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The Third World War? Gas Market War

The Third World War? Gas Market War

The popular writer Alex Anpilogov thinking about the upcoming battle for the world gas market, which is now unfolding before our eyes

World War III is already on our doorstep. Or maybe already entered our doors and considering the situation in our shared apartment with you. After all, our "communal apartment," our well-known and understood by all the world of planet Earth - ill. Ill mass social and economic ills that are always in the past and, unfortunately, in the near future seems to be resolved is the war. Since it is a war, as it turns out, is the concentration of policy.

Two years ago, analyzing the charts, I have shown that somewhere in the end of 2013 at the world-system has not had cause for further growth. And, based on these forecasts, decided that within one year the world will explode.

I then wrote: "But then - fork. And this is the active phase, rather than reactive. Here development options - the darkness. Therefore, and in a hurry in all directions. " But I did not think that the active phase of the Third World will start in my backyard. And they shall call her "Euromaidan."

The whole grotesque farce and madness of modern Ukrainian crisis should not blind us to the main theater of hostilities. War is for Russia. And because of its place in the hands, and the alliance of the Third World War. New war for a new world's resources.

Several times I have analyzed the Western strategy in the struggle for world domination. In terms of geography approach of Western countries for setting up a world model for them analyzed here , but in terms of control over the flow of energy, I tried as much as possible to identify and dismantle clandestine operation picture World Resources West here here .

This picture is simple, as the guy turnips and says the following: The West has successfully used so far in his confrontation with the Third World and the remnants of the second world (and it is - we are) the same successful strategy: divide, blocks and conquer .

In the classical formula of Roman domination today included another option: lock any pre-emptive action of the enemy. Why do I think that the classical Roman formula supplemented with today?

I, in general, have judged this issue in this long article . Rome itself was a huge block , being at the center of what was then the known world civilization:

© Photo: social networks

"Roman lake" of the Mediterranean, which was then the world's oceans since I century AD wholly owned by Rome and Roman roads organically complements the capabilities of Rome to manipulate trade flows. And so it went until the arrival of the Arabs and the Turks, who have begun to challenge the monopoly of the fragments Rome Mediterranean trade.

And here already the then West had to actively seek opportunities to return for world domination. And splashes itself to the outside world, colonizing the Americas, Africa and Australia.

Do not give up the West then only Russia and Asia. Because there have always been able to make the centaurs. Evil centaurs that could fend on its vast land of dastardly pirates of the Mediterranean and Mediterranean from rogue traders who have always been averse to change purse honest merchant in the pirate-slaveholder scimitar - just imagine them convenient opportunity.

And in the world today raskad opposition has not changed one iota. Because, like it or not, and geography - it is fate. And again, as always: the West against the East. Again, Russia - in the middle.

In the coming global confrontation - and that opposition to the US (and the West in general collective) and China weakened, but not captured by Russia in the role of the Joker card.

In full accord with the doctrine of the blockade Mackinder-Spykman-Mehema - the US and its satellites (which Japan and the EU) to block China from the world's resources in an attempt to retain control over the riches of Africa, Australia and the Americas.

"The Ring of the anaconda", designed to block China, has almost closed the southern and eastern sides of the Chinese sphere of influence - South Korea, Japan, bases on the islands of Okinawa, Guam, Diego Garcia, a Union United States Australia and eternal pain Chinese, Taiwan - China firmly locked as part of its East Asian cells.

China's attempts to break the blockade through Burma and Pakistan - is nothing more than a half-hearted solutions that do not offer any strategic advantage Dragon solving purely operational tasks.

And here it turns out that in the framework of breaking the siege way to solve China's problems on a global confrontation with the United States and the Western world is just to the north. In Russian.

In the eastern Eurasia now, after there over the past 70 years, having as many as four nuclear powers (Russia, China, India and Pakistan) - there is a "balance of power". Let India and Pakistan, India and China are not much like each other, but the option of open war between them is now much more fabulous than in the 1950s, when this balance of force was not.

I have no illusions about and open war between the US and Russia: at present time such a "hot" war between the two countries is not possible, as soon as will result in a mutual exchange of nuclear strikes. And the United States will not be at war with Russia. Their goal - to China. And his claim to world leadership.

World War III will once again be a war for resources. The First World War is rightly called a war of coal and steam, the Second World War can be called a war for oil. Third World (cold) is largely determined so long and not "taking off" the atom, and the Third World (hot), seems to be to go for gas. And in the way of transportation.

Here is an abstract picture of what happens to the global gas market in the gap is only 20 years old:

New Asian Dragon, China - will be forced to import natural gas from almost anywhere. In the furnace of the Chinese economy, today critically dependent on rapidly depleting stocks of Chinese coal, will be thrown everything: Australian coalbed methane and LPG Qatar and Iran, and shale US exports.

What's interesting - looking at the first map, we can already see that in this case China will be hard times: almost all the natural gas supplied by sea, past the key points of that "Rings Anaconda", which invisibly controls the entire world trade in China.

And, Arise from the US tomorrow, any claims against Chinese policy (and especially - in the pressure points of the Chinese "string of pearls", to which the ill-fated and Hong Kong, which recently tried to ignite the "umbrella maidan") - Americans have a unique opportunity to close any gas supply to China.

And here is just playing for China, said the Russian Joker. To date, the Russian Joker can play directly in three directions. This pipeline "Altai" and "The Power of Siberia" and the LNG project "Yamal".

With the parameters of "Forces of Siberia" and "Altai" in comparison with the existing exports to Europe and the CIS countries can be found here.

Oftsialny gas contract for under construction "Forces of Siberia" is 38 billion. M3 per year, even though the pipeline has a higher throughput opportunity - 61 billion. M3 per year.

The parameters of the designed "Altai" has not yet officially announced, but its capacity is declared as "least doubling exports Russia to China." So, we can talk about another 38-40 billion. M3 per year. Moreover, in contrast to the "forces of Siberia", this gas will have to go to the fields in Western Siberia, who still harbored Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey and European countries.

And finally, the "Yamal LNG". This is - a unique project of the ice LNG terminal, which in its work so far will be based on the South Tambeyskoye gas field (with reserves of 907 billion. M3). LNG power plant "Yamal" declared at the level of 16.5 million. Tons of LNG per year, of which the share was initially assured supply in China accounted for 3 million. Tonnes of LNG per year.

To date, the Chinese company CNODC already owns a 20% stake "Yamal LNG" and fundamentally still has the right to "first night" in the allocation of additional volumes of LNG.

Yamal LNG will be delivered in two ways: either to the European port of Zeebrugge, or with transshipment in the Far East of Russia.

Handling Zeebrugge terminal or planned in the Bering Sea is necessary in order to relieve a lot of work Gas tankers of ice class, which in this case is much more intense busy navigating in difficult ice conditions of the Arctic Ocean.

Multiplying yamalskogo tons of LNG by conversion factor of 1.38, we find that China, in the next 3-5 years may receive in addition to the pipeline, even from 4 to 23 billion. M3 of natural gas through the northern and southern routes of LNG.

South (winter) route of delivery of LNG also, in general, is vulnerable to "Ring Anaconda", but for the northern route runs along the coast of Russia's Kamchatka, the Kuriles by Russian same - you can be a little calmer.

And do not tell me that the second type of ship Helicopter carrier "Mistral" is called "Vladivostok". And so I understand everything.

If you add up all three figures, the total volume of Russia's exports to China could be up to 100 billion. M3 of natural gas per year.
Why China as natural gas from Russia? Here's the answer:

This - the EIA forecasts for growth in natural gas consumption in China, honestly potyrenny me here here .

Over the next 5 years, natural gas consumption in China will grow by more than tripled - from 147 billion. M3 per year to nearly 500 billion. M3 per year.

This growth should provide additional marine LNG capacity of up to 90 billion. M3 (hello, "Ring Anaconda") and the intensification of its own gas production in mainland China.

With its own gas production in China in EIA, as in the case of the US, all hope for Chinese slate - are planning to further squeeze, along with continued development of conventional natural gas fields, nearly 178 bn. M3 of gas per year.

Stress - in perspective only 5 years.

What is given such an exponential growth in gas consumption?

On the one hand, China continues to rapid urbanization of the population, for which he still needs resources, but at the same time, on the other hand - in the perspective of 10 years (around 2025), China will face a peak production of coal, which is now already reached the level of about 4 billion. tons of coal per year. In addition, since 2008, China has been forced to import coal still increasing rate:

These 4 billion. Tons of coal (in a rough recalculation is somewhere 4,000 billion. M3 of natural gas per year) provide almost 70% of primary energy production in China:

At the peak of coal production, if China all goes as planned, the Chinese will be able to count on the annual production of 5.1-5.3 billion. Tons of coal. Which would correspond to the production of energy, equivalent to 5100 - 5300 Bln. M3 of natural gas per year.

