Thursday, November 20, 2014

US Congress Calls for Supplying Weapons to their Fascist Junta..

Kharkiv - Novorossia

US Congress Calls for Supplying Weapons to their Fascist Junta..


The US continues to push for a law on the transfer of weapons to the junta .
______________________________ On Thursday, November 20 at a hearing in the US Congress acted Deputy Presidential Adviser on National Security Tony Blinken, which Obama proposes to the position of Deputy Secretary of State, has said that the US needs to review its policy providing lethal weapons to Ukrofascists. According to his statement the weapons are necessary for Banderastan's, not so much to fight the Separatists, but to put pressure on Russia. Supposedly, possession by the junta of American weapons could make Russia "think twice and keep her from further actions." Thus, the US actually prepares for the escalation of hostilities, allegeded as protecting Banderastan from Russia.

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