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To Save the Dollar, You Need a War!

To Save the Dollar, You Need a War!

What is a dollar? How does affect the global financial system, or is more likely a global scam, why is it any different than any other economic system on the planet?

In a few sentences, it is very difficult to tell the story of its creation, entering in to the "typewriter", a title, the history of the dollar, As we know it today. - An unsecured reserve currency, which itself is ... providing other currencies.
So we must try.

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Money, humanity made of precious metals. Almost all moneys have always been such. No precious metal - there is no money. The amount of money limited by the amount of metal of which they are made.

In 1694, a group of bankers with the support of King William of Orange was created the Bank of England. He became the world's first private center emission. That is a group of people started making money. The trick is that the issue of paper money, was supposedly backed by gold.

And at any moment the owner of the paper pound could swap it for a pound of yellow metal. In fact, the bankers began to cheat simply by issuing paper money much more than they had gold.

The idea was simple, and therefore it was necessary to destroy these other "wise men" who also decided to print money out of nowhere. All subsequent history of Europe is connected to  a struggle of the Bank of England and its owners for the financial hegemony of the planet.

When the United States gained independence from Britain, those bankers had lost control over the financial system of the new country. However they returned to it in 1913, when the decree of President Woodrow Wilson created the Federal Reserve System (FRS). It was assigned a private center-issuer, the Bank of England. That was still owned by the same persons.

But at the moment, gold still backed all world currencies. So as this it began to spank tirelessly dollars and pounds - and as it can not go unnoticed. What to do? Of course, you eliminate rivals, destroy the other gold currencies. 

Destroying their economies, which competed with the Anglo-Saxon System. Immediately after the creation of the Fed in 1914, was started the First World War. In the crucible of her disappeared the gold ruble and gold German mark.

Then followed the Second World War, which resulted in Bretton Woods in 1944, agreements were signed, to outline the post-war global financial system. Top money was the US dollar. The whole world has become a trade conducted in dollars, and only in dollars.

In fact, it replaced the gold. And since all countries had to use dollars, the US simply printed them, promising that for every thirty-five dollars, it would redeem payment of an ounce of gold.

In 1973, the US announced that the dollar was no longer able to redeem the gold content. Money and themselves become the new commodity. A high standard of living was achieved only by the US with demands for their green currency. The whole world collecting dollars, changes in the fruits of the labor of these wrappers the US simply painted.

When the number of "draw" the Fed dollars became dangerously large, a system was invented by their disposal. United States began to take dollars in debt in the world. Instead, they gave the US government bonds, called "Treasury Bonds".

These bonds, were issued to all countries of the world, and amounts of US debt, which today is 17 trillion dollars is beyond any other way to redeem on it.

This means that the United States spent on their needs at 17 trillion more than earned. Just for comparison, shows some data. All of Russia's budget revenues in 2011 amounted to around 8 trillion rubles.

The US budget deficit is only (not the whole budget, and only the excess of expenditure over income) for the same in 2011 is about $ 1.5 trillion. It is easy to calculate that in rubles it will be 42 trillion. So, we earn 8 trillion rubles, and they are borrowing (for us and the whole world) 42 trillion. Who will live better?
How can we make the world drop them of this carefree life way beyond their means? Only in two ways: by deceit and force. For the first Anglo-Saxons have the world's media, lying about on their orders, about the second - their "most powerful" army in the world.

But when the US debt becomes astronomically large, and their strength weakens, around the whole world there is a temptation to start playing by new rules. That is, do not buck the world's sole reserve currency, and instead add to it at least the yuan, the euro and the ruble.

Again competition - competition of currencies and economies. If this buoyant US can remain only in the event that someone is always going to finance their budget deficits. All the time to buy dollars and Treasuries Treasure. Stop giving the US credit - the whole pyramid will collapse.

How to ensure that the demand for the dollar and Treasury remained high, if it is reduced? The answer is simple: to make all other assets for investment uninteresting - unstable and shaky. How do we need to make the world  firm with only the dollar?,,,,Well,

To achieve all this, it is possible, using the same method by which the dollar generally was on in the Olympus global economy. Salvation of the dollar - needs war. But if war is not obtained. You need a destabilization of the world economy in a different way - by chaos and revolutions.

That's exactly what we are now witnessing. As the saying goes - nothing personal, just business.

By: Nikolai Starikov

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