Thus, only coal, over the next ten years, China should provide additional equivalent energy production corresponding to 1100 - 1 300 billion. M3 natural gas.

What happens if all of a sudden this plan will not be made at least 5% on any objective reasons? I recall that in itself increasing coal imports by China has said that "the Chinese coal locomotive" stalled - and can not provide those economic growth and urbanization of the population that are taken by China in its global race.

5% underproduction of coal a year - is cumulative for ten years - 55-65 billion. M3 of natural gas to replace these non-produced quantities.

Plus - "The Ring of the Anaconda", which can easily block the supply of 90-110 billion more. M3 of natural gas, which will sail to China via the United States under the control of the straits.

Plus - the increase in production from shale, which is also necessary to ensure that "in spite of" and "contrary", so even with the import of the technology and equipment of the same United States and other Western countries. And there is still nearly 178 bn. M3 of gas per year.

Plus - your own, home-grown Chinese coal rush in the area in 2025.

So - Russian Joker and his "extra" $ 100 billion. M3 of natural gas per year insanely important to Dragon, who already hard preparing for the next battle for world domination with bald eagles.

Insanely important because energy rate even for simple inertial path of development for China has almost twice as high.

And judging by the events in Ukraine - Bear this time again not give lie down quietly in his den ...

The Third World, gas. Has already begun.

Alex Anpilogov

Ukrainian Government Plans for a Radical Reduction in Social-Services

Ukrainian Government Plans for a Radical Reduction in Social-Services

The network has documents according to terms in which the Ukrainian government plans to slash social spending, including in medicine, education, and maternity benefits are cut, reduce Chernobyl payments, and raise the retirement ages.

Copies of the documents (published on its website a journalist Anatoly Shary.)

Social Policy Minister Pavlo Rozenko confirmed Ukrainian "Vesta" authenticity snared documents and commented on them.

"Believe me, we have to go to such unpopular measures in the economic crisis. After two or three years, when the country will overcome the crisis, people will appreciate our work. We do it not for the IMF, but for the sake of Ukraine. While there is a discussion of the proposals, discussion. No decisions were made. All this will be taken together with the state budget, I hope members will support us. Some of our proposals will have to take at the legislative level, "- said Rozenko.

According to documents laid out, plans in particular are to, reduce the period of study in secondary schools to nine years; erradicate the reduced fare on public transport for pensioners targeted assistance; suspend the indexation of pensions to stabilize the economy of Ukraine; abolish monetary compensation due to them for military housing; remove from the norm of the Constitution of free education and free medicine. Kabmin also proposes to amend the Constitution and to reduce the number of MPs from 450 to 150 people.

The Government proposes to revise the zone of radioactive contamination in the Chernobyl zone. In particular cancel 4th zone radiological controls, respectively, to review and payment of Chernobyl. Free spa treatment will be provided only to persons with disabilities (1st degree), children with disabilities. At higher scholarship in higher and secondary educational institutions will be eligible only orphans, disabled children, children from low-income families, and others.

Canceled free meals in hospitals, introduced a partial tuition in children and young people in competitive sports at schools, cancel scholarships in schools, and free meals for students in grades 1-4 (except for orphans, or poor and disabled children).

Pupils and students will not be able to travel free on public transport, and reduced fare for pensioners replace cash payments (ie.)  A monthly basis will be allocated a certain new scrip, which can exempt spending on travel).There will also be introduced targeted assistance for housing and communal services, the acquisition of solid fuel and liquefied gas.

Teachers have to work harder - they increase the load to 18 hours to 20 (July 1, 2015) and 25 (1 July 2016).

Students will learn less - Bachelor have three or four years, and Master will last all year.

Suspend for a time of crisis free distribution of drugs for hypertension patients.

Reduce public sector again - by 3%. And to repeal them co-pay for a degree and not in three or four times to increase the salaries of employees of the National Theatre, as well as academic staff of cultural institutions (1.3-2 times).

Suffer and MPs and their assistants. We take away the people's deputies to perform monthly payments of parliamentary obligations - in the amount of salary. Reduce the number of their assistants - from four to two, respectively, and reduce spending on these helpers.

Reduce the number of judges (judges rate of 1.66 to 10 thousand. Population). Reduced accordingly and the unit judges. Starting January 1, the judge did not wait for the promised salary increase from 10 to 15 minimum wages. Diplomats will no longer be at the expense of the state and shoe wear, all have to buy their own.

Will increase the retirement age for women by 10 years and for men - five. In making this decision in 2011 not all settled, so now we need to improve this rate.

Cancel survivor's pension to the families of servicemen and law enforcement officers, if they have not fought in a "special operation".

Average wage freeze at the 2014 level. Now it is 2700 hryvnia. From this figure is considered pensions and social benefits.

Reduce pensions and privileged pensioners - from 70% to 60%. Pensions for civil servants will decrease by 373 hryvnia for deputies - 1000 hryvnia. Before the end of the economic crisis will freeze the indexation of pensions.

Socrates and various social benefits. For example, single mothers will pay benefits based on their income. Help at birth will give too depending on family income.

National Guard under cut - from 60 thousand. To 40 thousand. People (now it is 33 thousand.).

Socrates and the police: the rate of 300 law enforcement officers by 10 thousand. Population. Now there are 540. Prosecutors also declined - at the rate of 20 per 100 thousand. Population, fired more than 5 thousand. Prosecutors.

Impose restrictions on military retirement - to 60.9 thousand. (50 minimum wages). And prosecutors severance canceled altogether.

Military undo financial compensation for rental housing (if they are not provided with housing). Also, the state will no longer pay for military loans for the purchase of property.

If the document is accepted, then the state will no longer compensate mobilize military salary at the main place of work. It would have to make himself an employer.

In 2015, the military and natsgvardeytsam cancel 60 percent premium, so their salaries reduced by at least 3 thousand. Hryvnia. Also, the military will not compensate for spending on clothing. If they bought it themselves, as in the military part of the form was not. (Now this is usually the norm used in litigation, and the courts side with the military.) Also, employees military offices will no longer be free to eat. Cancel monthly payments and allowances investigator.

Recall International Monetary Fund has promised to help Ukraine in the amount of $ 17 billion. The first tranche of 3.2 billion dollars Kiev received in May. September 4th Ukrainian authorities said about getting a second tranche of the IMF in the amount of 1.39 billion dollars. However, the condition for receiving aid is a sharp reduction of budget expenditures in Ukraine.

Documents see more: here .

Warning! Provocation SBU: fighters "ATO" Ordered to Bombard Peaceful Villages and Blame the Militia

Kharkiv - New Russia

Warning! Provocation SBU: fighters "ATO" ordered to bombard peaceful villages and blame the militia

________________________________ Procherkanny source provided "Russian Spring" secret orders of KMS bezslavnyh bastards (SBU), where the gunners and officers ordered on certain days of shelling conducted on these settlements in order to blame DNR militia and LC in the destruction of civilians, then document the amount of death and destruction through the national media right. 

Here is the translation of the document with the Ukrainian Security Service in the Russian word for word.Personally. The head of the antiterrorist center at SBU - the first deputy head of the SBU Gritsak VS Dear Vasily Sergeyevich Although advocacy activities on the formation of patriotic beliefs among soldiers who take part in the anti-terrorist operation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, a number of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine there is rising discontent implementation of policies to restore the territorial integrity of the country. 

This situation contributes to a negative perception part of the inhabitants settlements located in a strip clashes with armed groups separatist activities of enforcement agencies in Ukraine. It undermines the credibility of servicemen in the country's political leadership, a decrease in their moral and fighting qualities and how sledstvie- low ability to perform combat tasks. 

In order to support separatists in prison populations and the formation of the evidence based for further prosecution of crimes against civilians and ensure their support of the following Armed Forces of Ukraine Action: 
1. December 3, 2014 with a temporary firing positions do shelling settlements Redkodub, thin, Novokalinovo and steppe. 

2. By the execution of the tasks involve collected artillery calculations, complete with patriotic officers. After the execution of assigned tasks immediately implement their rotation from the zone of the antiterrorist operation. 

3. Organize visits to these settlements correspondents Ukrainian and foreign media. Provide evidence of involvement in firing artillery terrorists. Provide photos and videofiksatsiyu made ​​their destruction. 

4. About facts shelling settlements to inform the leadership of the tripartite working group common Control Center Coordination support the ceasefire in the east of Ukraine. 

5. Statement of the problem assets and capabilities, which are involved in the execution of these activities are carried out on the personal instructions without disclosing the overall design. 

