Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ukraine, Will you Still Grin When the Bombs Fly On Your Heads?

Militia Donbass Sigma / Eagle Group

Ukraine, Will you Still Grin When the Bombs Fly On Your Heads?

Today at 7:34 am

For the "clever" ones from other regions of Ukraine, you best act quickly! The conflict in the Donbas is heading beyond Donbass. Soon the war could reach your regions which you never thought that it would come to. And then will come back your thousands of angry men with guns, angry from the deaths of their children, wives, mothers, friends. Ukrainian's killed by bombs and shells in the trolley, apartments, hospitals, schools, on the streets. 

You, gentlemen, Panov, will take it upon yourself to tell them in the eyes of their children and mothers killing themselves or the same militias as they are, rather than Ukrainian soldiers? You living in hundreds of kilometers from Donbass, there will be enough arguments to prove that everything happened exactly as you have heard on Ukrainian television, and not as you think and see it with your own eyes the people themselves in Donbass? You are now indifferent now to comment about the deaths of our peaceful residents, and soon will use phrases like, "Well, this is a war, and in war without accidental deaths does not happen" if suddenly the militia will incur a moral right to bomb your city will the same indifference to the bodies of your mothers and children be Okay? 

Do you have the restraint and composure as well to say that the war without accidental loss does not happen? Or you'll cry, scratching the ground helplessly: "Well, I have something for that ?? For what my babies, angels innocent, bombs and shells ?? " Recently a question was asked the prisoner Ukrainian artillery scout (on simple - spotter). He clearly could not answer it. 

You get smart in warm (yet) apartments anywhere in Cherkassy or Uzhgorod, Chernivtsi or Lviv ,,,,,, and wishing victory of Ukrainian troops, you once saw the broken bodies of their children?A wife? And mothers? Donbass sees it every day. In all his pleas to stop the fire and save the lives of innocent people, you are responsible and patriotic uhmylochkoy "kozlyachimi ropes." 

Will you just grin when the bombs fly on your head? And are you ready to atone for the shame to which the country has sunk not without your involvement? 

Let each of you will ask yourself this question before sending another batch of curses against the Donbass !!!

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