Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Truce in Donetsk airport lasted less than an hour

Truce in Donetsk airport lasted less than an hour

Despite the fact that the parties had reached a truce, the fighting resumed.

"According to our information, clashes near Donetsk airport continues. Also receives information about the artillery fire by the armed forces of Ukraine, "- said to" Interfax "a representative of Staff militia.

It also reported that the explosions could be heard from the northern outskirts of the city.

Recall truce had come at 18:00 Moscow time.

It's become bitterly evident that Kiev has no control of the privately funded battalions in the east.

With the Western covert operators, who have special interests in these Separatist Oblasts, who are destined to  keep pressure and strain on the pro-Moscow supporters of whom will not buckle to US oil Corp.s and NATO.

In the last 24-hours three pro Kyiv soldiers have been killed and more than a dozen injured.

Despite the September peace treaty signed in the Belorussian capital of Minsk, fighting has continued with both sides accusing the other of breaking the accord.

Local people have borne the brunt of much of the violence. Over the last week two people were killed and others injured by shelling close to the airport.

Locals say that most people spend their time in the basements of their houses.

Ukraine army takes two more eastern cities
Video Euronews Report Here

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