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Top Stories For 19-11-2014


Top Stories For 19-11-2014 

On Media Outlets That Continue to Describe Unknown Drone Victims As "Militants"

By Glenn Greenwald

There is a very compelling case to make that continual, sustained drone warfare in places such as Pakistan and Yemen meet the U.S.'s formal definition of "terrorism" 

Russia invades Ukraine. Again. And again. And yet again ... using Saddam's WMD

By William Blum

"The United States has photographs that show the Russian artillery moved into Ukraine, American officials say. 

Putin: 'US Wants To Subdue Russia"


"Throughout history no one has ever managed to do so toward Russia - and no one ever will," Putin said. 

US and Europe Conceal Their Bankruptcy with Hostility to Russia

By Finian Cunningham

This desperate clinging to waning American hegemony, supported by European vassals, is serving to drive the world economy into deeper malaise and poverty. 

Living with Insanity
Harper, Abbott, and Cameron at the Brisbane G-20

By John Chuckman

Harper only pretends America is a great and non-threatening friend. 

Lemmings Race For War
The collective psychopathy of modern America

By Butler Shaffer

I asked myself how seemingly loving parents could encourage their children to partake in such destructiveness. 

The Green Fields Of France


The Fureys and Davey Arthur. Written By Eric Bogle

I see by your gravestone you were only 19
When you joined the glorious fallen in 1916,
Well, I hope you died quick and I hope you died clean
Or, Willie McBride, was it slow and obscene? 

Millions Of People Feel The Need To Escape, But From What?

By E.F Nicholson

What drives any compulsive form of escapism is temporary relief from pain - be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. 

The "USA Freedom Act"?
The Irrelevance of the U.S. Congress in Stopping NSA Mass Surveillance:

By Glenn Greenwald

There is a real question about whether the defeat of this bill is good, bad, or irrelevant. 

Happy Talk About the Climate

By Dmitry Orlov

This deal does nothing to forestall a complete, total, unmitigated disaster. 

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