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Independence in 2013 was created for this purpose... Trap shut Ukraine.

Ukraine: trap shut

In 1991, when I was still in high school, the idea of ​​an independent Ukraine from the theoretical plane began to move into action. I remember how many teachers brilliantly, with naive joy in their eyes told us that Ukraine is about to acquire precious independence.

Especially on the subject of history, a teacher loved to talk. They suspiciously quickly found some recent results of some recent studies, three sheets where history was destroying the established historical versions of Ukraine and Russia. From these studies a revolutionary movement blew a fuse and a new desire to turn the traditional historiography on its head. The authors of these studies were, as a rule, foreign historians or, at worst, the Ukrainians, but on every page refers to foreigners.

No history lesson passed without what we can only describe in the most glowing colors of sweet and a of a well-fed future independent Ukraine. Classes were infected by these views, and those who did not share the children's "independence" of optimism, were characterized as reactionary and spellbound of the "scoop". The word "independence" was then synonymous with "political maturity."

Every day, people learned more striking facts of their own glorious past. It turned out that the Ukrainians - were an ancient people who first gave the world a lot of useful inventions in science, engineering, law and other industries.

It turns out that the first submarine was constructed by the Zaporozhye Cossacks in the XVII century! Europe's first constitution was written by the Ukrainians in the XVIII century! Europe's first coffee was brought by Ukrainians in the XVII century! Everything that could be done they would add that at "very first" - it was a Ukrainian.

More - oh there's more. It turned out that he Julius Caesar was afraid of Ukrainians, because they were "neperemozhnimi" (invincible). At independence supporters, osolovevshego from sweet pictures imminent future and awareness of their own greatness, rolls his eyes with delight, and he could not logically explain how "neperemozhnіst" Ukrainians was combined with a parallel statement that Russia "for 300 years has won the Ukraine," and it's time to resist colonial shackles.

Ukrainian philologists keep pace with Ukrainian historians. Suddenly, everyone knew that the Ukrainian language - was the richest and most melodious in the world. All cited some mysterious Commission of UNESCO, which had been issued such a statement. What is this commission, who headed it, when and where studies were done, and, most importantly, how and by what technique they were made, no one knew. But independence supporters fervently believed that such a commission and such results existed.

Already, no one remembered that until recently Ukrainian find a book on a shelf at home of Ukrainians was rare, and in Soviet times Ukrainian books, ther authors gave in stores free of charge - to the hordes, and without fail. Some however did not appreciate the Ukrainian richest and most melodic language in the world, preferring the Russian classics instead. No one could clearly answer the question, why in the world's richest language is not created a rich philosophical literature, requires a lot of subtleties and lexical semantic depth, and created so many simple and straightforward tales about rural life, "Fedka-halamidnika" and "Zadok Cherry colo Hati ".

Future international relations of the future independent Ukraine was represented by her fans in some reduced dimensions, narrowed to the size of the rural village. The trump card then for every Ukrainian independence supporter was believed in the presence of Ukraine's large acreage.

Any counter that without cooperation with Russia in the aerospace, military, energy industries Ukraine's future will be envious, such a fan posted overlooking gambler, relish throws on the table ace of trumps: "In our hlіb Yea! I'll torguvati for all hlіb purchaser! ". + After this phrase was useless to argue. Independence supporters refused to believe that the "hlіb" in space flight and not a lot of oil can not be bought.

The belief that bilateral relations - it's as simple as grain trade in the local market, was among the Ukrainian independence supporters established principle.

A little later, in the state independence, a new argument. It, as always, have unearthed some unknown Ukrainian historians who claimed that in the bowels of the Swiss banks kept gold Hetman Polubotko, and interest from that gold has run so much that last every Ukrainian. This theme is chewed in transport, at work and in the kitchen. Adults who wish to have so much to be enough, turned into kids, fulmars and joyfully anticipated that a bit more patience, and gold from Switzerland flow into the pockets of Ukrainian.

At the time of my studies at the university samostiynost fuse reached its climax. It's only been two years after Ukraine gained its sovereignty, and all were in the languid expectation of imminent coming of the "golden age." Along the way, the universities were imported foreign guests and teachers who are drawing to the students of enticing pictures dizzying European future of Ukraine.

From abroad were imported Ukrainian history textbooks written by members of the Ukrainian nationalist diaspora in the United States and Canada. Good manners was now studying creative writers, anti-Soviet. They recorded all together in the innocent victims of Stalinist repression, although after a detailed study of their nasty biographies could only wonder how they are, in general, managed to survive until the age when they were arrested.

Then began the first friction among students. Began to sound the epithets "Muscovite", "katsap", "psyucha mova" (the Russian language). Very witty thought to say that language - it's a cow, and the Ukrainians - "MOV".

Ukrainians suddenly told that the Soviet cinema with a light hand the Russian directors formed humiliated image of the Ukrainian people. I remember one of the teachers gave us the example of benign policeman-husky Kohl from the movie "The venue can not be changed," who spoke with Ukrainian accent. Teacher long indignant about this Russian "provocation."

Some teachers are so overworked in Ukrainian patriots that their behavior during lectures reminded shrill and unbalanced Signor Lemon cartoon "Chippolino." And the higher the position of these "lords lemon", the "ostentatious" was their Ukrainian. Other teachers to please his superiors, tried to outdo them in Ukrainian.

In the military units grandchildren of veterans of the Great Patriotic War took off from the walls portraits of Suvorov, Zhukov, Konev, and put faces Mazepa, Bandera, Orlik. All Soviet stigma all Ukrainian praised to the skies.

Bedneya and glupeya, Ukraine kichilas own contrived greatness.

Then there was Yushchenko, who told the Ukrainians that they are still poor and stupid, and that we should vote for him for Yushchenko, because it is a sure recipe for finding grandeur and pride. By the time the Ukrainian historians have voiced version of Ukrainian origin of Christ, Buddha, and Columbus, and a gang of petty backbiters UPA exalted to the level of valiant knights. The soil was prepared and loosen, lacking only the desired seed.

Yushchenko threw the seed and blossomed "orange" Maidan, which showed that more than twenty years of Ukrainian independence supporters learned nothing. Bamboozle the population went an astonishing rate, and in 2004 "proud" and "Invincible" evroukraintsy who first invented the submarine and the European constitution, famously jumped on the Maidan in search of greatness, famously dirtied underpasses the capital.

Tight peasant blood from their veins will not go away. It's no wonder the idea Maidan found most fans just in the agricultural regions of western Ukraine. They still thought in the art of governance in rural colors and scale, like dumplings, dung and gorilka remained for them the main categories of political thinking.

Independence in 2013 gave the same picture, the same composition of the blood in the veins of the same. The same slogans that we - the great, but the poor, and to become great, and it is necessary to arrange regular Maidan. And independence supporters believe, proving that they are not only poor, but just as stupid as ever.

Image Ljashko in embroidery and forks at a campaign poster penetrated into the heart of rural Ukraine. Again "zapadentsy" dropped their chicken coops and pigsties, buses rushing to the capital "ROBIT revolyutsіyu."

Now Ukraine is spreading apart like an old darned blanket. Such amount of Maidan in such a short period of time will not stand any state. Dreams of gold Polubotko about Ukrainian grain, which should vying beg Ukraine foreign powers remained dreams.

Only epithets "Moskal" and "katsap" is still relevant. Do you know why? Because it was created for this purpose and Ukraine. Trap shut.

Vladislav Gulevich

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