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Wednesday, November 19, 2014 Author redactor

With wages of Ukrainians gathered 1.4 billion hryvnia. Tax on war, which overlaid the citizens of Ukraine Maidan new power, is bearing fruit. As they say, with the world on a string ... that has run almost half "yard".

And it's only three months: a tax on the war - and that 1.5% of the salaries of state employees, workers, military personnel - was officially launched on August 1. Naturally, the Ukrainians opinion nobody asked and pay tax and those who support the policy of the Maidan, and those who voted in the elections against the junta. Cancel this service, no one is going, although income of Ukrainians decreased by half, and all wages and social benefits have been frozen since March.

However, the tax is removed from a war hospital sheets, with maternity payments and other government benefits. Where does this money, nobody knows: the government is not going to report to the slaves, which tears up with three skins. But, obviously, that billions pass zone ATO: there are "installed" voluntary transfers, private donations, pensions, some grandparents from Lviv. But no one heard about that on the means of "war tax" purchased equipment for soldiers from the area P, for example. So far, only send them stoves, converted from old gas bottles, construction gloves and cardboard shoes. Medications being removed from the state reserve (this, for example, cotton and gauze, made in the 60s, who refused to accept as a gift even Africa), weapons - from the military vaults reopen the same State Reserve (Mosin rifle and ammunition in 1937). At that spend billions, beveled with poverty wages murky secrets. As the evaporation of the gold reserves of the National Bank vaults in what has recently confessed his head Valery Gontareva.


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