6. Confidentiality measures to ensure access to information for their conduct of officers and performers only part that concerns them, and maximum limitation of range of officials, familiarization with the plan of their implementation. 

7. On execution report personally to 18.00. December 4, 2014. Sincerely, Head of SBU VO Nalivaychenko meaning order tsru'shnoy Six Nalivaychenko obvious - in the army is growing discontent and murmuring, the locals do not support either warriors or methods of "ATO", and in fact - War against them. 

Therefore ukrofashistskaya army, more precisely, a specially assembled artillery calculations of national motivated officers who have to shell settlements militias blamed for crimes against civilians and record casualties and destruction by a tame media. Involved in the provocation will be transferred to other parts, and some artists used "blindly", without decoding the real problems. 

What was going on 3 and 4 December in the locality Thin, Redkodub, Novokalinovo and steppe? On the eve of shelling locals repeatedly talked about how personally seen on the technique of symbolism DNR parts Sun ukrovermahta who go beyond their deployment. Referring to the summary of events for these days in the Ukrainian version. In a completely different sources, but simultaneously, the same text appears indicating the shelling of the most long-suffering communities - thin, Redkodub, Steppe, Novokalinovo of order tsru'shnoy Six Nalyvaychenko. 

"Militants per day more than 50 times fired power" ATO "from" Grad " , mortars and tanks.Were also attacked roadblocks and strong points ukrofashistskih troops in the village Chernukhin, Redkodub, Novokalinovo, Marinka, Popasnaya, Zamozhniy. " "The activity of illegal armed groups is maintained at Lugansk, Debaltsevskom, Donetsk and Mariupol directions. In the area of attacks by militants were settlements: Stanichno-Lugansk, Sokolniki, Lingerie, Nice, thin, Novokalinovo, Nikishin, Petrovka Redkodub ", - said in a statement. 

"Over the past day 71 terrorists carried out the shelling of the antiterrorist operation and settlements Donbas using artillery and mortar fire and other weapons. On Thursday, December 4, the press center of "ATO"."Installed 39 attacks from" Grad ". In the affected area of enemy artillery hit villages: Golden, Popasnaya, Stanichno-Lugansk, Donetsk, Happiness, Trehizbenka, Kryakovka, Alder, Novobahmutovka, experienced, thin, Airport Donetsk, Avdeevka, Novokalinovo, Steppe, experienced, Sands, Kamenka, Mius, Chernukhin, Kamenka, Debaltseve, Uglegorsk. 

"Forces ATO unswervingly adhere to the regime of silence, returned fire opened only by militants firing points, which are located outside the settlements. ATO and Group Headquarters News resistance reported numerous Ukrainian troops shelling by militants. According to the EC, for the last day of the Russian-terrorist forces more than 50 times violated the silence. " "At least 10 fire on positions of power ATO were made ​​from multiple rocket launchers BM-21" Grad ".The experts made ​​it clear that fire strikes insurgents have also used small arms, mortars, artillery and tanks receiver.

Including: - 3 times forces fire on positions of "ATO" in the area Nikishin, thin and Donetsk. Were also attacked roadblocks and strong points of our troops near Chernukhin, Redkodub, Talakovki, Novokalinovo, Marinka, Popasnaya and Zamozhniy " On the basis of these facts and the text of the order tsru'shnoy whores Nalivaychenko follow clear conclusions. 

First. Branch TsRUv Banderostane (SBU) knowingly gives the order "patriotic" the artillery shelling of civilians in various cities and towns of Donbass, and then fabricates evidence of alleged attacks by militias or the mythical "Russian-terrorist forces." II. Fabricated evidence simultaneously appear in the Ukrainian and foreign media, written as a blueprint, due to the advent of information from only one source, namely - Staff ATO.Third. 

To make war against peaceful people of Donbass, soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces ukrovermahta blatantly lie about who was shelled and towns and some of their own positions. Fourth. Government ukroreyha, service bezslavnyh bastards (SBU) and the army are well aware ukrovermahta goals and objectives of the war in the Donbas and destroy people, regardless of loss and destruction. 

They initiate provocations resumption of fire and thereby multiplying the number of war crimes, being the direct perpetrators of what is happening. And, yes - 18.00 December 4 performers reported to tsru'shnoy litter Nalivaychenko the unconditional fulfillment of the order and the consequences of another bloody adventure and provocation ...

CAUTION Provocation SBU: soldiers 'ATO' ordered to bombard peaceful villages and blame the militia ..
"Russian Spring" managed to get a secret order of the Security Service of Ukraine.

The idea that Obama’s proxy army in Ukraine is defending the country’s sovereignty is pure bunkum.

The idea that Obama’s proxy army in Ukraine is defending the country’s sovereignty is pure bunkum.

“No matter what our Western counterparts tell us, we can see what’s going on. NATO is blatantly building up its forces in Eastern Europe, including the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea areas. Its operational and combat training activities are gaining in scale.”

– Russian President Vladimir Putin

"If there was a way the United States could achieve its long-term strategic objectives and, at the same time, avoid a war with Russia, it would do so. Unfortunately, that is not an option, which is why there’s going to be a clash between the two nuclear-armed adversaries sometime in the near future.

Let me explain: The Obama administration is trying to rebalance US policy in a way that shifts the focus of attention from the Middle East to Asia, which is expected to be the fastest growing region in the coming century. This policy-change is called the “pivot” to Asia. In order to benefit from Asia’s surge of growth, the US plans to beef up its presence on the continent, expand its military bases, strengthen bilateral alliances and trade agreements, and assume the role of regional security kingpin. The not-so-secret purpose of the policy is China “containment”, that is, Washington wants to preserve its position as the world’s only superpower by controlling China’s explosive growth. (The US wants a weak, divided China that will do what it’s told.)

In order to achieve its goals in Asia, the US needs to push NATO further eastward, tighten its encirclement of Russia, and control the flow of oil and gas from east to west. These are the necessary preconditions for establishing US hegemonic rule over the continent. And this is why the Obama administration is so invested in Kiev’s blundering junta-government; it’s because Washington needs Poroshenko’s neo Nazi shock troops to draw Russia into a conflagration in Ukraine that will drain its resources, discredit Putin in the eyes of his EU trading partners, and create the pretext for deploying NATO to Russia’s western border.

The idea that Obama’s proxy army in Ukraine is defending the country’s sovereignty is pure bunkum. What’s going on below the surface is the US is trying to stave off irreversible economic decline and an ever-shrinking share of global GDP through military force. What we’re seeing in Ukraine today, is a 21st century version of the Great Game implemented by political fantasists and Koolaid drinkers who think they can turn the clock back to the post WW2 heyday of the US Empire when the world was America’s oyster. Thankfully, that period is over.

Keep in mind, the glorious US military has spent the last 13 years fighting sheep herders in flip-flops in Afghanistan in a conflict that, at best, could be characterized as a stalemate. And now the White 

House wants to take on Russia?"

War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda | John Pilger

War by media and the triumph of propaganda

5 December 2014

Why has so much journalism succumbed to propaganda? Why are censorship and distortion standard practice? Why is the BBC so often a mouthpiece of rapacious power? Why do the New York Times and the Washington Post deceive their readers?

Why are young journalists not taught to understand media agendas and to challenge the high claims and low purpose of fake objectivity? And why are they not taught that the essence of so much of what's called the mainstream media is not information, but power?

These are urgent questions. The world is facing the prospect of major war, perhaps nuclear war - with the United States clearly determined to isolate and provoke Russia and eventually China. This truth is being turned upside down and inside out by journalists, including those who promoted the lies that led to the bloodbath in Iraq in 2003.

The times we live in are so dangerous and so distorted in public perception that propaganda is no longer, as Edward Bernays called it, an "invisible government". It is the government. It rules directly without fear of contradiction and its principal aim is the conquest of us: our sense of the world, our ability to separate truth from lies.

The information age is actually a media age. We have war by media; censorship by media; demonology by media; retribution by media; diversion by media - a surreal assembly line of obedient clich├ęs and false assumptions.

This power to create a new "reality" has building for a long time. Forty-five years ago, a book entitled The Greening of America caused a sensation. On the cover were these words: "There is a revolution coming. It will not be like revolutions of the past. It will originate with the individual."

I was a correspondent in the United States at the time and recall the overnight elevation to guru status of the author, a young Yale academic, Charles Reich. His message was that truth-telling and political action had failed and only "culture" and introspection could change the world.

Within a few years, driven by the forces of profit, the cult of "me-ism" had all but overwhelmed our sense of acting together, our sense of social justice and internationalism. Class, gender and race were separated. The personal was the political, and the media was the message.

In the wake of the cold war, the fabrication of new "threats" completed the political disorientation of those who, 20 years earlier, would have formed a vehement opposition.

