Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mariners asked, Does Russia Need helicopter type "Mistral"?

Officer of the Black Sea Fleet: In terms of weapons "Mistral" - full of slag

Illustration: army-news.ru

Does Russia Need helicopter type "Mistral"? There is no consensus on this score in the fleet no. As the November 26 told a REGNUM operating officer of the Black Sea Fleet, an expert on the ship's armament, this purchase was more a political decision. "Mariners asked, but opinions on the" for "and" against "section. But thanks to this project (food, for example, was built in St. Petersburg), we met with the new technologies and approaches to shipbuilding - we were able to learn from it, and that's a plus. Not the fact that there are now all ships have so build, but be aware approaches comrades and colleagues in the industry, we need "- he said.

According to him, "Mistral" stands out because of Russian traditions and approaches to shipbuilding: "That is, if the cruiser" Moskva "now there is a single voyage from the South China Sea to the Mediterranean, he's already parted with the ships of the Pacific Fleet, a ship, capable in a single voyage to protect themselves from all sides. "Mistral" is far from alone does not let go. "

"Why" Mistral "on the Black Sea Fleet? Because we have a constant group of forces in the Mediterranean Sea, the ship is ideal in terms of placing on it a marching Staff mezhflotskoy groups. This is an opportunity to move to other ships groups using the helicopter, the ability to transfer any goods, that is, it can not only be a staff ship, but the ship supply, ship management - means of communication allow these issues to be addressed. And in terms of weapons "Mistral" - complete slag. We all ships, including aircraft carriers, are able to protect themselves - they are designed and built self-contained, with all kinds of anti-submarine, anti-aircraft, anti-protection and defense and attack. They have a completely different topic, ie "Mistral" - this is a toy that needs to be constantly protected. He practically unarmed, is not able to defend itself from any threat. And dovooruzhit we can not, it needs constant escort. The third point - it can only operate in the southern latitudes. But then Sevastopol and Vladivostok is located on the same latitude, in general, it is for these latitudes and designed. The very design and materials are such that the use of "Mistral" in harsh environments is possible, but a very short time, did not have time to pay off, "- said the expert.

In general, he appreciates the supply of "Mistral": "By and large, if the ship will come to the Black Sea Fleet, it will be good. We will be normal in terms of living conditions of the base, which can be a long time to be away from home and provide management of any group in any area, not only in the Mediterranean, but also the Pacific region. Helicopters dates we have. Moreover, the "Mistral" anyone else will not be able to sell, but to Russia, because there reinforced deck for our helicopters and our helicopters are heavier. And it was built, the design was changed, it was under our helicopters. There's all the connectors of all devices on all vehicles made by our standards, ranging from weapons systems and ending outlets in the cabins. Therefore no NATO, no one will buy it. And talk about the fact that someone will buy it - it's a bluff. "

Recall, the press service of the President of France Francois Hollande on November 25 published an official report, which said the decision to suspend the supply of Russian helicopter carriers of the first type "Mistral" because of the situation in Ukraine. As previously reported IA REGNUM , the situation with the helicopter carrier "Mistral" is already considered as a good time for an attack on the French public opinion. In particular, the head of the agency Bernays Oleg Voronin believes that this is an opportunity to show that the conflict with Russia harms the whole of France . A first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Kalashnikov on the radio station "Russian news service," said France's refusal to supply helicopter carriers for Russia will be present , as the Russian helicopter is not needed. He advised the French "drive" Mistral "in Canada" pre-paying the Russian side of the penalty.

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