agreement quickly without Poland, the distinguished Poroshenko or naive or had no choice and had to these subtle hints to agree. "

While on the other hand professor confessed: "I am pleased that we do not take part in the Normandy and Milan formula, because Putin is likely ridicules this formula Western leaders. I would prefer that our leaders are not making fun of someone such as Putin, during this imaginary dialogue. Because it plays unworthy leaders of major nations. "

About Ukraine in ItalyOn the Ukrainian question, of course, do not forget the president Bronislaw Komorowski, even during his three-day official visit to Italy, which he started last Wednesday.

Particularly interesting in terms of the views of the Polish authorities on international politics and conflict in eastern Ukraine was his performance at the Academy of NATO Defence in Rome. According to the Polish president, "the changes that brought the aggression of Russia to Ukraine, are so significant that we can talk about the end of the era of" post-Cold War "in international relations. NATO and the entire West stand today in the face of strategic changes that have taken place in Europe. "

Komorowski warned the audience: "You can not allow yourself to cheat temporary pause in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. In the best case will freeze the conflict with the ability to defrost at any time unless Russia considers it beneficial. " According to him, "the essence of the current Russian policy is based on the power imposing its own sphere of influence."

Anti-Russian policy of the Polish authorities has been particularly evident in comparison with the position of the Italian government. In particular, the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi at the last summit of the European Union sought to mitigate the economic sanctions against Russia (Poland then strongly protested), and PresidentGiorgio Napolitano expressed directly Polish guests their hopes on the fact that "solutions will be found that will work with the Russia. "
"Stepan Bandera - Hitler's henchman"As once again demonstrated last week with the official Warsaw beskriticheskoy sympathy to the authorities in Kiev contrasts as usual attitude towards them Poles.

They were outraged last trick six Ukrainian students enrolled in the State Higher School in the Eastern European Przemysl (southeastern Poland). On the occasion of the anniversary of the formation of the UPA they made themselves some photos and posted them on the Internet. The group appeared on a background of red and black flag of the UPA, and some of the students froze with a gesture of the Nazi greeting.

This week, the echo of public outrage has come to the Polish Sejm, where one of the deputies of the opposition appealed to the Minister of the Interior with an official inquiry. "Under the guise of UPA - under which proudly photographed students - destroyed more than 100 thousands of Poles in Volhynia and Western Galicia, and the scale of violence is still causing terror. The Polish public space can not be lenient to any symbols relating to the UPA, "- he wrote in the request.

Not surprisingly, the protests were held in Poland under the slogan "Stepan Bandera - Hitler's henchman", "Poroshenko - the enemy of Poland", "Volyn - remember!" Against the glorification of the UPA new authorities in Kiev. Protesters have sent an open letter to President Poroshenko, which puzzled over the fact that "in the XXI century in Ukraine, a country aspiring to join the European Union - in the free zone by an evil, fascist and communist propaganda, public authorities and institutions subordinate glorified Nazi formation, and their spread by an evil thought in schools and universities. "

"Everywhere looking for spies"Last week, there has been a continuation of the spy story - of course, with the Russian "spies" in the lead roles (we wrote at length about it a week ago). Though this time without emotionally, if not hysterical, covered in the Polish media detentions of suspects, as it was two weeks ago. Then the Internal Security Agency and the military counterintelligence arrested two people - one of the military from the Ministry of National Defence and a civilian - a lawyer with dual Polish-Russian citizenship, working in one of Warsaw's companies.

Who is the victim of the hunt for Russian spies became a journalist Agency "Russia Today" Leonid Sviridov . First, the Polish Foreign Ministry at the request of the Internal Security Agency stripped of its official accreditation as a permanent foreign correspondent. In the information space was released unambiguous signal that the decision was due to the suspicions of espionage, although the Polish Foreign Ministry has not provided the motivation of this decision.

In the Polish media to repeat information that in general there is no solid evidence of the espionage activities of a journalist. However, according to anonymous sources, his work "went beyond the responsibilities of journalists" and the Polish authorities did not like his "activity in the field of business and lobbying." This business and lobbying are, inter alia, to the fact that the journalist has visited the Polish participants of the Valdai Club, including well-known politicians and media representatives.

Withdrawal of accreditation was only symbolic, although unpleasant and somewhat complicated life of a foreign journalist measure. However, a few days later, the Polish authorities have decided on a much more painful for a journalist step - started his deportation procedure, and again at the request of the Internal Security Agency.

Permanent correspondent of the Russian press (with the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs accredited six of these journalists) about the incident prefer not to speak publicly. Confidential say very carefully: "The great tension everywhere looking for spies. We are afraid, the situation of Polish journalists in Russia better. They can write against Putin, and it no one will do. "

"Anti-spyware terror" in Poland, apparently, will grow stronger. In the press leaked information that Warsaw without hype left several staff members of the Russian embassy, ​​which the Agency believed internal security intelligence officers. Moreover, the Agency sought in this matter to the bitter confrontation - for example, with a loud announcement persona non grata and another round of anti-Russian hysteria in the media. However, the government did not dare to take such a step.
Fraer - the farmer or the government?

Last week, the exceptional rudeness distinguished Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Marek Sawicki . About peasants who are forced as a result of the Russian embargo pass almost for nothing apples for processing, the minister bluntly said: "This pigeons." At the same time boasted that compensation for losses that he "snatched" the peasants in Brussels, two times higher than that which is offered exclusively brazenly taking advantage of the situation, processing enterprises. However, the Minister forgot to clarify that the size of this vaunted compensation per kilogram of apples corresponds to the price ... a box of matches in the Polish store.

This week came the continuation of compromise "his" compensation and, of course, the minister himself. It turned out that after counting applications peasants concerning compensation and budget, which for this purpose gave Poland the European Commission, there will be a 90 percent reduction in the amount of compensation.
That is, the Polish peasant will not get a kilo of apples even a full box of matches, and only ... 10-15 matches. Why it is so humiliating treatment gardeners did not survive: the next Tuesday, November 4, will begin nation-wide protest. And ask the question: "Who fraer - rural laborer who carries on his shoulders the burden of the Russian embargo provoked by politicians? Or a government that has gone on a trade war with Russia and does not take the interests of the people? ".

The extent grotesquely Polish authorities are trying to solve "the problem of malic" shows an example of Lodz. There's an urban center of social assistance in view of the approaching winter has restricted their wards already paltry sum for the purchase of coal for heating, but each of them will give a monthly 20-pound bag of apples .... "Unfortunately, you can not light the stove apples" - ironically commented on this idea of ​​local journalists


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