In 2003, I filmed an interview in Washington with Charles Lewis, the distinguished American investigative journalist. We discussed the invasion of Iraq a few months earlier. I asked him, "What if the freest media in the world had seriously challenged George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld and investigated their claims, instead of channeling what turned out to be crude propaganda?"

He replied that if we journalists had done our job "there is a very, very good chance we would have not gone to war in Iraq."

That's a shocking statement, and one supported by other famous journalists to whom I put the same question. Dan Rather, formerly of CBS, gave me the same answer. David Rose of the Observer and senior journalists and producers in the BBC, who wished to remain anonymous, gave me the same answer.

In other words, had journalists done their job, had they questioned and investigated the propaganda instead of amplifying it, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children might be alive today; and millions might not have fled their homes; the sectarian war between Sunni and Shia might not have ignited, and the infamous Islamic State might not now exist.

Even now, despite the millions who took to the streets in protest, most of the public in western countries have little idea of the sheer scale of the crime committed by our governments in Iraq. Even fewer are aware that, in the 12 years before the invasion, the US and British governments set in motion a holocaust by denying the civilian population of Iraq a means to live.

Those are the words of the senior British official responsible for sanctions on Iraq in the 1990s - a medieval siege that caused the deaths of half a million children under the age of five, reported Unicef. The official's name is Carne Ross. In the Foreign Office in London, he was known as "Mr. Iraq". Today, he is a truth-teller of how governments deceive and how journalists willingly spread the deception. "We would feed journalists factoids of sanitised intelligence," he told me, "or we'd freeze them out."

The main whistleblower during this terrible, silent period was Denis Halliday. Then Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and the senior UN official in Iraq, Halliday resigned rather than implement policies he described as genocidal. He estimates that sanctions killed more than a million Iraqis.

What then happened to Halliday was instructive. He was airbrushed. Or he was vilified. On the BBC's Newsnight programme, the presenter Jeremy Paxman shouted at him: "Aren't you just an apologist for Saddam Hussein?" The Guardian recently described this as one of Paxman's "memorable moments". Last week, Paxman signed a £1 million book deal.

The handmaidens of suppression have done their job well. Consider the effects. In 2013, a ComRes poll found that a majority of the British public believed the casualty toll in Iraq was less than 10,000 - a tiny fraction of the truth. A trail of blood that goes from Iraq to London has been scrubbed almost clean.

Rupert Murdoch is said to be the godfather of the media mob, and no one should doubt the augmented power of his newspapers - all 127 of them, with a combined circulation of 40 million, and his Fox network. But the influence of Murdoch's empire is no greater than its reflection of the wider media.

The most effective propaganda is found not in the Sun or on Fox News - but beneath a liberal halo. When the New York Times published claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, its fake evidence was believed, because it wasn't Fox News; it was the New York Times.

The same is true of the Washington Post and the Guardian, both of which have played a critical role in conditioning their readers to accept a new and dangerous cold war. All three liberal newspapers have misrepresented events in Ukraine as a malign act by Russia - when, in fact, the fascist led coup in Ukraine was the work of the United States, aided by Germany and Nato.

This inversion of reality is so pervasive that Washington's military encirclement and intimidation of Russia is not contentious. It's not even news, but suppressed behind a smear and scare campaign of the kind I grew up with during the first cold war.

Once again, the evil empire is coming to get us, led by another Stalin or, perversely, a new Hitler. Name your demon and let rip.

The suppression of the truth about Ukraine is one of the most complete news blackouts I can remember. The biggest Western military build-up in the Caucasus and eastern Europe since world war two is blacked out. Washington's secret aid to Kiev and its neo-Nazi brigades responsible for war crimes against the population of eastern Ukraine is blacked out. Evidence that contradicts propaganda that Russia was responsible for the shooting down of a Malaysian airliner is blacked out.

And again, supposedly liberal media are the censors. Citing no facts, no evidence, one journalist identified a pro-Russian leader in Ukraine as the man who shot down the airliner. This man, he wrote, was known as The Demon. He was a scary man who frightened the journalist. That was the evidence.

Many in the western media haves worked hard to present the ethnic Russian population of Ukraine as outsiders in their own country, almost never as Ukrainians seeking a federation within Ukraine and as Ukrainian citizens resisting a foreign-orchestrated coup against their elected government.

What the Russian president has to say is of no consequence; he is a pantomime villain who can be abused with impunity. An American general who heads Nato and is straight out of Dr. Strangelove - one General Breedlove - routinely claims Russian invasions without a shred of visual evidence. His impersonation of Stanley Kubrick's General Jack D. Ripper is pitch perfect.

Forty thousand Ruskies were massing on the border, according to Breedlove. That was good enough for the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Observer - the latter having previously distinguished itself with lies and fabrications that backed Blair's invasion of Iraq, as its former reporter, David Rose, revealed.

There is almost the joi d'esprit of a class reunion. The drum-beaters of the Washington Post are the very same editorial writers who declared the existence of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction to be "hard facts".

"If you wonder," wrote Robert Parry, "how the world could stumble into world war three - much as it did into world war one a century ago - all you need to do is look at the madness that has enveloped virtually the entire US political/media structure over Ukraine where a false narrative of white hats versus black hats took hold early and has proved impervious to facts or reason."

Parry, the journalist who revealed Iran-Contra, is one of the few who investigate the central role of the media in this "game of chicken", as the Russian foreign minister called it. But is it a game? As I write this, the US Congress votes on Resolution 758 which, in a nutshell, says: "Let's get ready for war with Russia."

In the 19th century, the writer Alexander Herzen described secular liberalism as "the final religion, though its church is not of the other world but of this". Today, this divine right is far more violent and dangerous than anything the Muslim world throws up, though perhaps its greatest triumph is the illusion of free and open information.

In the news, whole countries are made to disappear. Saudi Arabia, the source of extremism and western-backed terror, is not a story, except when it drives down the price of oil. Yemen has endured twelve years of American drone attacks. Who knows? Who cares?

In 2009, the University of the West of England published the results of a ten-year study of the BBC's coverage of Venezuela. Of 304 broadcast reports, only three mentioned any of the positive policies introduced by the government of Hugo Chavez. The greatest literacy programme in human history received barely a passing reference.

In Europe and the United States, millions of readers and viewers know next to nothing about the remarkable, life-giving changes implemented in Latin America, many of them inspired by Chavez. Like the BBC, the reports of the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Guardian and the rest of the respectable western media were notoriously in bad faith. Chavez was mocked even on his deathbed. How is this explained, I wonder, in schools of journalism?

Why are millions of people in Britain are persuaded that a collective punishment called "austerity" is necessary?

Following the economic crash in 2008, a rotten system was exposed. For a split second the banks were lined up as crooks with obligations to the public they had betrayed.

But within a few months - apart from a few stones lobbed over excessive corporate "bonuses" - the message changed. The mugshots of guilty bankers vanished from the tabloids and something called "austerity" became the burden of millions of ordinary people. Was there ever a sleight of hand as brazen?

Today, many of the premises of civilised life in Britain are being dismantled in order to pay back a fraudulent debt - the debt of crooks. The "austerity" cuts are said to be £83 billion. That's almost exactly the amount of tax avoided by the same banks and by corporations like Amazon and Murdoch's News UK. Moreover, the crooked banks are given an annual subsidy of £100bn in free insurance and guarantees - a figure that would fund the entire National Health Service.

The economic crisis is pure propaganda. Extreme policies now rule Britain, the United States, much of Europe, Canada and Australia. Who is standing up for the majority? Who is telling their story? Who's keeping record straight? Isn't that what journalists are meant to do?

In 1977, Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame, revealed that more than 400 journalists and news executives worked for the CIA. They included journalists from the New York Times, Time and the TV networks. In 1991, Richard Norton Taylor of the Guardian revealed something similar in this country.

None of this is necessary today. I doubt that anyone paid the Washington Post and many other media outlets to accuse Edward Snowden of aiding terrorism. I doubt that anyone pays those who routinely smear Julian Assange - though other rewards can be plentiful.

It's clear to me that the main reason Assange has attracted such venom, spite and jealously is that WikiLeaks tore down the facade of a corrupt political elite held aloft by journalists. In heralding an extraordinary era of disclosure, Assange made enemies by illuminating and shaming the media's gatekeepers, not least on the newspaper that published and appropriated his great scoop. He became not only a target, but a golden goose.

Lucrative book and Hollywood movie deals were struck and media careers launched or kick-started on the back of WikiLeaks and its founder. People have made big money, while WikiLeaks has struggled to survive.

