Monday, November 24, 2014

President Vladimir Putin Interview | TASS - First Channel

President Vladimir Putin, in an interview with Tass ... shared his opinion about what is connected with an acute reaction to the events in Western Donbass. According to the President, the EU and US pressure on Russia due to the fact that our country is strengthening its position in the world, and expresses its own interests. "Do you think that the case in eastern Ukraine? In the Crimea? Absolutely not. If it were not so, would find another reason. The problem is that it has always been - a look at our history a thousand years. As soon as Russia is rising, says about their interests and begin to defend them, just need to move it a little bit. Deterrence theory has many years there. It exists for centuries. It is a struggle for geopolitical interests, and behind them then - and the importance of the country, and its ability to generate new economy, solve social problems and improve people's lives "- Vladimir Putin said.Commenting on what is happening in the south-east of Ukraine, President drew attention to the double standards Western countries and recalled how in the 90s they were reacting to the actions of the Russian military in Chechnya. "Our partners are always talking about the need to respect the territorial integrity of the country. Hence, all those who are fighting for their rights and interests in the east of Ukraine, - pro-Russian separatists and those who fought against us in the Caucasus, including under the leadership of al-Qaeda and their money, and with their weapons in their hands, and do they directly participated in hostilities - they were all fighters for democracy?Terrific. We then talked about the disproportionate use of force. Said, how is it that you're out there shooting from the tanks, and so on, artillery apply. This is disproportionate, it is impossible to do so, it is impossible. And here? And aircraft, tanks and artillery, multiple rocket launchers, more than that, even cluster bombs, and can drive you mad, ballistic missiles! And no one says not a word about the disproportionate use of force ", - said the president. Vladimir Putin also noted that the problem of Russian democracy - not to allow foreign governments to manipulate the country in its own interests, causing agree on issues such as Iran's nuclear program and the Middle East settlement, or forcing the program to turn off the defense industry.

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