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Why Ukraine now wants to secede from the Donbass. By: Alexei Blyumin

Why Ukraine now wants to secede from the Donbass.
By: Alexei Blyumin

Nuremberg trials II

Poroshenko's decree on an economic and financial blockade of the rebel Donbass has opened a new stage in the Ukrainian civil war. Kiev is actually not only showed the inability to crush the resistance in the east by military means, but also aim for pushing DNR and LC out from Ukraine altogether. This case is unique in world history. After all, what's happening here is already lost them Crimea, and after the elections in the breakaway republics of Novorossiya, Russia once again hinted to Kiev that they should negotiate with these leaders elected by their people. What does Kiev do instead,  but say: "No negotiations with "terrorists"!

With exactly the same tenacity as earlier, Donbas, by the Ukrainian authorities who refuse them the right of the local referendum or on self-determination, and, even then, when it came to hold a referendum on Ukrainian law. Incredible excuse was saying that there is no such law, and take it in a short time is not possible, the matter of many months or even years. And despite the fact that when the former opposition was very necessary to take the place of Yanukovych, they changed the law is not something that - the whole Constitution! - 15 minutes in the session room the touch of a button, without any procedure. That is, in a country called Ukraine's "Nazi-rules" political expediency.

Then there was a motive to this fast political expediency, as in the case of the Donbas it goes on to neglect their human rights. And despite the fact that over the last couple of months in Europe, where we are committed verbally so headed, has had two whole plebiscites on self-determination - Scotland and Catalonia. Nobody started an "ATO" against the Scots and the Catalans. People just made it instead into a debating issue. But, obviously, the will of the people of Donbass in Kiev who are afraid, because if they did hold a fair referendum without procedural tricks, the results will be only slightly different from the May referendum in DNR and LC. And then what will be the Kiev Junta nationalists say to justify their genocidal"holy war"?

The transition to these new tactics, of the blockade and the actual genocide, demonstrated that the Ukrainian leadership simply has nothing to offer the breakaway region. Kiev is not ready for a single concession. Even on the smallest level. Ukraine will only be what it became in Lviv and Kiev, Ukraine period and no other measures can be debated. It is understood that about any regional distinctiveness in any terms, a speech their can not be. Hence the choice of methods of struggle for "UNITY": bombing, shelling, starving, to building a wall. How is the strategy described by the Ukrainian winning Supreme Commander Poroshenko?
Will we have a pension ?, they do not want us to.  Will  we have work, they do not care. Can our children go to schools and kindergartens. He says, "Their children will sit in basements". "So, then let this be some more the way we will win this war, "- said Poroshenko.

This revelation says everything perfectly. Firstly, ultraboundary cynicism, when the president makes an ultimatum to citizens with the "wrong" political choice: either starvation or oath a nationalist Leviathan. Secondly, and most importantly, the recognition that only their methods of persuasion on Donbass residents are their benefits of a"one-country" that does not question its leader. Well, No court or judge needed. This is another Fascist aspect of which they have little to say about in public. 

The fact that one of the reasons that "witnesses of Maidan" are now in a hurry to push the Donbas out from Ukraine, is the fear and instinctive understanding of the fact that if you leave everything as is, if you let the Donbass un-subdued integrate into the body of even the present govt., that a virus infected rabid nationalism movement in Ukraine, could sooner or later take place, and this nationalism will be placed on the periphery of all public life.

East consolidated and supported by Russia will still take revenge. Simply due to the fact that eastern Ukrainians, there are no more. No need to wonder if we differ in our results of the elections with the Donbas and high turnout in the south-east, from the election without the Donets Basin and the low turnout in the south-east. Thus, a part of Ukraine Donbass, even on the basis of autonomy and federation - as it is guaranteed the crash of the Bandera project in Ukraine eventually.

Just a pending collapse has stirred concerns. Building a "country of their dreams" Maidaners can only succeed by force killing the dissenting regions. Otherwise, after a couple of years of extreme nationalism would be pushed into Galicia. In this scenario, lies the reason for the joy felt by many supporters Maidana at the thought that they hated "Dombås" with its "quilted jackets" finally "rolled backs". Moreover, they somehow believe that "rolled back" just a small "stub" in the form of the DNI and the LC, let alone the rest of a "one country united" in any case would they lose. Only this naive false hope faded over time. If a country does not change, the centrifugal corruptible tendencies will only increase. And if you do not give people the right to vote and the right to choose, the loss of new territories is inevitable. Only this will only take place with fights and blood in Ukraine's views.

Alexei Blyumin

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