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The sooner Ukraine will collapse at the feet of the Russian Federation, the better for herself

Author prophetic novel about the war in the Ukraine on the current state of New Russia

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Exclusive commentary Lugansk writer Gleb Bobrow, author of the prophetic 2008 novel about the war in the Ukraine "Epoch stillborn"

What is currently happening in the New Russia? (Attempted Gubaryov, rallies against the upcoming elections, the signing of the agreement on the demarcation line).

What happens is what can not happen, given the strategic errors committed by the system and its many consequences. However, I am absolutely sure that meticulous clarification of the causes and consequences of a showdown between the leaders, warlords, and, even more so, the elucidation of the circumstances, "one of them who Rabinowitz" - the way a vicious and extremely harmful to the common cause. Here, as the saying goes, the esprit de corps should be at the core and worthless dirty linen in public drag on people - thus we are playing into the hands of a gang of Kiev and in general all the Ukrainian fascists.

Much more important is to realize system errors committed and the ideological impasse, which hit the New Russia. With understanding of the problems will be clear and the algorithm of actions.And the cries of panic on the eternal theme "putenvsёslil" somehow diminished by themselves.

What is a deadlock and what system mistakes were made?

Let's understand the basics first. So - the impasse.

We all have to finally realize that the project is included in the New Russia apparent contradiction with the global Russian interests in Ukraine. We must understand that Russia does not need the stub in the form of two pieces of two eastern provinces. Russia needs a loyal and friendly Ukraine - the whole and entire. Well, the maximum, without frostbitten on his head Galicia.
For clarity, let's see what would happen if Russia takes and selling project Novorossia in it, so to say, of course, I wish all the current form.
So, cut off from the mainland New Russia Ukraine DNI and LC combined (that is not a fact, by the way). Its currency and all that. What do we get? Believe. We, the residents of New Russia, Transnistria obtain №2 - nezhiznennosposobnoe dilapidated nedogosudarstvo that knows who should recover. Russia in this case becomes the aggressor and a bogey for the whole of Europe.US goes on stripped from the Russian European energy and commodity markets. Ukraine is consolidating around the idea of "Russian aggression", enters into its territory to NATO troops, gets integrated military aid and the new army re-equipment and training ... right (!) Starts a new war in the New Russia, and possibly in the Crimea. Who does not believe - I ask in 2008 - to teach lessons anew Georgia and South Ossetia.

Let's just ask ourselves a very simple question. New Russia can win the war on their own entire continental Ukraine? No, can not. New Russia may take place as a state without the help of Russia? No, can not. Novorossia can feed the remaining population on its territory without the help of Russia? No, can not. Well, if we can not - then you have to stand at attention and take into account the whole range of Russian interests in Ukraine, and not solely rest on the horns in their purely Novorossiysk vision. And the future, again, this is the whole of Ukraine, not its eastern stub.
And about the error ...

Error in the substitution of the main ideas of the restoration of law and counter coup ideas of independence. About this correctly says Tatiana Montyan - legal agenda of protest against the coup d'etat was replaced extralegal - separatist. According to the mind and conscience - we are right, but legally on one crime we answered the other. And take advantage of this great junta and the international community, led this bastard gang to power, it unequivocally supported.From a legal point of view they are right - separatism tightly compressed in any country of the world.

Now what?

Now Russia is forced to lead a long and complex, multi-pass game forced Ukraine to the world.Apparently Moscow will be involved the whole complex of leverage and as a result, without any direct intervention, Russia will break the backbone of Ukraine.

Enumerate the list:

- Military actions leading to the direct state of degradation;
- possible assistance to the liberation movements in the region are on the verge of an explosion (especially Kharkiv, of course);
- economic and energy leverage (Ukraine now on the verge of total default)
- all possible assistance in the escalation internal destructive processes (social degradation occurs before our eyes - in the country just some collective insanity)
- Foreign pressure and promote the explosive down of Ukrainians Boeing (which is already evident around the world) and the genocide of the civilian population (which is not denied) leading to delegitimize the Ukrainian authorities in the face of the global community.

Certainly in the arsenal there are a range of tools and techniques that can actively assist in the disruption of Ukraine corkscrew total collapse of statehood.

Most interesting is that in this case, namely Russia remains the only country that can save Ukraine. Neither the US nor Evromost pulling it out will not be - the experience of all countries of Somalia and Libya with Serbia to Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria - to be confirmed. And it certainly will save Russia. But since it will be a completely different country and now it will be possible to talk about the New Russia is today, and rightly does not want to hear about any future together with Ukraine.

Will continue the war?

Yes, certainly will. There are also a number of unconditional factors.

Firstly, evroatlantistam are true puppeteers Kiev comprador regime, need escalation of the armed conflict, and they do not care about the price paid by Ukraine. Objective sow chaos, draw it and Russia to take its economic, primarily energy gap in the European markets. However, the US twice as expensive Russian hydrocarbons. To make Europe pay double the price needed demonstration creepy grin aggressive Russian bear. Ukraine are just pawns, as, indeed, any donor country American politics.

Secondly, Ukraine is on the verge of social explosion. The army and security forces rapidly decompose, is incredible shaft deserters going home with arms and terrible insult to the heart - comes the understanding that they were used and thrown like a used condom. Victims vain, cripples thrown, health will not return, and someone good profit on their misery. That someone should answer ?! Certainly. And here is the only chance for the government - again throw the army into a meat grinder of war.

Third, the current "Minsk Agreement" unprofitable and militia even more so that the Ukrainian side did not think it perform - where there is a real tactical and strategic interests of the fighting did not stop for the day.

Well, finally. Russia does not need too much respite Ukrainian - Ukraine should degrade and the faster it will fall at the feet of the Russian Federation, the better. And for all - better, oddly enough. And in the first place - to Ukraine itself. This collective madness, this massive national suicide should be stopped.

Gleb Bobrov, especially for IA "New Russia"

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