Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Shoigu told of a military threat headed in the direction of Crimea

Shoigu told of a military threat headed in the direction of Crimea


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Formation of a full group of troops in the Crimean peninsula is one of the priorities of the Russian Defense Ministry. As Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu during the board meeting in Moscow, this is due to a complication of the situation in the south-west direction, the correspondent of "Heathcliff".
"The military-political situation in the south-west direction remains difficult because of the situation in Ukraine and the injection of anti-Russian sentiment on the part of NATO - said Shoigu. - Analysis of possible developments necessitates the maintenance of the Southern Military District troops in readiness to ensure the military security of the country and its allies in the south-western strategic direction. "

Strengthening the Russian military presence in the Crimea began almost immediately after the referendum on joining the Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia. The main priorities of the Ministry of Defense in the region is to strengthen the coastal defense, aviation and air defense systems.

In particular, in the Crimea was deployed a new artillery regiment, complete with self-propelled howitzers "MSTA-S", heavy antitank system "Chrysanthemum" and multiple launch rocket systems "Tornado-G", as well as the division of the mobile coastal missile complex "Bastion-P" with cruise missiles, "Onyx".

In addition, in the Crimea has focused group of army and front aviation consisting of several dozen planes and helicopters, anti-aircraft missile systems S-300P and other weapons systems. Also on the peninsula was deployed a contingent of ground troops with heavy equipment and artillery.


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