Thursday, January 1, 2015

Chief of Staff of the 4th Brigade Alexander Bednova poor "Batman" is Alive

About the contradictory information coming about the arrest or assassination of Alexander Bednova (Batman) and pipe inspection. 
From the latter, in a couple of lines: 1) and 2) by Alessandro sister Alla Bednova, 3) and 4) of the Public SAB Batman, 5 ) of the Public Gum.Pomosch RRT "Batman" LC DSHRG "RUSICH" 1) My brother Alexander Bednov alive! I am responsible for my words. No comments. Brother - a defender. Brother - a friend. Brother - a support.Brother - is the adviser. Brother - is an accomplice. Brother - a brother. Native people.In our same blood flows. We are bound by ties of kinship forever, for which I am thankful 2) Who will take responsibility for the deaths of parney- Kota, razors, Gold, Knight, unfortunately behalf of another guard not know? 3) Attention !!! At present, the chief of staff of the 4th Brigade Alexander poor "Batman" is alive and is in custody in the hands of forces under the control of carpentry. Details will be later. 4) An act of terrorism, allegedly committed by forces under control of carpentry, which led to the deaths of six soldiers militia (!!!), followed by the chief of staff of the Fourth Brigade Alexander Bednova - leads to loss of legitimacy of carpentry, as the head of the LC. -73367195_8515) Friends MAXIMUM REPOST- SOS- Let us give publicity !!! At the moment, all the guards Batman 200, 300 Sanych himself in the basement !!! Posted by relatives Sanycha !!! ps Send information from the field who can. ..

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