None of this was mentioned in Stockholm on 1 December when the editor of the Guardian, Alan Rusbridger, shared with Edward Snowden the Right Livelihood Award, known as the alternative Nobel Peace Prize. What was shocking about this event was that Assange and WikiLeaks were airbrushed. They didn't exist. They were unpeople. No one spoke up for the man who pioneered digital whistleblowing and handed the Guardian one of the greatest scoops in history. Moreover, it was Assange and his WikiLeaks team who effectively - and brilliantly - rescued Edward Snowden in Hong Kong and sped him to safety. Not a word.

What made this censorship by omission so ironic and poignant and disgraceful was that the ceremony was held in the Swedish parliament - whose craven silence on the Assange case has colluded with a grotesque miscarriage of justice in Stockholm.

"When the truth is replaced by silence," said the Soviet dissident Yevtushenko, "the silence is a lie."

It's this kind of silence we journalists need to break. We need to look in the mirror. We need to call to account an unaccountable media that services power and a psychosis that threatens world war.

In the 18th century, Edmund Burke described the role of the press as a Fourth Estate checking the powerful. Was that ever true? It certainly doesn't wash any more. What we need is a Fifth Estate: a journalism that monitors, deconstructs and counters propaganda and teaches the young to be agents of people, not power. We need what the Russians called perestroika - an insurrection of subjugated knowledge. I would call it real journalism.

It's 100 years since the First World War. Reporters then were rewarded and knighted for their silence and collusion. At the height of the slaughter, British prime minister David Lloyd George confided in C.P. Scott, editor of the Manchester Guardian: "If people really knew [the truth] the war would be stopped tomorrow, but of course they don't know and can't know."

It's time they knew.

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U.S.Congress betray U.S. citizens by arming the Nazi Ukrainian Junta | Just In: See How Your Representative Voted

U.S. House Votes 98% to Donate U.S. Weapons to Ukraine; U.S. Public Is 67% Against. Is This Democracy?


By: Eric Zuesse

In a remarkable disjunction between voters and their elected (supposed) representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives, the members of the House voted on December 4th, by 411 “Yea” to 10 “Nay,” to donate U.S. weapons to the bankrupt Ukrainian Government, which is engaged in trying to eliminate the civilian population of the portion of Ukraine that had voted 90% for the former Ukrainian President whom the U.S. Government (CIA, State Department, USAID, etc.) had overthrown in a violent coup in February of this year. (Click onto that link for full documentation.)

This 411 to 10 vote margin is 98%, and it contrasts starkly against the 62% of Americans who, in the most recent poll, opposed sending U.S. arms to the Ukrainian Government; 30% favored sending those weapons. (8% had no opinion.) (The above link includes also that poll-result.) So, 67% of those who had an opinion (62% divided by 92% is 67%) shared the view of the 10 members (2%) of the U.S. House who voted against this measure. Only 33% of the surveyed Americans who had an opinion on it shared the view of the 411 House members (98%) who voted in favor of this measure.

This is a war-and-peace issue, so the U.S. Constitution assigns it to the Congress; the President is assigned the executive function of carrying out the will of Congress, as the Commander-in-Chief and U.S. Chief Executive Officer.

However, the situation here is actually even a bit more extreme than that, because the way that the Pew poll of the U.S. public was phrased, it had the U.S. “sending arms and military supplies to the Ukrainian government,” and not “donating arms and military supplies to the Ukrainian government.” The Ukrainian Government cannot possibly actually pay back all of the financial obligations that it already has, much less pay those plus interest, and buy more weapons. As was documented in the first of the links within the linked report above, “The only reason that things haven’t totally imploded [for the Ukrainian Government] is because of the $18 billion package of assistance from the IMF and the $9 billion in additional assistance pledged by the United States and the European Union.” All of the weapons that the U.S. will be technically ‘selling’ to Ukraine will now go to the back of the line of creditors for Ukrainian debt — never be paid. U.S. arms-makers will receive payment for those arms from U.S. taxpayers (the sale won’t be merely technical for them, nor for the lobbyists they pay), it won’t be paid actually by the Ukrainian Government. Consequently, the U.S. taxpayer is totally funding Ukraine’s bombing campaign going forward, to eliminate the residents in the area which overwhelmingly supported the previous Ukrainian President.

In fact, on September 18th, when the U.S.-installed new Ukrainian President was greeted with standing ovations by a special Joint Session of the U.S. Congress, he addressed them and the weapons-lobbyists to cheers as if he were a hero; he said that this was “the forefront of the global fight for democracy,” and said “I urge America to help us, I urge America to lead the way.” He was doing a sell-job for them and their financial backers. Of course, those financial backers also fund the sale of these politicians to the public.

His use of the term “democracy” there was interesting. A secretly recorded phone conversation on 25 February 2014, right after thecoup, was subsequently uploaded to the Internet, and the discussants were Catherine Ashton, the EU’s Foreign Affairs Minister, and her appointed investigator into how Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych came to be ousted on February 22nd, Urmas Paet. In it, was revealed that the snipers who precipitated the coup had been hired by “somebody from the new coalition” (perhaps the U.S. CIA) that replaced Yanukovych, and that, “it’s really disturbing that now the new coalition, … they don’t want to investigate [since they were its beneficiaries].” Paet told Ashton that, “what was quite disturbing, the same oligarch [Poroshenko — and so when he became ‘democratically elected’ as President of all of Ukraine on May 25th, he already knew this] told [Paet] that well, all the evidence shows that the people who were killed by snipers, from both sides, among policemen and people from the streets, [this will shock Ashton, who had just said that Yanukovych had masterminded the killings] that they were the same snipers, killing people from both sides.” So, Poroshenko himself knows that his regime is based on a false-flag (meaning set up so as to falsely blame the other side) U.S.-controlled coup d’etat against his predecessor. So, there can be no reasonable doubt that, despite his rhetoric when speaking before the Special Joint Session of the U.S. Congress on September 18th, Poroshenko actually knew, by no later than February 25th, that the regime that replaced Yanukovych was being appointed by the United States Government, hardly a ‘democratic Maidan’ event (though it is sold as if it were).

Specifically, the new regime had been selected on 4 February 2014, 18 days before the coup, in yet another secretly recorded phone conversation, this one between the U.S. State Department official who is responsible for Europe, Victoria Nuland, and the U.S. Ambassador in Kiev, Geoffrey Pyatt, in which she instructed Pyatt to place “Yats,” Arseniy Yatsenyuk in charge of Ukraine until a new Ukrainian President, acceptable to Washington, would be installed in such a way that it would seem more democratic than merely a coup-regime.

The Maidan demonstrations that were used as a cover for the U.S. operation were actually not for democracy, since Viktor Yanukovych had been as democratically elected as any previous Ukrainian President, but it was instead a movement against Ukraine’s endemic corruption, which was embodied in Yanukovych and every other Ukrainian President. It was not a democracy movement. There is no democratic tradition in Ukraine; it doesn’t exist there. What exists there instead, and has always existed there, is a population who are constantly fooled and exploited by an elite, an aristocracy, which Ukrainians call “oligarchs.” Basically, in the new Ukrainian regime, America’s aristocracy are in control of Ukraine’s aristocracy who are in control of the Ukrainian public. Under Viktor Yanukovych, Russia’s aristocracy were in control of Ukraine’s aristocracy who were in control of the Ukrainian public.

This contrasts with Poroshenko’s address to the U.S. Congress, which presents himself as being the leader of a new democracy. It’s not new, and it’s not a democracy; but only the personnel, and the foreigners who are in ultimate control, have changed. But, of course, any member of the U.S. Congress who even cared about the matter, already knew that; and, presumably, the 421 House members who voted on the bill about donating weapons to Ukraine, knew about it, too. They are insiders; the public are outsiders. Insiders exist in order to exploit outsiders. Outsiders exist in order to be exploited by insiders.

When Poroshenko delivers speeches to Ukrainians, they’re very different. He tells his audiences there that the Ukrainian Army will destroy the residents in the Donbass or rebelling southeastern region, and that those people are “subhumans,” and not merely “terrorists.” “Subhumans” is another commonly used term for them also among the U.S.-imposed regime’s other leaders. (Of course, Adolf Hitler likewise used it often.) The regime’s Army (and its mercenaries who are paid per piece for the corpses they produce and dispose of) treat them as that (as you’ll see in that video).

This vote in the U.S. House follows less than two weeks after the November 21st U.S. vote at the U.N. in which the U.S. was one of only 3 countries, out of the 173 countries, which three voted against a resolution condemning nazism or racist fascism. The Ukrainian Government voted against it because their ethnic-cleansing operationin the heavily pro-Yanukovych area is clearly nazi, though the proposed resolution doesn’t even so much as mention Ukraine, which is the only nation in the world that is run by nazis and which was installed by nazis. The representative of Canada’s far-right Premier Stephen Harper also voted against it. This was the first occasion in U.S. history in which the U.S. Government was clearly pro-nazi. The verbiage of Obama’s U.N. Representative explaining the vote denied that the U.S. Government is at all pro-nazi. Lying is now routine at the top levels.

