Monday, November 24, 2014

Summaries: Militia of New Russia | Letter From a Kievan

Summaries of the militia of New Russia

11.21.14. Letter from a Kievan. 

"Many who vehemently supported the Maidan both organizers and nationalists, now miss the  nostalgia of the good times with Yanukovych. The Dollar was for UAH 8, (now 16), the gasoline 9 UAH, (now 16), for utilities they paid 2-3 times lower, and prices for clothing, food, transportation, were 25-50%smaller. Also the salaries of UAH were higher than they are now. Thousands of brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, mothers and fathers were still alive. Thousands of civilians were all alive and well, thousands of people had a roofs over their heads.
And please don't lie to me that you got rid of the oligarchs. Go to a Public Euromaidan event and prove this. There are many squeals from Maidaners about how Poroshenko drains their economy and no end of his zrada! I personally nothing better in his mode, then of what in Yanukovych we had seen. Yes, just another bandit and still corrupt. But for what is this cost of thousands of people's lives' if to have only a change from one Oligarch to another? 

The entire drudgery was meant for changing in a civilized manner, and to choose freely on our future! Not in rushed elections under foreign pressures. If all Ukraine had instead went together legally, and had went to the pre-arranged constitutional elections, to vote for their democratically chosen candidate, then Yanukovych would not have been forced to Russia as an illegally deposed president, and many Innocent people would not have needed to be killed! "


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