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US Congress Funds Their Own Version of [ Ministry of Truth ]

The US Congress votes to "Countering Russian Propaganda"

DATE 12/05/2014 


Clearly in support of a Ministry of Truth of their very own which can mimic Ukraine's, today
US Congressmen approved a resolution on additional support for American Propaganda broadcasting "in countries with a significant share of Russian-speaking population." The idea is supported by the State Department too, believing it is part of the "fight for the ("people") of Ukraine." As the experts in Washington have taken into account the successful spread of the Russian point of view - and on a new level restore tools of the Cold War. On Friday, the US House of Representatives voted in favor of the resolution, which involves, including the growing dissemination of news in Russian in countries with a significant share of the Russian-speaking population.

 "The United States and NATO countries, of course, are very unhappy that the a Russian point of view has had the broadest support, not only in countries with Russian-speaking population" For the adoption of the document voted 411 congressmen, 10 were against - so the initiative was supported by both the ruling Democrats, and their opponents, the Republicans. Congressmen came to the decision that the President and the State Department must find a way to expand the "dissemination of news and information" in Russian in countries with a significant share of the Russian-speaking population. In particular, members of the House of Representatives recommended to boost the use of privately owned existing platforms - such as the "Voice of America" ​​and "Liberty / Free Europe", as well as contribute to the creation of more private companies with state participation in the release of irrelevant content, to carry out tasks involving smearing regional governments. From weapons to gas Note that the resolution of the Congress features a variety referred to as a "response" to Russia. In addition to the scripted "news", topics can document the owners favorite criticism of Russia for allegedly continuing the political, economic and military aggression" against Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, as well as "a violation of their sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity." 

The resolution also calls it Russia's Duty to abandon its alleged support for militias in the Donbas, and cancel the decision to join the Crimea. "The United States, Europe and our allies must actively continue to put pressure on Putin to get him to change his behavior, at our taxpayers expense - said Republican Adam Kinzinger, who supported the resolution. 

In addition, Congress urged President Barack Obama to provide Ukraine with US military equipment and US instructors. The resolution also calls for NATO members and US allies to suspend military cooperation with Russia, as well as review the alleged readiness of the armed forces of the US and NATO outside the framework of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) which Ukraine can't join. 

Recommendations that lawmakers gave Obama - "to promote the speedy approval of US exports of liquefied natural gas to Ukraine and other European countries" - against the background of other initiatives contained in the resolution looks almost purely like a poor "Marketing Strategy". 

As previously noted in comments of the newspaper 'VIEW CEO' of National Energy Security Fund Konstantin Simonov, said the transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe even from relatively nearby sources - is very expensive. "Poland last year signed a contract with Qatar for the supply of LNG from 2015. The price of this gas is more than $ 700 per thousand cubic meters. And if you pull the pipe to the Ukraine, the Ukraine for the LNG will cost $ 750, "- says Simon.
Much more serious is that in the House of Representatives on Friday approved the defense budget for 2015 in the amount of 584.2 billion dollars. "The aggressive use of communication tools" If calls to "return the Crimea" and "pass Ukraine military equipment" - this is an element of information they need to put under wraps rather than explain the real initiatives, the only real initiative - so the question of the media pressure gets important for this to happen.

On this extension of broadcasting in Ukrainian and Russian as part of the "fight against Russian propaganda" on Friday, said State Department spokesman Marie Harf. "This is not a struggle for Corporate influence  alone, it is a fight for the ("people") of Ukraine and the entire region, caused by this need to tell our truth about what is happening on the ground. We are seeing incredible scale Russian OSCE news rejecting our claims "- quoted Harf" on Voice of America ". 

As I recall Friday RT, in August of this year, at a meeting of the Governing Council on Broadcasting (Broadcasting Board of Governors, BBG) in the United States, where it was claimed that information and propaganda to support of Washington's policy in relation to the Ukrainian Crisis events, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Stengel expressed surprise at the efficiency of the Russian TV channels and publications. 

"I believe that in this area we have to be out of the competition, but in fact it is not so," - he said. In turn, the chief foreign policy adviser to President Obama, Ben Rhodes described the situation in Ukraine an "ideal test" for a propaganda apparatus and the US State Department was praised for "aggressive use of its propaganda tools for broadcasting into Ukraine and the region as a whole." "To counter the modern Russian reporting efficiency, we must understand how it works. 

An important component of the Kremlin's strategy is to divert attention from their homeland. The best example - which broadcasts to the world Putin broadcaster RT, formerly Russia Today », - said the former president of" Radio Liberty / Radio Free Europe "Jeffrey Gedmin in an article published a few days ago The Wall Street Journal. From Soviet Station RT is a different "intelligence and ingenuity," in general "it is good television," says veteran American media campaigns. "It is time for us to formulate a response, but it needs to apply the lessons we have learned from the Cold War - concluded Gedmin.

We need to get out of defense and go on the offensive. " The new ministry of truth "network freedom" The thesis of the message of President Putin - "if all the (events in Crimea and Ukraine we can't see) what was an excuse to keep growing opportunities to smear Russia, or affect it, or even better our advantage "then the case of" an aggressive use of "American media propaganda. Long before the events on the Maidan, in 2011, the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (now called one of the possible nominees Democrats in presidential elections in 2015) calls on Congress to increase the budget of the United States on international service by pointing out that Washington is losing the global information war such channels as RT. 

