Thursday, January 1, 2015

Batman and all of His Support on Orders Plotnitsky Destroyed (Confirmed!)

Batman and all of His Support on Orders Plotnitsky Destroyed (Confirmed!)

Partizan - Item (Information Agency)


Today at 2:16 pm

From: SE (Galina Sozanchuk)

Plastun made ​​contact. URGENT. at the request of Plastun ....... guys in danger, Batman killed meanly, they surrounded, that's his message, help spread .. "" Batman and all of his support on orders Plotnitsky destroyed, ordered to sweep all irreconcilable commanders, I Think, Dremov, Prince of the following. Our base in Lugansk surrounded we keep defenses. Resistance on the part of Batman was not their stupid shot on the move worked two infantry fighting vehicles, machine guns and RPGs thermal bar "at least help to spread" asks for help. * Plastun - is also one of the commanders of Lugansk, the same 4 th Battalion RRTНовороссия ps The photo unidentified charred corpse. Presumably corpse Bednova. Since the source, in general, can be trusted by selecting from a conversation that does not betray a friend, or even leaving a hint of a nickname, I consider it possible to formulate as valid, the following items: (Collapse)(a) is not excluded ( though still not a fact) that Mr. Bednov died; his relatives, perhaps under pressure; (b) the elimination of the order of Mr. Bednova carried out by PMCs some "Wagner", a mercenary, people of Lugansk associated with Mr. carpentry; (c) people "Wagner" dressed in Russian military uniform but by Russian troops has nothing to do. It's - as well as enunciated in the part of the conversation - what my source entirely sure; what he is not sure, do not retell. In fact, I personally tend still to think about the cleaning, not somebody else's work at Majdanek. Nothing else even venture to guess. But remember: in the spring - when people are not afraid, and I had a lot of insider in t .ch., On the first mercenaries junta - someone "Wagner" was considered to be close to (if anyone remembers) "Vogel". Here and here. But rather, it is just a coincidence.

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