Monday, November 24, 2014

Russian weapons, Russian army Novorossia Policy

Russian weapons, Russian army Novorossia Policy

Today at 7:00 am

Scout breed - it's his legs he depends. Because from the moment the group intelligence is spotted, according to statistics, after 6 hours it will catch up and destroy you. Exhausted? They remain to cover the whole group. I know a case where in a combat situation the guy said he could no longer run. He left almost all ammunition and ran on. These never become heroes. You do not have to be a master of martial arts, but you have to run as swift as a race mare.

The first month in the Russian special forces, a soldier sleeps 4 hours - it can not be less than under the statute. The rest of the 20 hours he injected. At 6 am they rise. Calmly give rise, wash, do stretching. Do not believe the movies, there is no rush in the spirit of "freshen up while burning match." Then - wearing backpacks they run. Lazy stride at first, most importantly, do not move to a sports pitch. Lazy - does not mean easy. Commander constantly gives introductory quests. Then we have an ambush, the shooting, so always run ragged rhythm: a tumbling climb of walking goose step. After jogging - physical training, tactical and special training, unarmed combat. 
And so every day.

Endurance and resistance of the psyche of a fighter who has deigned to serve in the GRU, check "at the races." Horse racing look like. A group of soldiers driven into the forest for 7-8 days without provisions. Commanders that change every 12 hours, the soldiers chase through the woods and do not let them sleep at all. To loss of consciousness, vomiting, and other pleasures. Who could not resist - goes "over the fence", ie combatant troops. Thus a lot of people dropping out. Horse racing is held every six months, it's something like the exam.

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