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The Future of Kyiv Residents and Vaguely Disturbing Notes From the Occupation

Future Kyivers vague and disturbing. Notes from the occupation

Life in Kiev today is not easy. Even for those who obediently hoped on Independence, to depict their national unity and enthusiasm. And for those who did not jump in, it's even more difficult. Firstly, life among all the victims of the fascist epidemic. As at any moment a person, once like a long time friend, can pump you up to answer to their famous Bandera battle cry, "Glory to the Heroes!". And then with a changing face of the evil machinations despise Putin. Secondly, some now see a distorted reality and observe only a wreck of a once familiar World, where now their general living standards lay in ruins and grows bitterly hard to see improving.

So you tend to hope that individual political events, will show signs, or at least a dim light of hope in the near future. While the events are many, they are often very contradictory, and therefore not at the heart of how one can live with less anxiety, and shame, and with a faint hope of normalcy ...

Just recently, on November 4, when Russia celebrated the Day of National Unity, in the Lviv area someone posted the flag of New Russia. At the top of an abandoned "unfinished" new building for the Theater Institute. Not far from the embassies of France and Poland. The man climbed onto the roof and hung the flag right in the historic center of the city now occupied. What message does this send? The fact that there is still a live revolution in Ukraine? The fact that not all people are programmed In what Kiev wants them to believe ?...

On the same day in Kiev Svyatoshinsky area (district is named after Nikola hypocrites, Prince and Monk Caves whose incorrupt relics are now in the Near Caves) was a massive brawl. Well the fighting in Kiev did not surprise anybody, but there was one peculiarity: the shots that were heard, showing that groups who were well armed also had (Molotov cocktails in their stock) and identified themselves as One of Hundreds in the Maidan, and the other side were participants of the ATO.

Recent an alleged "justice." came from the vote in  Donetsk. In fact it was to find out who will "take care of" private enterprise "Modern Technology". Most of Kyiv residents, explained little about what had happened to the machinations of the Moscow oligarchs was wrong (and they have that "right"), and the separatists want no part of Kiev or Ukraine. Some of the inhabitants of their cities still see this in fact as its only possible future. Within the redistribution of new gang districts, property theft and the associated rise in crime, will be called a"revolutionary movement." So some people do worry if they don't have a weapon, their rights are to can be assimilated firmly (So for their Independence they will shed their blood!), And often salaries are not even paid.

Almost on the same day, (symbolic buildings) caught fire, or rather were set on fire in Kiev to the oldest cinema "Zhovten". Thousands in Kiev, including this writer, keep touching memories of when they are small with their mom and dad and with their classmates or even the ice cream. So to go there is in their mind instead of the lessons on "The Three Musketeers" ... Now is a time when those "musketeers" are very different. During a session within the festival of "Youth" , masked men broke into bits the cinema windows, so the audience was expelled, next it was the roof on fire.The Cinema burned for a long time , then the roof collapsed. They say, they fought for their purity and morals. It's sad because it was a quite profitable multiplex and located on some very expensive land recently that became privechali "blue".

 However, it is believed that the main thing is not to pervert their clubs in Kiev, openly advertising how and why they do this kind of work. The land and the profitability of the enterprises, which has long been a zarilas regional elite, but the old "zlochinnaya" powers do not understand this... And so what about the new government in the capital? About the Mayor Klitschko, one may in vain laugh. In the story of "Zhovtnem" well he quickly realized and acted prudently in ordered to establish a recovery fund for the Film Center, and he will monitor the funds. Well, for the new powers, it is now no closer to Europe then before...

Many have said the people of Kiev had their celebration of the liberation of Ukraine from fascist invaders. More cynical actions have not been to the Kiev land. President Poroshenko  and Prime Minister Yatsenyuk  both odious members, all who are proud to certify themselves successors of the UPA, Bandera and others, in the Park of Glory Eternal Flame cheer of old veterans. Ever, who in his youth in arms cleared our region, not only from the German fascists, but also from their servants, dear to the heart of new Ukrainian rulers.