In April 2013, the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, Republican Ed Royce said the body responsible for international service in the United States (the aforementioned BBC), is ineffective and should be replaced with a different structure. Among other things, it was suggested that the three broadcasters, targeted at different regions - "Free Europe / Radio Liberty," "Free Asia" and "Near East Broadcasting Network" - a new network Freedom News Network, which will spread the news of the local and regional scale " without censorship in countries where there are no free media. 

" Responding to the criticism of Congress, Director of "Voice of America" ​​David Ensor said the flagship of American foreign broadcasting "continues to carry out its important mission." "At the moment weekly audience totals 164 million people around the world," - said Ensor. In late July of this year, the House of Representatives approved a bill on the Freedom News Network, which included the consolidation of two agencies of government media, focused on broadcasting abroad - reported by the "Voice of America". 

That bill was supported by both Republicans and Democrats. One of the authors of the document already mentioned Congressman Ed Royce, said that the US needs to deal more effectively with the information war countries such as Russia and China. "Rebounding organizational structure of the Cold War" "The United States and NATO countries, of course, very unhappy that the Russian point of view has the broadest support, not only in countries with Russian-speaking population - in most European and other countries to the Russian position is also closely eyeing - said in comments the newspaper VIEW politician and member of the Public Chamber Sergey Markov. 

Rating the TV channel "Russia-24" during the Ukrainian crisis has increased four times more increased rating RT rating and quoting Putin. " For example, as reported in September Tass news channel RT came in third place after the BBC News and Sky News among news channels in the United Kingdom, whose population clearly can not be attributed to the traditional target audience of the Russian Foreign Broadcasts. 

According to a national rating system of the British Office of Research audience broadcast media (BARB), RT audience in the UK (according to the June and July measurements) exceeds the audience Al Jazeera English, Fox News and Euronews.

"Russia speaks openly about the crime in the Kiev's Puppet Junta and the monstrous errors, hypocrisy and cynicism, of Western countries, primarily the United States, who organized her illegitimate rise to power, and maintain its criminal activities.  That is mainly what the Americans want to resist - says Markov. They fully restored a organizational structure of the Cold War. " On the model of the Comintern The probability of success in confronting the US "Russian propaganda" is very high, confident companion. "All this work is carried out successfully the Americans and their key organization - governmental United States Agency for International Development (USAID) - took essentially the format, invented in our country, namely the Comintern," - said Markov. 

This refers to the active work with both political forces and even apolitical NGOs - and constant information "lights" that support. "The Americans have sufficient funds, a large number of specialists in the propaganda war, they have been able to make a coup in Ukraine to convince the Ukrainians that they do not live in a poor, crumbling country and a developing country, and that they are at war with Russia. In addition, they have convinced half of Europe that the crimes of the junta Kiev - Ukraine is a struggle for freedom from Russia. Therefore, Russia "on the political and media work do not have to feel sorry for the money, otherwise we get the same monstrous failures in Georgia came to power, Saakashvili or Ukraine,"  he concluded. 

We need to develop their quality of information resources, "without this we're powerless in away in the modern world. Key Russian newspapers would be translated into English, German, French, Spanish. Shall be issued by magazines, which shows the point of view of the Russian intellectual elite - now this is very small, it is necessary to hold conferences, working with NGOs, "- said the analyst. 

Propaganda - the best weapon The second item "resolution counter," for which voted 411 congressmen, was the conviction of the "Russian annexation of the Crimea" and the requirement to return the regions to Ukraine. 

Congressmen expressed support for Peter Poroshenko "lasting peace" they called it and called on Barack Obama to provide the Ukrainian government with all the necessary defense equipment and intelligence to protect its sovereignty. According to the expert of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies (RISS), chief editor of the "Journal of the National Strategy" Azhdar Kurtova, not that the statements of Congress will not follow any real military aid to Kiev. 

This point of the resolution must be seen as a manifestation of the same throughout the campaign as media pressure, the expert said in comments the newspaper VIEW. "Even in its current stage of the conflict with Ukraine, Russia weakens, it must be admitted, - said the expert RISS. - But this conflict the US helps to consolidate and rein in Europe and NATO. 

As Kurt says, the longer the crisis in Ukraine, the stronger will be the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. "And the stronger the conflict, the more the US will scare NATO Russian threat and force to shell out for the needs of the increased military alliance", - says Kurt. 

Working with funds Contained in the resolution of the Congress demanding for a "return to Crimea" also look like empty words, but in fact it also involves working with non-governmental organizations where corruption has always run rampant. According to Kurt in the case of the so-called Crimean Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people and affiliated with the Majlis t. N. Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea (SMMC). SMMC as previously wrote the newspaper VIEW, is in orbit "Muslim Brotherhood", which have a very cordial relationship with the US secret services. 

The above configuration allows the United States to one degree or another to own and manage the situation in the Crimea when it was Ukrainian. According to sources, the newspaper VIEW, "cooperation" with the Americans Majlis conducted through a series of structures located in the US, for example Jamestown Foundation (The Jamestown Foundation), founded in the mid-1980s with the help of then-CIA Director William Casey. At one time, the governing structures of Jamestown Foundation included Zbigniew Brzezinski. 

Now they guide  Bruce Riedel, one of the leading experts on the Afghanistan-Pakistan issues, who worked in the Clinton administration, and Obama, and among key personnel listed Mayrbek Vachagaev in the past - the special representative of the "president of Ichkeria" Aslan Maskhadov. The current president of the Foundation Glen Howard, according to information on the official website, was a consultant to the US Defense Department and the National Intelligence Council (National Intelligence Council).

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