Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Russians understand the reason for sanctions, nobody wants a strong Russia.

 Russians understand the reason for sanctions, nobody wants a strong Russia.

AUTHOR: Alexander MountainBlogger

Russia and Ukraine have reached an impasse under amicable odobryams West. A lot of talk, but everything revolves around one and no progress either in the one or the other is not. Frozen situation, throwing another dose of anti-Russian sanctions, despite the elections held in Ukraine and Minsk Agreement. The Russian economy begins to weaken and ordinary citizens have felt it, forced to admit it. Especially all the strains depreciation of the ruble. Everyone understands that the budget must be filled, regardless of the price of oil, that's it, the course, and slowly drained. All logical and predictable. But what I notice most Russians understands the reason for it all. Russia nobody wants strong.

A few days ago I was in a wonderful place in Crimea, Assumption Monastery. The place is very beautiful and unusual. This is not only preparing the next post. When walking there, I heard a conversation in the Temple of two parishioners. "I pray here for the Crimea, for Russia, for Putin, it is difficult now. We need a miracle. "To be honest, it's hard to imagine such a conversation at our mainland Russia. But Crimeans very patriotic, love and respect Russia Putin for what he does back home and gave the future. Who do not believe, I recommend to come and live here for a week and not carry sofa nonsense about Annex and elections at gunpoint.

Indeed, Russia now need a miracle or something that can change the world's attention to stay. Conditional "West" and Ukraine is beneficial to such a situation. Weakens powerful geopolitical partner, there is some consolidation of Western political elites and they can flex its muscles, showing voters their necessity, it is possible to overcome orders for the defense industry, which is now necessary to Europe and America. But still stopped, we only hear the words, to cases while not really realized only sanctions and threats. Afraid, but crap on the little things, but noisy.

With interest waited and watched 20koy. Putin really well done. He behaved decently and with dignity. Who won or lost on the monkey antics lunge and Obama, who once again kicked us, putting Russia in one line with Ebola and Islamic threat that they and nurtured? And all, almost all of the monkey antics flock jumped in happiness after moving over breakfast on the other side of the table. This is the psychology of the weak and poor European bureaucrats, and stronger now than Europe, including tolerance, well, you understand what I mean.

And how nasty posts and comments pseudo-patriots and everyone there a Kiss ass, who just bleat of happiness when Russia once again kicked masochists ... damn ... As the saying goes "the language to Kiev", and some of it live help. As my grandmother - "their faces wider Specifies the factory damned," and they are "journalists".

Ukraine and previously sat on the tip credit, a year ago she was in full "F"mode, and now failed Europeans such as regret, throw up the crumbs. Ukrainian nationalism turns into a real fascism under the tacit consent of the west. A Yatsenyuk, the more psevdohohol glad povykruchivatsya hand Europe over gas supplies, and the impoverished people to explain the war and Putin. At the same time the "right" oligarchs to saw assets under acquiescence Arseny Petrovich. Only now have to disentangle it derHmo Russia. Only Russia really assists the East, and Ukraine, while Poroshenko comes once anti-Russian hysteria about total war and destruction will soon gate of bombing civilians and destroying homes.

In a miracle I did not believe it. World event, which will switch the attention of the world could be, or the arrival of aliens or killer asteroid .... But it too until all of science fiction.

It remains the only option - the worsening situation in the Donbas and bringing it to its logical conclusion, but it is a pity civilians. But all this would drive right up to the evil of Kiev ...

So the situation is almost a stalemate. Sanctions no cancel, and not going. So what will happen to Vladimir Vladimirovich? Alas, our President too decent and responsible actions in their words. I am proud of our President and support. But it's time to succumb to these good cowboys. Independent and strong Russia they do not need.That Putin Russia has risen from its knees.

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