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Bin Laden, Hussein, Milosevic, Gaddafi - who will be next to the mercy of the crowd?, Kill Peter?

Bin Laden, Hussein, Milosevic, Gaddafi - who will be next to the mercy of the crowd? Kill Peter?

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The revolution in the hands of experts - not such a complicated process. Nationalism and religious intolerance split society only from above. Peoples living side by side for years, never want to voluntarily give up peaceful existence and began feuding. Without heating by the government extremist manifestations remain on the market, the household level. Rock the revolution from below can only social upheavals.

When people have nothing to eat, nowhere to live and nothing to keep warm, they do not stop, because they have nothing to lose. They begin to nominate their leaders, to create social movements, organize rallies, demonstrations and provocations. And maidan. Perhaps, in today's New Year's Eve, many of us will raise a glass to the world on the miserable broken Ukraine.

We all have relatives there, friends, partners. It pains us to hear from them unfair accusations against Russia. We are tired of running up in the morning to the TV and computer, dreading the news of the new shelling and casualties. Many of us in amazement and disbelief listen to representatives of the Russian leadership, speaking about the "fraternal peoples", "Poroshenko partner", "united Ukraine," because at this moment in reality nothing like that noticeable. Perhaps we're desperate to ever wait for changes for the better. Immediately after that, do not want to smoke more!

The unique technique Find owl pictured Top 10 unusual people-dolls But New Year's Eve nobody forbidden dream: what would be the ideal way out of the Ukrainian crisis, even if totally fabulous? After all, it would be great if: - Ukrainians suddenly forgotten vnushёnnuyu Russophobia and turned into a real brotherly people, how were several centuries; - Ukraine finally realized that the European way under American leadership threatens her only poverty and ruin; - Square people realized that the main culprit nightmare in their homeland are not Russia and Putin, and their own corrupt government; - Poroshenko repented of the crime and admitted that, in addition to Russia, he does not have a reliable partner, and nobody but Putin, it will not save; - Neo-Nazi war criminals and their leaders Kiev sat in the dock.

I must say that such "Christmas tree" fantasy rather accurately reflect the tone of the statements of the Russian leadership. It's hard not to agree that such statements are contrary to some sad present and can be addressed only to a brighter future. It is clear that the general public is not clear underlying reason so optimistic rhetoric.

If the Kremlin stubbornly gives wishful thinking, we have to admit its representatives naive romantics, head in the clouds, which in itself is a strange way. "Dreamy Lavrov" - a character from "The Sorrows of Young Werther" and not from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. If recognize the leading Russian politicians experienced statesmen who have been through fire and water, which means that for these persistently repeated postulates must be some hidden and a very good reason, which does not report to the viewers.

In this regard, it is worth noting that in recent weeks we have witnessed a series of mysterious incidents on the political scene. Mysterious conversation Lukashenko and Nazarbayev Poroshenko; emotional monologues Belarusian president in the best tradition of cinema gaydaevskogo; sassy introduction of foreigners in Kiev government; persistent rumors about US arms supplies punitive and movement techniques in Donbas; beginning of the third Maidan - and all this against the backdrop of a ruthless squall rhetoric of Vladimir Putin to the US and the West, which, apparently, finally beguiled the coast and did not distinguish black from white grandmother and grandfather.

It seems that the voltage is injected, and all the events of someone's skillful hand sent to a climax, in which there will be an explosion, tack, and exhausted Ukraine finally fall on the other tack. It is worth repeating that the war is necessary to see the situation through the eyes of the enemy. A business with our overseas partners are added sadly. America as a cornered wolf, besieged on all sides by red flags. Under the double pressure of Russia and Europe Poroshenko was forced to stop the shelling of Donetsk and start a new round of negotiations with the militia. Post-Soviet Central Asia, scared to death extension IG, forgot about the joys of Western democracy, and ran for help in the time-tested Moscow.

Global economic conditions finally forced multivector friends EAEC admit that unite and enter calculations in a common currency need right now, because to far in 2025, they can not survive. In the context of a reversal of the Russian Federation to the east and the dawning of the tragic end to US hegemony zelёnovalyutnoy indeed fallen on hard times. But that is what the predator beast to act reflexively rather than rationally. Change tactics of attack he can not, so will rush to the victim until they devour it or die himself. Historical analogies as Napoleon or Hitler inaccessible to him. Having invested a lot of money to Ukraine, the United States, of course, wants to justify them, and failures in this area cause her wild fury.

Not only is the Donbass failed to clean up the state of Kyzyl Kum and Betpak-Dala, so more and Poroshenko, not only as a demonic hypnosis insidious Putin stopped ATO and spoke about some there federalization. And this despite the fact that in Kiev sit so wonderful and everything ready figures Scientologists, Baptists, boxers and finally just the Nazis. Unfortunately, they have one major drawback - unlike the rebel chocolate maker, they are not the Supreme Commander. In the light of such animal logic to expect from America's desperate attempts to regain control of Ukraine. Permission for punitive military aid, the transfer of technology and teams in the closure of the airport, next to the Donbas, the announcement of the fourth wave of mobilization go hand in hand with "inostranizatsiey" Kiev authorities.

