Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Summaries of the Militia of New Russia Nov,25,2014

Summaries of the Militia of New Russia
Nov,25,2014 10:20 am

11.25.14. Report and photos from the occupied Artemovska. "Artemovsk (DNR) is located away from the front line, there was heavy fighting and seemingly life goes on ... But no, a lot of people in uniform guards the civilian population and from local sources reports of the arrival of a large number of employees of the SBU, probably to calculate and capture "traitors united.

" The building of the district police department based border guards, the number of personnel from several tens to hundreds. On the perimeter of the building lined with sandbags in the back yard dug in armored personnel carriers, on the yard rayotdeleniya police are two armored "KrAZ Cougar", against which the Ukrainian security forces willingly photographed posing as heroes and defenders.

Also, there are Oise, and staff cars, punishers are preparing for the most unpredictable situations and probably afraid this moment. In the Department of Surgery CRH Artemivs'k after the "unsuccessful" fights regularly bring wounded soldiers of the Ukrainian army to provide medical care. Not far from the hospital, Ukrainian security forces battalion "Artemivsk" organized headquarters, on the ground floor of a residential high-rise buildings. 

Outside the city through Yakovlevka - Pokrovsky worth Ukrainian appliances, punitive drive up domestic supplies and food.They came to the ground on the orders of the Kiev Donbass junta. And if these brave thugs give orders to go into battle, they will not hesitate to kill the elderly and children, destroying homes of civilians and the entire infrastructure of Donbass.Without worrying about what will be on their hands the blood of someone's mother and, not realizing that he gave his life on the order of "master" from abroad. "

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