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Blame all of Their Military Failures on Moscow - Kiev's Ingrained Habit

Blame all of Their Military Failures on Moscow - Kiev's Ingrained Habit
January 28, 2015, 15:14

"Kiev is losing the war on all fronts" - say's US expert

When the truth is that Ukraine can not recognize their own tactical failures. Such an opinion on the pages of the magazine Business New Europe expressed an expert on global politics at New York University, Professor Mark Galeotti.

According to him, Kiev on all fronts losing the war with breakaway republics militias in the south-east of the country. Analyst recognizes this fact, despite the fact that in general supports the position of Kyiv in Ukrainian domestic conflict.

"Ukraine is doing wrong from a military point of view? The answer is: at the moment, everything is wrong - except not to be questioned determination of some individual units "- writes in his article Galeotti. According to him, the main problem of the Ukrainian army is the lack of strategic planning.

Kiev can not decide what he is waiting for the result: to whether the environment militias and the siege of Donetsk, to restrain the militia in the hope that the economic and political pressure on Moscow in the end will contribute to the defeat of the enemy, or go on the offensive in order to dislodge the militia from the Donbass . Because of the lack of coordination units of the armed forces of Ukraine, the opposition in the Donbas is more like a street brawl, says the author.

Another problem of the Ukrainian army, which he calls the professor, - falling morale among the military. According to experts, the failure to maintain it is a typical feature of the Ukrainian army. Summing up his reflections, Galeotti refuses to generalize. The question is, who are more to blame for the sad state of affairs in the Ukrainian army: Kiev authorities or the Ukrainian military leaders, for the expert remained open.

In addition, the professor could not give a clear answer to the question because of what the Ukrainian security forces fired on civilians: to punish the inhabitants of the breakaway region, or simply because of low skills and poor performance of the gunners. In any case, such actions of the Ukrainian military only aggravate the situation, discrediting power in the eyes of the population, the expert concludes.

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Киев проигрывает войну по всем фронтам – американский эксперт

28 января 2015, 15:14
Обвинять во всех своих военных неудачах Москву — укоренившаяся привычка Киева. Но истина заключается в том, что Украина никак не может признать собственные тактические провалы. Такое мнение на страницах издания Business New Europe высказал эксперт по глобальной политике Нью-Йоркского университета, профессор Марк Галеотти. ... Подробнее »

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