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Ukrainian Government Plans for a Radical Reduction in Social-Services

Ukrainian Government Plans for a Radical Reduction in Social-Services

The network has documents according to terms in which the Ukrainian government plans to slash social spending, including in medicine, education, and maternity benefits are cut, reduce Chernobyl payments, and raise the retirement ages.

Copies of the documents (published on its website a journalist Anatoly Shary.)

Social Policy Minister Pavlo Rozenko confirmed Ukrainian "Vesta" authenticity snared documents and commented on them.

"Believe me, we have to go to such unpopular measures in the economic crisis. After two or three years, when the country will overcome the crisis, people will appreciate our work. We do it not for the IMF, but for the sake of Ukraine. While there is a discussion of the proposals, discussion. No decisions were made. All this will be taken together with the state budget, I hope members will support us. Some of our proposals will have to take at the legislative level, "- said Rozenko.

According to documents laid out, plans in particular are to, reduce the period of study in secondary schools to nine years; erradicate the reduced fare on public transport for pensioners targeted assistance; suspend the indexation of pensions to stabilize the economy of Ukraine; abolish monetary compensation due to them for military housing; remove from the norm of the Constitution of free education and free medicine. Kabmin also proposes to amend the Constitution and to reduce the number of MPs from 450 to 150 people.

The Government proposes to revise the zone of radioactive contamination in the Chernobyl zone. In particular cancel 4th zone radiological controls, respectively, to review and payment of Chernobyl. Free spa treatment will be provided only to persons with disabilities (1st degree), children with disabilities. At higher scholarship in higher and secondary educational institutions will be eligible only orphans, disabled children, children from low-income families, and others.

Canceled free meals in hospitals, introduced a partial tuition in children and young people in competitive sports at schools, cancel scholarships in schools, and free meals for students in grades 1-4 (except for orphans, or poor and disabled children).

Pupils and students will not be able to travel free on public transport, and reduced fare for pensioners replace cash payments (ie.)  A monthly basis will be allocated a certain new scrip, which can exempt spending on travel).There will also be introduced targeted assistance for housing and communal services, the acquisition of solid fuel and liquefied gas.

Teachers have to work harder - they increase the load to 18 hours to 20 (July 1, 2015) and 25 (1 July 2016).

Students will learn less - Bachelor have three or four years, and Master will last all year.

Suspend for a time of crisis free distribution of drugs for hypertension patients.

Reduce public sector again - by 3%. And to repeal them co-pay for a degree and not in three or four times to increase the salaries of employees of the National Theatre, as well as academic staff of cultural institutions (1.3-2 times).

Suffer and MPs and their assistants. We take away the people's deputies to perform monthly payments of parliamentary obligations - in the amount of salary. Reduce the number of their assistants - from four to two, respectively, and reduce spending on these helpers.

Reduce the number of judges (judges rate of 1.66 to 10 thousand. Population). Reduced accordingly and the unit judges. Starting January 1, the judge did not wait for the promised salary increase from 10 to 15 minimum wages. Diplomats will no longer be at the expense of the state and shoe wear, all have to buy their own.

Will increase the retirement age for women by 10 years and for men - five. In making this decision in 2011 not all settled, so now we need to improve this rate.

Cancel survivor's pension to the families of servicemen and law enforcement officers, if they have not fought in a "special operation".

Average wage freeze at the 2014 level. Now it is 2700 hryvnia. From this figure is considered pensions and social benefits.

Reduce pensions and privileged pensioners - from 70% to 60%. Pensions for civil servants will decrease by 373 hryvnia for deputies - 1000 hryvnia. Before the end of the economic crisis will freeze the indexation of pensions.

Socrates and various social benefits. For example, single mothers will pay benefits based on their income. Help at birth will give too depending on family income.

National Guard under cut - from 60 thousand. To 40 thousand. People (now it is 33 thousand.).

Socrates and the police: the rate of 300 law enforcement officers by 10 thousand. Population. Now there are 540. Prosecutors also declined - at the rate of 20 per 100 thousand. Population, fired more than 5 thousand. Prosecutors.

Impose restrictions on military retirement - to 60.9 thousand. (50 minimum wages). And prosecutors severance canceled altogether.

Military undo financial compensation for rental housing (if they are not provided with housing). Also, the state will no longer pay for military loans for the purchase of property.

If the document is accepted, then the state will no longer compensate mobilize military salary at the main place of work. It would have to make himself an employer.

In 2015, the military and natsgvardeytsam cancel 60 percent premium, so their salaries reduced by at least 3 thousand. Hryvnia. Also, the military will not compensate for spending on clothing. If they bought it themselves, as in the military part of the form was not. (Now this is usually the norm used in litigation, and the courts side with the military.) Also, employees military offices will no longer be free to eat. Cancel monthly payments and allowances investigator.

Recall International Monetary Fund has promised to help Ukraine in the amount of $ 17 billion. The first tranche of 3.2 billion dollars Kiev received in May. September 4th Ukrainian authorities said about getting a second tranche of the IMF in the amount of 1.39 billion dollars. However, the condition for receiving aid is a sharp reduction of budget expenditures in Ukraine.

Documents see more: here .

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