Monday, November 17, 2014

Why to Dismiss Rumors and Panic of an Attack By Russia

Why to Dismiss Rumors and Panic of an Attack By Russia 
November 17, 2014 09:45 | Why dismiss rumors of panic attack Russia - view ukroSMI

A full-scale offensive, militia promised before the weekend, as paramilitary circles and ATU officials speculated, did not happen. However, like many of these so called "attacks" that were announced before many times, the Ukrainian "Vesti" being well versed now in the creation of these false emergencies, are just more alarmist rumors.

This time, there were several sources of panic. Official permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN Yuriy Sergeyev said on Twitter microblog that Russia is ready for full-scale raids. "Recent facts leave no doubt about this," - concluded Sergeyev. One of the leaders of the Bloc Poroshenko, Yuriy Lutsenko, called the date of the attack - on 15th or 16th of November, and his goal would be to try to expand the DNI and the LC to the real border areas.

At the expert level of his predicted crisis group, "Information resistance," Dmitry Tymchuk warned. He reported on the completion of a concentration in the Donbass of four percussion groups and RF troops in Lugansk, Donetsk-Gorlovskiy, Volnovakha-Telmanovskiy and Novoazovsk - numbering about 45 thousand.

The origin of these rumors he explained differently. For example, a battalion commander "Donbass" Semen Semenchenko believed that the society is ready for a new Minsk agreement format. "Watching how to escalate the situation around the readiness of Russian troops about to attack, you know that your next two options are: either a Monday-Wednesday will be the start of a new Minsk (to which they have not prepared), or an all out offensive."

He wrote on his Facebook page, suggesting that Minsk is more probable next move. A political analyst Kost Bondarenko believes that this is a way to divert peoples attention from the growing domestic and economic problems. "There has been an information war and a game of nerves, because any attack could occur suddenly.

Political analyst, Vadim Karasev said. "The current rumors are unlikely to end up with intensified fighting, and thinks both sides should wait for spring". In Kiev the results of an economic blockade, could show them what the separatists are capable of. With all the time spent talking about independence, the less likely a attack could take place.

But if the fighting continues, he said, "Any talks of the possibility of not just another Minsk, but a solution suitable for all of the international observers, and for our expensive military forces reducing their concentration at the front but closer to Kiev. Remember insurgents themselves have repeatedly stated that their only goal is to squeeze our military from the Lugansk and Donetsk regions."

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