Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ukrainian National Bank."Devaluation of hryvnia- now - it's 100%".

The devaluation of the Ukrainian hryvnia has reached 100%, business panics

20/11/2014 13:09

"The devaluation of the Ukrainian hryvnia has already reached 100%," - said during a speech at the International Investment Forum in Kiev today, 20 November, the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valery Gontareva , the correspondent of IA REGNUM .

In addition, it predicts that by the end of 2014, inflation will reach 25%. "Already, inflation is 20%, and by the end of the year will accelerate to 25%," - said the head of the Ukrainian National Bank."Devaluation now - it's 100%. At the last minute panic started business. Even after the devaluation of 50% in July, we were able to stabilize the situation, but then the war started, "- said Gontareva.

Recall that if in early 2014 was worth about $ 1 UAH 8, the now- about 16 USD.

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