In any case, the condition of U.S. ‘democracy’ itself comes into question when 98% of the U.S. House of Representatives vote to donate U.S.-made weapons to the world’s only nazi regime — one right on the border of Russia, moreover — and when 67% of the American public (including the vast majority of the American public who don’t even know that the Ukrainian Government is nazi) oppose not only the donating of these weapons, but even any sort of transmittal or “sending” of them, including selling of them, to that Government.

So, the U.S. House vote about this on December 4th was a reflection of today’s U.S. ‘democracy,’ whatever that is. It displays a pervasive and profound alienation between the U.S. Government and the U.S. people, and this is something that’s impossible in a democracy. It cannot happen in a democracy; it disproves a ‘democracy’; but it’s the case in the United States.

This House vote is one crucial step along the path toward a nuclear war with Russia. Many more steps are yet to go, but now the direction is clear and incontrovertible, and we are on it.

How can the Russian Government stand by and merely watch while Russia’s supporters right next door to them in Ukraine are beingexterminated? However, now clearly, the U.S. Government seems to be overwhelmingly committed to exterminating them. There are evencluster-bombs, and white phosphorous, and also more-advanced forms of incendiary munitions, that are being used to get rid of the residents there. But mostly, it’s just the routine type of military mass-murder. (Those are the ‘terrorists’ that Ukraine and its sponsors are constantly referring to including in their standard phrase for the extermination-campaign: “Anti-Terrorist Operation,” or ATO for short. That’s the sales-phrase by which they market it to suckers everywhere. And these are the ‘terrorists.’)

The U.S. is laying down the gauntlet to Russia. Perhaps the idea is that if Russia sends in their army and publicly commits to the defense of these people, the U.S. aristocracy and the ones who are in its pay will proclaim this to be a cause by ‘the West’ to attack Russia for its ‘aggression.’ Things could get out of control. But, maybe they already are.

On the positive side, member-nations of NATO could quit the alliance, which would considerably reduce the U.S. threat. NATO was supposed to have been set up in order to defend against communism. However, now that communism is all but dead, yet NATO has expanded and especially surrounds Russia, NATO is more clearly shown as being instead the international marketing-organization for U.S.-made weapons. It’s not only for invading Syria, etc., but especially for weakening and isolating Russia and all of its allies. Even a third world war could be highly profitable to their financial backers. And perhaps those financial backers have more clout in the U.S. Government now than the American people do. However, if that’s the case, then arms-makers wouldn’t be the only industry — there’s also banking, oil, corporate agriculture, and others, who would also be at the feast — and perhaps Ukraine isn’t more corrupt than the United States after all.

Perhaps Ukraine is America’s future, unless America’s future is World War III. The odd thing is that this time we would be leading the fascist nations, instead of leading their enemies. It could be called “Hitler’s revenge.” In case it seems not possible, consider America’s vote for nazism at the U.N., and the House’s vote for war against Russia. Hitler’s revenge is a possibility. It is not an impossibility. However, this time, the first target is Russia, not Jews. But the conflagration could be world-wide, and far worse than last time.

The December 4th House vote to finance the “ATO,” and the November 21st U.N. vote for nazism, are just two steps along the path toward that conflagration, but they are both steps that are of historical magnitude in that they indicate not just that America’s aristocracy are determined to do everything to destroy Russia, but that they don’t care what the American people think or feel about that, and they have the overwhelming support of the U.S. Government in doing it.

So, the alienation between the rulers and the ruled in the United States is bound to intensify even beyond its current 98%-versus-33% support-level, and its 2%-versus-67% opposition-level. But is that not extreme enough already? How much more would it need to be in order to consider the United States to be a dictatorship?


Just In: See How Your Representative Voted on Bill For Obama to Send Weapons to Ukraine


Eric Zuesse

It’s a bill authorizing Obama to supply weapons to the bankruptUkrainian Government to exterminate (and/or drive out into neighboring Russia) the people in the areas of Ukraine’s southeast that had voted 90% for the Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, whom Obama overthrew in a bloody coup in February 2014; but, of course, that’s not how it’s worded. Here is how it’s worded:

Here’s the vote, on December 4th:

Here’s the discussion of it (prior to the vote):

There were 411 votes for the bill, 10 votes against it.

These were the 10 votes against:
California’s George Miller (D)

California’s Dana Rohrabacher (R)

Florida’s Alan Grayson (D)

Florida’s Alcee Hastings (D)

Kentucky’s Thomas Massie (R)

Michigan’s Justin Amash (R)

North Carolina’s Walter Jones (R)

Tennessee’s John Duncan (R)

Texas’s Beto O’Rourke (D)

Washington’s Jim McDermott (D)

Here’s the relevant recent polling on this matter:

———Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Rejoice, Ukrainians: The New Minister Promises Many More Outages

Rejoice, Ukrainians: The New Minister Promises Many More Outages 

The Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Volodymyr Demchishin said today that rolling blackouts in the country will continue.

- As long as we can not balance the grid, we have no other choices - he explained. A schedule approved for a long time in all areas, on power companies displayed their consumption limits and, accordingly, graphics show outages. In this system, there is no manual control. It is not like some have been turned off, while others have  not, " added Demchishin.
Meanwhile, he has already taken the first steps to resolve the critical situation in the industry: according to the press service of the Ministry of Truth, Demchishin discussed it with US Ambassador Jeffrey Payette and the Head of the EU Delegation in Ukraine Ian Tombinski.
The Ministry plans to ensure stable operation of the energy sector and reform the industry someday, and encouraged enterprises to work the night shift. In the form of compensation Demchishin recommended that the National Commission on Energy Regulation, which he directed three days ago, to reduce in the coming days nightly rates for businesses. 

The US and the EU has only declared their readiness to support Ukraine and invest in the development of fuel and energy complex of the country, if it is subjected to the necessary IMF reforms in this sector. An application for solutions - they can't promise until the end of the week (?)maybe(?) At Least we finally gave "Gazprom"  a down payment for the purchase of one billion cubic meters of gas.
The experts in the energy market, while anxiously evaluating the actions of the new minister say he better improve the situation in the industry or risk losing his own future in this post . It is obvious that Demchishin headed the ministry at a bad time - the lack of gas, coal, blackouts, - says independent expert Vladimir Saprykin. Remember he has no professional education, He's an economist, not a techie, no experience in energy whatsoever, only in investment banking, his three months in the seat of the head of NERC does not count. 

Most likely, he really will not do and can not do anything so he will not last two months. Co-Chair of the Fund's energy strategies Dmitry Marunych believes that the knowledge and experience of the previous work permit Demchishin operated in "plugging financial holes", not solving the current power problems ( procurement of coal, gas, blackouts). On this is the fact that no success has been made. 

It, NERC, which was led by the then current Minister did not take any measures in order to solve the problem of financing public TEC and for timely procurement of coal - recalled Marunych. - Yes,the 600 million hryvnia they received, but in October, when it was too late to buy coal. I also think that he will lobby for the adoption of laws on the gas market and the energy market.

Ukraine was able to ratify the agreement on the Third Energy Package Europe. This is something he understands, with the work in the NERC. Although this ratification - is not guaranteed. 

US Congress Funds Their Own Version of [ Ministry of Truth ]

The US Congress votes to "Countering Russian Propaganda"

DATE 12/05/2014 


Clearly in support of a Ministry of Truth of their very own which can mimic Ukraine's, today
US Congressmen approved a resolution on additional support for American Propaganda broadcasting "in countries with a significant share of Russian-speaking population." The idea is supported by the State Department too, believing it is part of the "fight for the ("people") of Ukraine." As the experts in Washington have taken into account the successful spread of the Russian point of view - and on a new level restore tools of the Cold War. On Friday, the US House of Representatives voted in favor of the resolution, which involves, including the growing dissemination of news in Russian in countries with a significant share of the Russian-speaking population.

 "The United States and NATO countries, of course, are very unhappy that the a Russian point of view has had the broadest support, not only in countries with Russian-speaking population" For the adoption of the document voted 411 congressmen, 10 were against - so the initiative was supported by both the ruling Democrats, and their opponents, the Republicans. Congressmen came to the decision that the President and the State Department must find a way to expand the "dissemination of news and information" in Russian in countries with a significant share of the Russian-speaking population. In particular, members of the House of Representatives recommended to boost the use of privately owned existing platforms - such as the "Voice of America" ​​and "Liberty / Free Europe", as well as contribute to the creation of more private companies with state participation in the release of irrelevant content, to carry out tasks involving smearing regional governments. From weapons to gas Note that the resolution of the Congress features a variety referred to as a "response" to Russia. In addition to the scripted "news", topics can document the owners favorite criticism of Russia for allegedly continuing the political, economic and military aggression" against Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, as well as "a violation of their sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity." 

