Thursday, December 4, 2014

In Russia, today was called out the names of the killers of the Malaysian "Boeing".

In Russia, today was called out the names of the killers of the Malaysian "Boeing".


A "KP" article writes this today ,. Well-known Russian journalist Andrei Karaulov recently showed the film "How to perish" Boeing "- Malaysian airliner crash investigation nearby Donetsk. The author's version is convincing enough, that the civilian aircraft was shot down as a result of a Ukrainian Air Force attack aircraft attack. 

In Russia, today was called out the names of the killers of the Malaysian "Boeing". The name of the Ukrainian military pilot who shot down Malaysia's "Boeing" over the Donbass, is pilot Su-25 Lieutenant Colonel Dmytro Yakatsuts and the accomplice air traffic controller from Dnepropetrovsk, which led the Boeing off course, is Anna Petrenko. Both the pilot of attack aircraft, and the girl-ATC manager the day after the tragedy suddenly went on vacation, a very long vacation that lasts to this day, in Dubai. First, the pilot of attack aircraft cockpit shot out of a cannon, and the aircraft had for a very short time was flying on autopilot, by then the ship had suffered a missile strike. The Su-25 had been following the "Boeing", circling away from course. 

The main conclusion of the film, is that the investigation of the destruction of the civilian "Boeing" it was discovered results of a conspiracy organized by the governor of Dnepropetrovsk Kolomoiskiy for the sole purpose - to kill Putin. Rather, to shoot down Russian board №1, on which our president was returning from Latin America. And on information available to the Kolomojsky board was to fly at this time and it is for this track to make a landing in Rostov-on-Don.

The fact that the plane Putin changed his route, Kolomoiskiy nobody was able to warn not at the time, but because the pilot fired on the airliner, shows his being fully convinced that he performed the task at hand. Especially as the silhouette and coloring of the Malaysian liner and Russian sides №1 are very similar. In the painting named and direct participants, implementers diabolical plan, the pilot of attack aircraft, Lieutenant Colonel Dmytro Yakatsuts and air traffic controller, which led Boeing from Dnepropetrovsk Anna Petrenko, by the way, judging by their pages in the social networks, were both fans of the "right sector" and directly connected to the Dnipropetrovsk governor oligarch Kolomoisky. The Lieutenant colonel was serving in the elite 299th squadron, which had four Su-25, tail numbers 06, 07, 08 and 38. In this squadron had came both Yatsenyuk, and Kolomoiskiy, and in the location of the pilots of this squadron, both had been seen repeatedly and almost took her to their content. 

The film provides answers to many seemingly tricky questions that could put into question this versions facts, for example, the ceiling of which the Su-25, almost half the height at which a civilian airliner was flying. As authoritatively confirmed former Air Force Commander Peter Deinekin explained that technically no obstacles to work at a higher altitude there is, you just have to make the cabin sealed and provide the pilot with oxygen.

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