Thursday, November 20, 2014

Why are American Soldiers called Pindos?

Why are American Soldiers called Pindos? 

They got their nickname for the abundance of ammunition they are forced to carry. It was given to them by the Kosovo Serbs. The fact that the US Army has a rule that if a soldier is wounded, and if he does not have a his complete outfit on, they are not insured. So they lick their wounds hoping it will be for the money, and it gets very expensive. Uncle Sam cares about the safety of his men, and at the same time about the safety of the taxpayers' money. This means that in the heat of decisions to shoot - or do not shoot, while in the vest and full gear, guards at the knees and elbows, helmet, goggles, gloves - all must be worn and sweating in the name of their star bangled banner. 

If suddenly, someone surreptitiously needs to shoot, In addition, to the kit full kit includes a lot of everything else too.There's ammunition, ie cartridges, grenades, automatic grenade launchers too, a hefty knife. Sgt.s still rely pistols with two clips, some of the rank and file too, but are optional. There's more, portable radios, extra batteries, night vision goggles, night rifle sights, and so on and so on. A flashlight, even during the day a lot of them tote around. Total weight sometimes exceeds 40 kg, is the way the rich live.

With such a load a man gets tired. Like the donkeys of Roman times. Of course a few hours under such a load, does not improve ones gait. There is a movie about the "sea lion" and under these bulls knapsacks eagles look tough. In reality though the Marines are just normal soldiers. Sure they are strong guys, but not iron horses as they would have you to believe. What is a warrior whose waddling legs bent badly as his shoulders are down drawn, like a penguin. Here is the reason the Serbs nicknamed them "Pindos," as Pindos in Serbo-Croatian -means "Penguin". 

Americans did move quicker though, despite being enraged for evermore, but there was no real reason to. You can bomb the people into the Stone Age, but forbid them not neighing the American soldiers. There is another version of the name, which is a word derived from the Spanish word pendejos ie (idiot).Pronounced "pen-day-hos" if shortened, the pendoso. So Latinos also are name-calling them the Pendoso not only the soldiers in Kosovo,it's an all around Americans wholesale name. It turns Pendosov for Americans into an insult. 

Where it came from first, probably, the Serbian version. If you remember, our 200 paratroopers, and commandos marched for hours, over 400 km and took Slatina airport near Pristina. NATO intelligence reported they missed the bus. At their Natyuki airport near Pristina headquarters, they had planned to offer, the use of such troops as peacekeeping forces in Kosovo. But when the British avant-garde (especially advanced people in the network name of the British polupindosami) approached the airport, entry into it was closed, and at the barricades was a fair-haired lad in a vest under his jacket and with a grenade launcher on his shoulder. 

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