The resolution also calls it Russia's Duty to abandon its alleged support for militias in the Donbas, and cancel the decision to join the Crimea. "The United States, Europe and our allies must actively continue to put pressure on Putin to get him to change his behavior, at our taxpayers expense - said Republican Adam Kinzinger, who supported the resolution. 

In addition, Congress urged President Barack Obama to provide Ukraine with US military equipment and US instructors. The resolution also calls for NATO members and US allies to suspend military cooperation with Russia, as well as review the alleged readiness of the armed forces of the US and NATO outside the framework of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) which Ukraine can't join. 

Recommendations that lawmakers gave Obama - "to promote the speedy approval of US exports of liquefied natural gas to Ukraine and other European countries" - against the background of other initiatives contained in the resolution looks almost purely like a poor "Marketing Strategy". 

As previously noted in comments of the newspaper 'VIEW CEO' of National Energy Security Fund Konstantin Simonov, said the transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe even from relatively nearby sources - is very expensive. "Poland last year signed a contract with Qatar for the supply of LNG from 2015. The price of this gas is more than $ 700 per thousand cubic meters. And if you pull the pipe to the Ukraine, the Ukraine for the LNG will cost $ 750, "- says Simon.
Much more serious is that in the House of Representatives on Friday approved the defense budget for 2015 in the amount of 584.2 billion dollars. "The aggressive use of communication tools" If calls to "return the Crimea" and "pass Ukraine military equipment" - this is an element of information they need to put under wraps rather than explain the real initiatives, the only real initiative - so the question of the media pressure gets important for this to happen.

On this extension of broadcasting in Ukrainian and Russian as part of the "fight against Russian propaganda" on Friday, said State Department spokesman Marie Harf. "This is not a struggle for Corporate influence  alone, it is a fight for the ("people") of Ukraine and the entire region, caused by this need to tell our truth about what is happening on the ground. We are seeing incredible scale Russian OSCE news rejecting our claims "- quoted Harf" on Voice of America ". 

As I recall Friday RT, in August of this year, at a meeting of the Governing Council on Broadcasting (Broadcasting Board of Governors, BBG) in the United States, where it was claimed that information and propaganda to support of Washington's policy in relation to the Ukrainian Crisis events, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Stengel expressed surprise at the efficiency of the Russian TV channels and publications. 

"I believe that in this area we have to be out of the competition, but in fact it is not so," - he said. In turn, the chief foreign policy adviser to President Obama, Ben Rhodes described the situation in Ukraine an "ideal test" for a propaganda apparatus and the US State Department was praised for "aggressive use of its propaganda tools for broadcasting into Ukraine and the region as a whole." "To counter the modern Russian reporting efficiency, we must understand how it works. 

An important component of the Kremlin's strategy is to divert attention from their homeland. The best example - which broadcasts to the world Putin broadcaster RT, formerly Russia Today », - said the former president of" Radio Liberty / Radio Free Europe "Jeffrey Gedmin in an article published a few days ago The Wall Street Journal. From Soviet Station RT is a different "intelligence and ingenuity," in general "it is good television," says veteran American media campaigns. "It is time for us to formulate a response, but it needs to apply the lessons we have learned from the Cold War - concluded Gedmin.

We need to get out of defense and go on the offensive. " The new ministry of truth "network freedom" The thesis of the message of President Putin - "if all the (events in Crimea and Ukraine we can't see) what was an excuse to keep growing opportunities to smear Russia, or affect it, or even better our advantage "then the case of" an aggressive use of "American media propaganda. Long before the events on the Maidan, in 2011, the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (now called one of the possible nominees Democrats in presidential elections in 2015) calls on Congress to increase the budget of the United States on international service by pointing out that Washington is losing the global information war such channels as RT. 

In April 2013, the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, Republican Ed Royce said the body responsible for international service in the United States (the aforementioned BBC), is ineffective and should be replaced with a different structure. Among other things, it was suggested that the three broadcasters, targeted at different regions - "Free Europe / Radio Liberty," "Free Asia" and "Near East Broadcasting Network" - a new network Freedom News Network, which will spread the news of the local and regional scale " without censorship in countries where there are no free media. 

" Responding to the criticism of Congress, Director of "Voice of America" ​​David Ensor said the flagship of American foreign broadcasting "continues to carry out its important mission." "At the moment weekly audience totals 164 million people around the world," - said Ensor. In late July of this year, the House of Representatives approved a bill on the Freedom News Network, which included the consolidation of two agencies of government media, focused on broadcasting abroad - reported by the "Voice of America". 

That bill was supported by both Republicans and Democrats. One of the authors of the document already mentioned Congressman Ed Royce, said that the US needs to deal more effectively with the information war countries such as Russia and China. "Rebounding organizational structure of the Cold War" "The United States and NATO countries, of course, very unhappy that the Russian point of view has the broadest support, not only in countries with Russian-speaking population - in most European and other countries to the Russian position is also closely eyeing - said in comments the newspaper VIEW politician and member of the Public Chamber Sergey Markov. 

Rating the TV channel "Russia-24" during the Ukrainian crisis has increased four times more increased rating RT rating and quoting Putin. " For example, as reported in September Tass news channel RT came in third place after the BBC News and Sky News among news channels in the United Kingdom, whose population clearly can not be attributed to the traditional target audience of the Russian Foreign Broadcasts. 

According to a national rating system of the British Office of Research audience broadcast media (BARB), RT audience in the UK (according to the June and July measurements) exceeds the audience Al Jazeera English, Fox News and Euronews.

"Russia speaks openly about the crime in the Kiev's Puppet Junta and the monstrous errors, hypocrisy and cynicism, of Western countries, primarily the United States, who organized her illegitimate rise to power, and maintain its criminal activities.  That is mainly what the Americans want to resist - says Markov. They fully restored a organizational structure of the Cold War. " On the model of the Comintern The probability of success in confronting the US "Russian propaganda" is very high, confident companion. "All this work is carried out successfully the Americans and their key organization - governmental United States Agency for International Development (USAID) - took essentially the format, invented in our country, namely the Comintern," - said Markov. 

This refers to the active work with both political forces and even apolitical NGOs - and constant information "lights" that support. "The Americans have sufficient funds, a large number of specialists in the propaganda war, they have been able to make a coup in Ukraine to convince the Ukrainians that they do not live in a poor, crumbling country and a developing country, and that they are at war with Russia. In addition, they have convinced half of Europe that the crimes of the junta Kiev - Ukraine is a struggle for freedom from Russia. Therefore, Russia "on the political and media work do not have to feel sorry for the money, otherwise we get the same monstrous failures in Georgia came to power, Saakashvili or Ukraine,"  he concluded. 

We need to develop their quality of information resources, "without this we're powerless in away in the modern world. Key Russian newspapers would be translated into English, German, French, Spanish. Shall be issued by magazines, which shows the point of view of the Russian intellectual elite - now this is very small, it is necessary to hold conferences, working with NGOs, "- said the analyst. 

Propaganda - the best weapon The second item "resolution counter," for which voted 411 congressmen, was the conviction of the "Russian annexation of the Crimea" and the requirement to return the regions to Ukraine. 

Congressmen expressed support for Peter Poroshenko "lasting peace" they called it and called on Barack Obama to provide the Ukrainian government with all the necessary defense equipment and intelligence to protect its sovereignty. According to the expert of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies (RISS), chief editor of the "Journal of the National Strategy" Azhdar Kurtova, not that the statements of Congress will not follow any real military aid to Kiev. 

This point of the resolution must be seen as a manifestation of the same throughout the campaign as media pressure, the expert said in comments the newspaper VIEW. "Even in its current stage of the conflict with Ukraine, Russia weakens, it must be admitted, - said the expert RISS. - But this conflict the US helps to consolidate and rein in Europe and NATO. 

As Kurt says, the longer the crisis in Ukraine, the stronger will be the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. "And the stronger the conflict, the more the US will scare NATO Russian threat and force to shell out for the needs of the increased military alliance", - says Kurt. 

Working with funds Contained in the resolution of the Congress demanding for a "return to Crimea" also look like empty words, but in fact it also involves working with non-governmental organizations where corruption has always run rampant. According to Kurt in the case of the so-called Crimean Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people and affiliated with the Majlis t. N. Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea (SMMC). SMMC as previously wrote the newspaper VIEW, is in orbit "Muslim Brotherhood", which have a very cordial relationship with the US secret services. 

