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Warning! Provocation SBU: fighters "ATO" Ordered to Bombard Peaceful Villages and Blame the Militia

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Warning! Provocation SBU: fighters "ATO" ordered to bombard peaceful villages and blame the militia

________________________________ Procherkanny source provided "Russian Spring" secret orders of KMS bezslavnyh bastards (SBU), where the gunners and officers ordered on certain days of shelling conducted on these settlements in order to blame DNR militia and LC in the destruction of civilians, then document the amount of death and destruction through the national media right. 

Here is the translation of the document with the Ukrainian Security Service in the Russian word for word.Personally. The head of the antiterrorist center at SBU - the first deputy head of the SBU Gritsak VS Dear Vasily Sergeyevich Although advocacy activities on the formation of patriotic beliefs among soldiers who take part in the anti-terrorist operation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, a number of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine there is rising discontent implementation of policies to restore the territorial integrity of the country. 

This situation contributes to a negative perception part of the inhabitants settlements located in a strip clashes with armed groups separatist activities of enforcement agencies in Ukraine. It undermines the credibility of servicemen in the country's political leadership, a decrease in their moral and fighting qualities and how sledstvie- low ability to perform combat tasks. 

In order to support separatists in prison populations and the formation of the evidence based for further prosecution of crimes against civilians and ensure their support of the following Armed Forces of Ukraine Action: 
1. December 3, 2014 with a temporary firing positions do shelling settlements Redkodub, thin, Novokalinovo and steppe. 

2. By the execution of the tasks involve collected artillery calculations, complete with patriotic officers. After the execution of assigned tasks immediately implement their rotation from the zone of the antiterrorist operation. 

3. Organize visits to these settlements correspondents Ukrainian and foreign media. Provide evidence of involvement in firing artillery terrorists. Provide photos and videofiksatsiyu made ​​their destruction. 

4. About facts shelling settlements to inform the leadership of the tripartite working group common Control Center Coordination support the ceasefire in the east of Ukraine. 

5. Statement of the problem assets and capabilities, which are involved in the execution of these activities are carried out on the personal instructions without disclosing the overall design. 

6. Confidentiality measures to ensure access to information for their conduct of officers and performers only part that concerns them, and maximum limitation of range of officials, familiarization with the plan of their implementation. 

7. On execution report personally to 18.00. December 4, 2014. Sincerely, Head of SBU VO Nalivaychenko meaning order tsru'shnoy Six Nalivaychenko obvious - in the army is growing discontent and murmuring, the locals do not support either warriors or methods of "ATO", and in fact - War against them. 

Therefore ukrofashistskaya army, more precisely, a specially assembled artillery calculations of national motivated officers who have to shell settlements militias blamed for crimes against civilians and record casualties and destruction by a tame media. Involved in the provocation will be transferred to other parts, and some artists used "blindly", without decoding the real problems. 

What was going on 3 and 4 December in the locality Thin, Redkodub, Novokalinovo and steppe? On the eve of shelling locals repeatedly talked about how personally seen on the technique of symbolism DNR parts Sun ukrovermahta who go beyond their deployment. Referring to the summary of events for these days in the Ukrainian version. In a completely different sources, but simultaneously, the same text appears indicating the shelling of the most long-suffering communities - thin, Redkodub, Steppe, Novokalinovo of order tsru'shnoy Six Nalyvaychenko. 

"Militants per day more than 50 times fired power" ATO "from" Grad " , mortars and tanks.Were also attacked roadblocks and strong points ukrofashistskih troops in the village Chernukhin, Redkodub, Novokalinovo, Marinka, Popasnaya, Zamozhniy. " "The activity of illegal armed groups is maintained at Lugansk, Debaltsevskom, Donetsk and Mariupol directions. In the area of attacks by militants were settlements: Stanichno-Lugansk, Sokolniki, Lingerie, Nice, thin, Novokalinovo, Nikishin, Petrovka Redkodub ", - said in a statement. 

"Over the past day 71 terrorists carried out the shelling of the antiterrorist operation and settlements Donbas using artillery and mortar fire and other weapons. On Thursday, December 4, the press center of "ATO"."Installed 39 attacks from" Grad ". In the affected area of enemy artillery hit villages: Golden, Popasnaya, Stanichno-Lugansk, Donetsk, Happiness, Trehizbenka, Kryakovka, Alder, Novobahmutovka, experienced, thin, Airport Donetsk, Avdeevka, Novokalinovo, Steppe, experienced, Sands, Kamenka, Mius, Chernukhin, Kamenka, Debaltseve, Uglegorsk. 

"Forces ATO unswervingly adhere to the regime of silence, returned fire opened only by militants firing points, which are located outside the settlements. ATO and Group Headquarters News resistance reported numerous Ukrainian troops shelling by militants. According to the EC, for the last day of the Russian-terrorist forces more than 50 times violated the silence. " "At least 10 fire on positions of power ATO were made ​​from multiple rocket launchers BM-21" Grad ".The experts made ​​it clear that fire strikes insurgents have also used small arms, mortars, artillery and tanks receiver.

Including: - 3 times forces fire on positions of "ATO" in the area Nikishin, thin and Donetsk. Were also attacked roadblocks and strong points of our troops near Chernukhin, Redkodub, Talakovki, Novokalinovo, Marinka, Popasnaya and Zamozhniy " On the basis of these facts and the text of the order tsru'shnoy whores Nalivaychenko follow clear conclusions. 

First. Branch TsRUv Banderostane (SBU) knowingly gives the order "patriotic" the artillery shelling of civilians in various cities and towns of Donbass, and then fabricates evidence of alleged attacks by militias or the mythical "Russian-terrorist forces." II. Fabricated evidence simultaneously appear in the Ukrainian and foreign media, written as a blueprint, due to the advent of information from only one source, namely - Staff ATO.Third. 

To make war against peaceful people of Donbass, soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces ukrovermahta blatantly lie about who was shelled and towns and some of their own positions. Fourth. Government ukroreyha, service bezslavnyh bastards (SBU) and the army are well aware ukrovermahta goals and objectives of the war in the Donbas and destroy people, regardless of loss and destruction. 

They initiate provocations resumption of fire and thereby multiplying the number of war crimes, being the direct perpetrators of what is happening. And, yes - 18.00 December 4 performers reported to tsru'shnoy litter Nalivaychenko the unconditional fulfillment of the order and the consequences of another bloody adventure and provocation ...

CAUTION Provocation SBU: soldiers 'ATO' ordered to bombard peaceful villages and blame the militia ..
"Russian Spring" managed to get a secret order of the Security Service of Ukraine.

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