In such a tense moment strangers figures may be included in the government for one purpose only - to personally control some very important operation. To start it is necessary in that whatever was to disrupt the already precarious truce. The president does not want to order the resumption of war is stupid and keeps talking about a political solution Novorossiysk drama becomes a fatal handicap. Attempts to scare him by neo-Nazis and storm Parliament nor to no avail - he apparently still much more afraid of Putin. In this situation, the predator will go on a template if it turned ten times, and get the eleventh. Having made a bunch of color revolutions, why not do another?

Killing several leaders, become unnecessary, why not get rid of one more? Bin Laden, Hussein, Milosevic, Gaddafi - who will be next to the mercy of the crowd? Especially now that the Ukraine is brewing revolution from below, so that the buildup of too much will not have to spend money. Pissed investors, hungry pensioners and state, resentful veterans and Afghans will not leave because they have nowhere to go. They only need to properly guide and choose the best time for this. And what could be better than the Christmas holidays, when all are free to hold a meeting as many?

When can I send true Scientologists and Baptists somewhere on holiday away from sin and substitute cleverly angry crowd of only one culprit - Poroshenko! In this scenario, the Kiev visit of the Belarusian and Kazakh presidents are seen quite a different angle. The most astute citizens immediately or almost immediately guessed that these meetings nothing to do with diplomacy and have purely practical. The official version - the more economic and military cooperation with Ukraine - it looks very bleak. What may be the interaction with the country on the brink of default and in a state of civil war?

Option open collusion Kremlin satellites behind Putin, of course, witty, but also from the realm of science fiction - it could be argued whether such Judah will live at least a couple weeks. Then there is only one explanation: the partners were taken to Kiev specific proposals, very important, judging by the fact that they were made in person, in the absence of journalists and in turn the two presidents. If we consider that by itself or Belarus or Kazakhstan Poroshenko offer anything interesting can not - scale, sorry, wrong - and something America or China is unlikely to have chosen them as intermediaries, therefore, initiatives come only from Moscow.

Considering not fabulous danger to the former confectioner proposal allies could contain variants of salvation and mutual guarantees. From hapless president requires only one - at the critical moment of the third Maidan not to rush, as to the nitty bath and competently accents. Russia calls for help erring Ukraine. US turn into frostbitten monster tentacles climber transatlantic your own business.

Zabuza remnants of the junta in the face of Yatsenyuk Turchynov and other excluded from power, and with them destroyed the American influence and the danger of renewed war. In general, Poroshenko as decent Santa Claus, shall perform a full list of Christmas wishes, cast at the beginning of this article. Say, a movie? So life is sometimes zigzags where more abruptly than in the series. Of course, substitute the ax Uncle Sam his violent head Poroshenko will be very scary.

Especially because, staining his hands with blood of his own people, he can not, in which case, count on a flight to Russia scenario Yanukovych. Therefore, providing conclusive evidence about the upcoming third and last for a popular uprising, the mediators had to promise to protect the Ukrainian president in the event of an unexpected deterioration of the situation.

The combination, of course, risky, but the other way for a businessman candy is not there. All ingenious is simple. West did not understand that Putin is acting as an impeccable warrior and classy judoka, allowing the enemy to collapse under the weight of its own foolishness. You want a new maidan? Please. Ukrainian junta it's time to sweep away with the help of the people's wrath. Do you want to put an end to otbivshimsya the hands of Poroshenko? For God's sake. Set on a killer, so he screamed in horror and ran for help to Russia.

Want to crush Ukraine under Europe? Why not? People demonstrating liberal values ​​of advanced capitalism, you own hands vtolknёte it in Russia. You rely on his henchmen in the parliament? Let them prepare a coup and pull together technique Donbass. After the failure of the third Maidan Poroshenko will have a legitimate excuse to put them on trial for treason of national interests.

 Now it is clear and unusually stunt Lukashenko at a press conference EAEC - after such a detective adventure emotions in him, of course, off scale. Should thank the Belarusian leader - at least it was not boring, and the role he played in the five plus. By the way, that's why the Russian government was severely warned: no Christmas holidays. It is not only the economic situation - and without further ado clear that it needs constant monitoring. In addition, some financial calm during the holidays gives us hope that in the coming days, you can catch your breath a little.

Combat readiness is needed, above all, because in Ukraine is expected momentous events, and they can go on an unpredictable scenario. Then you will need urgent adjustment of tactics and instant reaction. And what will happen to Peter not killed? To be president, and civil war - it will not cook the caramel. Played in the power - remove the toy. For people killed and ruined the economy sooner or later will have to answer.

Some people think that all this is just a fantasy? Tale lie, so it hint. And though Poroshenko not pull on the good fellow, a lesson he must learn if you do not want to be "killed Bill." Just like in the joke: "After the restaurant, night club and the racecourse only bath Galya understood why she did not have to pay for anything ..."

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