All Lies, covering all the true memory of violence under the banner of fighting "Sovietism" (and in fact with all that is reminiscent of the unity of the people of Russia and its overall victory) - that spiritual atmosphere in which the people of Kiev are now shipped. "Your son will still teach at the school of poetry" celestial hundred, "- said one astute friend. By this goes. Anyway, many will have to decide whether to teach or not to teach, jumping or jumping.

With suppressed horror looking down on the people of Kiev, No signs positive economic change. The Ukrainian hryvnia falls, like Icarus, and sliced ​​green paper is becoming more expensive. With the same depressed cry (and suddenly one hears the neighbors unpatriotic curse) Kyivites being removed from the mailbox utility bills. There is already a tragedy unfolding, but the climax and finale await with trepidation and some "corruptly delight." Very many have to solve a dilemma: to feed themselves and their children, or to pay the higher costs for heating and living space.The combination is not possible: the minimum wage in 1200 hryvnia (until it 80 dollars), and the figures in receipts during the heating season are expected to be slightly higher.

Curiously, the media owned by his brother-Kuchma Pinchuk, Akhmetov Firtash, talk about the problems of catastrophic impoverishment of fun, with humor. How about something "Funny". During this "optimism" lured journalists pay ten times more than the average resident of Kiev, and for the "pessimism", that is the truth, can shoot with contentment. Generally the level of shamelessness Kiev media has reached record heights. Boys and girls, uncles and aunts, called leading, looking from the screen tin eyes followed his guru Savik Shuster (with the first channel will press him, but without the new job will not leave the State Department) does not just lie and enthusiastically create myths, suck out finger sensation inspired distorted picture of the world.

The apotheosis of these manipulations on the consciousness of its citizens became extremely evident  in the election coverage of the DNI and LC. However, "enlightenment" was not its name . Ukrainian media coverage on election day was choked communications from all teleorudy yavkah was on voters forced at gunpoint, the calls to battle the right from entering the polling stations, the massive amount of bribed voters Russian food rations and local vegetables rewarded. And, of course, immediately "ballot stuffing, massive fraud, Chechen terrorists used in the role of observers," etc,etc...

Scared and ashamed, but then it's true: the show at the same at the Schuster agreed to the fact that the children came under fire in Donetsk "got what they deserved" !!! Like, the price paid for the error in outlook.This abomination heard by millions - periodically injected into the consciousness of the shusterovskaya lie has reached a huge audience. And how these ideas that you can conceptually kill for these beliefs is being assimilated, even in it's children. Yes, it is a serious struggle with the Nazi regime, designed for their destructive nature, and it must start with a ban on Nazi propaganda and the brainwashing by the media.

I will say this about the timid hope. I will write.

Recently the new Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, His Beatitude Onufriev 70 years old. In former times an event such as a birthday primate, pointed to magnificently. Now the Metropolitan Onufry in days of the anniversary, unpluged the phone, he the went to Mount Athos, a Russian monastery Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon, to pray for peace and the cessation of the fratricidal war. And you believe that these prayers of the bishop, who dosen't use an executive car and riding in a normal bus with the laity, and living modestly, secretly exercises his alms (on his many years of charity spoke just now for you, moreover so, with all his knowledge,) will be heard by God.

Another recollection, The other day I had a chance to escort through the dark streets of Kiev, a middle-aged actress, best known for her "Maidan" views. First we walked in silence. Then she suddenly spoke warmly. "What have we achieved?" She asked, doesn't it seem that we have replaced one gang of bandits for another ?" ,"And for the worse," I said. Then she said quietly, "Yes. for the worse. "

Not sparing her feelings about Maidan, I have listed a few iconic figures of the new Ukrainian government - MP pervert Ljashko (parliamentary leader), "Kozak Gavriliouk" (also now a deputy and a clown by vocation), it is not healthy Tatiana Chornovil. For my companion as cultural figure, references to these semi-wild gentlemen was obviously painful. At this point, we passed a the concert hall "Ukraine", which is called the first stage of the country. And in it was a huge poster of the upcoming local concert singer, I saw two errors, one grammatical and a syntactical one. Noticing an illiterate old actress and this text. Why it caught my eye, it seemed to me to be, a shame, and I sighed bitterly.

And that confused me too, as to sigh it sees a hope. Hope for the future recovery of my countrymen - Kiev.


November 2014


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