The above configuration allows the United States to one degree or another to own and manage the situation in the Crimea when it was Ukrainian. According to sources, the newspaper VIEW, "cooperation" with the Americans Majlis conducted through a series of structures located in the US, for example Jamestown Foundation (The Jamestown Foundation), founded in the mid-1980s with the help of then-CIA Director William Casey. At one time, the governing structures of Jamestown Foundation included Zbigniew Brzezinski. 

Now they guide  Bruce Riedel, one of the leading experts on the Afghanistan-Pakistan issues, who worked in the Clinton administration, and Obama, and among key personnel listed Mayrbek Vachagaev in the past - the special representative of the "president of Ichkeria" Aslan Maskhadov. The current president of the Foundation Glen Howard, according to information on the official website, was a consultant to the US Defense Department and the National Intelligence Council (National Intelligence Council).

West Did Not Leave Russia Options For Compromise In Ukraine.

Time concessions ended

West did not leave Russia options for compromise in Ukraine.

From the beginning of unrest in the South-East of Ukraine Russian society was divided into two camps. Those who supported the idea of the "Russian world" and those who thought it appropriate to retain a unified Ukraine as a friendly or at least neutral federal state. The second point of view, of course, was more pragmatic, and it is adhered to the Kremlin recently. Of course, hesitation, and occasionally giving way to "nationalists" for two reasons. 

The first - not to give up domestic discontent "New Russia sink." The second - to put pressure on opponents. All the while, in fact, was a tacit bargaining for the future of Ukraine, during which the Kremlin tried not to take radical steps, leaving a path of retreat. In other words, trying to balance the expectation that the enemy runs out or the desire to spend effort and money on a useless war that threatens serious negative consequences for him, or have nerves. It seems that this moment has arrived.

Why do they cling to the Ukraine?  Russia's intention is clear - the loss of Ukraine as saying all our geopolitical enemies throughout history, would be a disaster for us. NATO missiles in Kharkiv and the American fleet in Crimea leave little chance of a hypothetical back. For the US defeat in Ukraine is also terrible: in fact it will be the end of American hegemony, the end of a unipolar world. After vain Western propagandists are trying to convince us that for them, and consequently against us - the whole world! That's not it. The whole world is just waiting for fear of making the wrong bet. Sometimes people ask why so few allies Russia and the West are so many. 

The answer is simple: the allies are in how strong they are, no one wants to be friends with the weak. Russia was the first in the world, not only ventured to contradict the US, but also challenged their dominance. The world held its breath. And the fact that not all support the self-proclaimed "progressive world community" demonstrates at least the recent vote on the resolution against Nazism in the United Nations. A brief excursion into history. Why the West intervened in numerous conflicts in the post-Soviet space (unlike Yugoslavia) early 90's, allowing Russia to become their sole moderator? 

Yes, because if it is too strong was the euphoria of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc. Soviet space left Russia on the one hand, as a "consolation prize", and on the other - have not seen her in a serious source of threat. Many of our politicians believe that the West was satisfied, and leave everything as is. But these "comrades" must have forgotten the laws of Marxist science, according to which imperialism will stop only when "devour" everything in its path. Well, the simple law of the street: the weak get beaten. Our endless concessions given to the West to understand that ceremony with Russia makes no sense. 

NATO moved closer to Russia's borders, spit on their own promises (recently reaching in its cynicism to claims that it is, they say, do not they, and Russia closer to them). In countries that consider the impact of our area, there have been anti-Russian color revolutions. Ukraine was the last straw. Next in line was Russia itself with its subsequent dismemberment and deprivation of energy, which in the West is always jealous, thinking that they got us unfairly. The first cold shower for them was Moscow's recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Yes, it was done internally, yeah, it was only a response to recognition of Kosovo and the American adventure, exercise hands Saakashvili. But it was the first bell to the West. 

However, we then "simple", in any case, Europe, in which common sense has prevailed, despite the US itself has decided that is beneficial and what is not. "Propaganda of the Kremlin during the crisis had its effect on the Europeans," - said at a recent anti-Russian Conference " how to deal with Russia? "in the European Parliament. According to the speaker, the same "Nord Stream" and benefit from it eclipsed eyes German industrialist, despite the anxiety, which has long been sounding the countries of Eastern Europe. 

Why this time Europe has neglected their economic interests? Bending under the US? "We, see as a sleeping beauty, long stay in a sweet dream, feeling prosperous, serene, and woke up to see that the world has changed around and there is a war" - quote from one of the speakers referred to the conference. 

Let's go back to America. Washington could not tolerate much as endured the recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia - in the end, it was only a symmetrical response and forced response. Had he lost his temper, if we just recognize Crimea as an independent state, even breaking the American dream of basing their fleet there. 

But joining the Crimea was not a forced response, and progress all in, destroying not only the balance of forces on the playing field, but also the rules themselves game. Moscow has violated the "taboo". On such attack America would respond. And appropriate response to them is only a change of power in Russia. This is at least as well as a maximum - its dismemberment. See what writes senior researcher Cato Institute Andrei Illarionov. Like, if Russia does not "come to its senses" and will not leave Ukraine in the rest (giving Crimea), it is waiting for the collapse of the economy, the revolution and the occupation of the transfer of nuclear weapons and energy under international control. 

"Next would be the Pytalovsky area of the Pskov region depart Latvia, Kingisepp district of Leningrad region - Estonia, north of the Karelian Isthmus, Ladoga Karelia, Pechenga - Finland, Kaliningrad region (East Prussia) - Germany, Smolensk and Bryansk region - Belarus, Belgorod, Kursk, Voronezh and Rostov Krasnodar regions - Ukraine steppe Omsk - Kazakhstan, at least 1.5 million square kilometers of Siberia and the Far East - China, the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin - Japan. " (Quoted by LJ Putin's former advisor). 

Illarionov calculations, of course, look to this madness, but, in my opinion, the United States made ​​it clear that anything less than a change of regime in Moscow, they will no longer agree that Putin has been demonstrated in Brisbane. Recently George Soros in an interview with the German magazine Cicero stated one thing that explains why Europe suddenly awoke from his "sweet dream": War in the Ukraine is a war for the future of Europe. If the West loses the Ukraine, he will lose Europe, as she will lose the leadership, and Russia, on the contrary - will strengthen its Eurasian project, whereby former Eastern Bloc countries, which do not change in the first orientation, reoriented to a new leader, and the European Union will simply cease to exist. 

In other words, Europe has no choice but how to win in Ukraine. Of course, the Ukrainian arms cannon fodder, but on the European money. Of course, it is necessary to understand that it is Soros, and he defends the purely American position, according to which: a) if you can not win somewhere, there must be a constant sow chaos in order to prevent defeat an opponent, b) it must be carried out not by American hands and not at the expense of the US. 

But it is worth considering. In Europe, realized long ago that got in there, where you do not have to (although this was dictated by the logic of capitalism, the search for new markets to replace the already worn out), and that they are much less likely to get away with than that started all this porridge America. But they also realize that mangled wood so that no turning back. Especially that even if we imagine the possibility of returning to the "zero option", "it would still be a victory for Russia and the recognition of the collapse of the European strategy. 

So, to retreat does not intend neither the West nor Russia, as demonstrated by Putin in his speech Valdai, and then demonstrative doors slamming in Australia. It is often in recent conversations that we step away from the Cold War, and how we can prevent it. Wake up! She is already underway. And, by and large, do not stop, except that in the 90s in a state of severe frosts due to the lack of Russia as a party to the conflict. But like any frozen conflict, the war of the West against Russia sooner or later had to be thawed. This did not happen immediately. It happened gradually, step by step, when the West is forcing us to take steps that can be regarded as a response "combat" action. 

And when they finally after the Crimea and defiantly made ​​a bet on the destruction of Russia (and the destruction of power in Russia, especially with the help of outside influence - it is the destruction of the state, as it was in the 17 th and 91 th year), a veil of unbelief in the reality of a new Cold War had finally dissipated. 

The war in Ukraine - it is a war for the future of Europe, Russia, and all over the world. Moscow has repeatedly tried to negotiate with the West about the future of Ukraine, its compromise option. We were bargaining six months, the price of which has already claimed thousands of lives, destroyed infrastructure of the whole region, millions maimed destinies. But any compromise the West was seen as a defeat. 

Therefore, the time trade-offs now passed. The illusions of neutral federated Ukraine finally buried, as well as the illusion of the Ukrainian statehood. No, it does not mean that the country would lose her completely. It only means that we are waiting for a complete rebuild of Ukraine.From scratch. The question is, how it all ends?

Dmitry Rodionov